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Found 189 results

  1. Hello everyone, Lately I have been making a bunch of small web games. Therefore I'm quite interrested in: How to calculate the FPS of the game. I make my games in plain Javascript, and therefore I would like to know how to calculate the FPS in plain Javascript. I hope that was enough explanation. Thanks!
  2. I'm wondering how do you guys handle fonts in HTML games. In Android it's just a matter of put the TTF in assets folder and load them. Regards.
  3. Looking for an experienced HTML5/JQuery games developer to work on a project starting asap. The project should last roughly a month. The candidate should be London based, and ideally be able to work in-house for some of the duration of the project. The main functions of the game will work around selecting elements on a screen (touch and click) within a timeframe, and then a character to be released to move through the scene to see if all the correct elements have been selected. All graphic assets will be provided. We need the game coder. Please reply to asap if you're interested.
  4. I just joined the html5gamedevs so I'm not sure if this is the right place Hi, my names Andrew, I've been making games for about 4 years now with Game Maker. I recently purchased the html5 port for Game Maker Studio and was wondering how do you make money with html5, as I've taken a look around here and I'm seeing a "lot" of people saying they've made money with html5 but from what I'm seeing most of the games made in html5 are very simple and are usually clones of popular games. So I was wondering why so many people like to play these games and how these types of games make money. I myself enjoy making games, but having not made a penny from the games I've made is a little depressing. So what I'd like to know is where do I go once I've completed a game(some games portals for html5 games) How do I get publishers, what kind of money you can make with html5 and finally how you all got started with html5
  5. Hello everyone. This is a fun game in Spanish hope you like it PLAY
  6. An exciting stealth mobile game startup is looking for a highly talented game/app engineer to work out of our brand new Mountain View office. The successful candidate will be working on an exciting narrative-themed next gen learning product--with the goal to revolutionize education. The ability to work quickly and efficiently as part of a high octane startup team and kick butt under pressure is crucial. We are looking for an experienced mobile game/app developer to join our brand new learning games studio as a founding team member--with the opportunity to lead our mobile initiative across multiple platforms. Based in the exciting startup scene of Castro Street in Mountain View, we’re offering: Competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package Fun, passionate and creative studio on a mission to revolutionize education Challenging and rewarding work on the frontier of cross-platform HTML 5 game development QUALIFICATIONS Expertise in HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript is essential Experience working with javascript libraries like jQuery, Pixi, CreateJS, or similar. Experience with mobile game dev across multiple platforms, including Android and iOS (phones, tablets, and browser) Ability to develop dynamic, compelling gamified user experiences in mobile (that kids will absolutely love) Ability to ramp up quickly on new mobile languages Commercial mobile game dev experience with multiple titles shipped Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, related discipline, or equivalent experience KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Act as the primary interface with mobile dev team from a technical perspective driving the delivery of compelling mobile game experiences Maintain robust code quality across multiple mobile game dev environments Bring passion, energy, and commitment to professional quality cross-platform mobile development REQUIREMENTS Awesome communication, collaboration, and management skills Strong coding, problem-solving, and debugging skills Passion for mobile games and an interest is disrupting education!
  7. Hey everyone, I've mostly been a 'native code, FY!' type of guy, and I've ignored HTML5 for the most part. However, after checking out some of the earnings people do on HTML5 I figured a stab at it would be a good way to try to make some money, and, failing that, improve my art skills. So yesterday I started churning out the art for my very first game, Bomb Fall. It's a very basic, mobile-targeted game, and I'm trying to be as austere as possible code-wise because I am not yet familiar with HTML5's performance across browsers. Made with GameMaker: Studio. Any feedback of the art-direction I've taken is greatly appreciated, as my main non-monetary reason for this is to make better art. I've also localised it to Spanish and French. Play here:
  8. Shephertz Technologies' AppWARP also has support for HTML5 With AppWarp you can create real-time multiplayer games without writing single line of server code. You can simply make calls to our server through APIs and exchange messages with players in real-time. The HTML5 SDK is 100% compatible with all frameworks, allowing developers to make realtime multiplayer games in their favorite framework. It features room/lobbies. Every room has some properties that can be set easily whenever developer want. You can even assign custom data to players and rooms. Another feature is Match Making. We have great documentation too. There are several features apart from above. Please check out our website API Reference - The above link contains: SDK Download link, API reference, Tutorial, Samples Walk-through, Introduction, etc HTML5 Game made with AppWarp :-
  9. Hi, My name is Tomas and for last two weeks I'm playing with YoYo Games GameMaker: Studio. I think it's a great tool for making 2D games, but I'm not sure if the performace of HTML5 games made with it is ok for mobile phones, so my question is: Is GM:S a good tool for making HTML5 games for mobile browsers or should I avoid it? Thank you for you advice. Tomas
  10. Hello everyone, This is my First post here and i would like to share my on going experience on developing and publishing my HTML5 mobile browser just developing small games for now,i dont want to waste time on bigger titles just to test how publishers is paying for games. I have decided to develop 2 games per week from now on and sell non-exclusive licenses to publishers.if am profitable then i will move to Andriod and ios native apps then Appflood cross promotion. All i wanted to do is share my experience so that other indie developers take advantage of it. there are several developers who are just waiting for right information to learn and take a step on developing games. Here is my new Side scrolling Runner game Raw sampple: This is just a sample work and i want to make very light weight games so no more depth and shadows included. Game will support every mobile and tablet Browsers and also resolutions.with in couple of days will share more information on this game and i wish to get some feedback. If any publishers are reading this post then you can contact me for quick games to be developed for your mobile sites. regards, Nandakumar
  11. Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to analyse the whole HTML5 Gaming Market (Opportunities & Threats), I'm still missing some info or sources regarding the following questions, maybe someone here around could help me (1) What are you guys thoughts/feelings on HTML5 games? (2) HTML5 Games sourcing for Gaming Portals: How and where can a Gaming portal find quality HTML5 content? Are there any publishers focused on that or do they have to source them themselves? How are the deals with the publishers looking (Rev share deals? CPA/CPL? ...) (3) The Gaming community feeling about HTML5 games: How are HTML5 games perceived by the gamers, developers, etc.? Do they see it as an opportunity or as a threat? What issues are they facing and how could they be helped? (4) Are HTML5 games the easiest/cheapest way to go Mobile for a Gaming Company? Any thoughts, sources or info would help me do not hesitate to post everything you have! Thank you all in advance for you precious help! Hugo
  12. First two of the four games that I've finished so far. Action game inspired by the youtube heroes and those people who always have the time to take the camera out and film the events in the most exceptional situations Here the link Overall feedback is appreciated! If you use a mobile device I would be happy to know how the game works on the device! Basketball game with 3 modes: - Time Trial - In the zone - Practice mode 2 differents playgrounds. Link If you use are using the 4+ Android Browser for this one I would really appreciate if you tell me if it works or not because it has an untested hack to override the clearRect Android Browser bug! Thank you!
  13. benny!

    Goo Engine

    Hi, just found the following site of an upcoming webgl game engine The site features some pretty nice demos. Best, benny!
  14. Would like to introduce Kano Games, we are relatively new (just over a year old) that is a developer and HTML5 friendly portal! Not only do we support HTML5 games we have utilized it in building out the web and mobile versions of the site, check out our HTML5 Robot Avatar Builder! We currently have a small collection of HTML5 Games but would like to get more added. We have some pretty big plans for the site over the next several months so keep an eye on us, and if you have a game that you would like to have inlcuded contact us through the link in the sites footer.