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Found 3,338 results

  1. Please tell me, how I can use P2.js physics in phaser framework? Whether there is an example of this? I have seen what p2 files included in sources framework? but I don't know how to call P2 physics in phaser. I would be very grateful for the help)
  2. 2D Heroes

    My Super-Generic Newbie Games!

    Hey guys! I'm just getting started in HTML5 development so I thought I'd join up and post what I'm up to. In the last week I've created two super small, generic games, using two different frameworks. They're extremely basic, as I'm still learning the ins and outs of developing plugin-free games! Pixols - TypeScript + Phaser Link: BoxBot - Haxe + OpenFL Link: Feedback is more than welcome, and if you have any guidance for a newbie like myself, I'd love to hear it. Cheers!
  3. Well, I found this just today and didn't remember seeing it in the forum. There is no talking or whatever but hey it's coding experience and it's in nice quality. So if you have intereset and time can check it. Game Development p.s. I don't have contacts with author but the videos are public, and I hope he doesn't mind posting them here.
  4. Hi, I want to change temporary my main character's spritesheet by another one on overlap. When my character overlap a NPC, he will take his spritesheet and inherit of his animations. I tried to change it with Sprite.loadTexture, but it glitch between the frames. How can i handle this? Thank you
  5. Here is my first try at HTML5 games, built in few weeks with Phaser JS for GitHub Gameoff. Personally, the best "feature" must be randomly generated level, there are couple of errors / corner cases that could do with extra polish. I was planning to add changing level graphics (ie if timer runs out, the level becomes covered with snow etc), but unfortunately ran out of time. Sprites are mine, but all the tiles are from In case anyone feels like giving some coding pointers, the source code is a bit of a mess, a bit of a quickly bash out some code and hope for the best. At first I used global variables to deal with everything, which is OK for simple example program, but not really a working game. Once I got to the enemies, everything is held in individual objects along with helper methods that deal with AI or death animations etc. Links Play [] Source code [] Conclusion I found Phaser JS to be extremely fitting with my own coding style, and in the end I feel pretty confident on how I would tackle my next HTML5 game. On the negative side, I'm not as strong in game art than I assumed I was and it was much harder to actually finish a simple game than it seems when looking at stuff other people put out. On to the next challenge?!
  6. mandarin

    Group trouble or Pixi?

    Hi. I use Phaser 1.1.3, and this code gives me this error: Uncaught TypeError: Object TurnGroup has no method 'addChild' at line 10897 Here's the code: <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en" xmlns=""><head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <script src="js/phaser.min.js"></script></head><body><div id="gameContainer"></div><script type="text/javascript">SQ = {};SQ.Game = function(game) { = game;};SQ.Game.prototype = { create: function() { this.turn = new SQ.Turn(this); }};SQ.Turn = function(sq_game) {,, 'TurnGroup', true);};SQ.Turn.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Group.prototype);SQ.Turn.prototype.constructor = SQ.Turn;window.onload = function() { var game = new Phaser.Game(288, 512, Phaser.CANVAS, 'gameContainer'); game.state.add('Game', SQ.Game); game.state.start('Game');};</script></body></html>
  7. DWboutin

    Sprite body size transform

    Hi, I got my sprite, who is 58 x 74 and i set it body at this.sprite.body.setSize(30, 63, 6, 11);It's a character, so when i press the left button i scale it at -1 in X. But i don't know how i can adjust the body size. There's a screenshot of both position, how can i adjust the left one? Thank you
  8. All of the attached files within are located in my www root directory wamp folder. phaser.min.js is also included but I am unable to upload it to the forums. Anybody else having this problem? aliengame.html
  9. jonbon

    Retina Graphics

    Hi, Does Phaser support supplying high resolution graphics (@2x) for retina displays? I cant find any information on this. If so, how do you go about implementing this? Thanks
  10. playh5

    Setting full screen in Phaser

    Hi!, I'd like to ask why setting full screen in Phaser can only be called using the input from the user game.input.onDown.add(gofull, this);function gofull(){ Phaser.StageScaleMode.EXACT_FIT = 0; game.stage.scale.startFullScreen(); alert('full screen');}When calling the function gofull() in the create function or update function, the game doesn't go full. Thanks in advance!
  11. It seems that the TypeScript definition for Phaser.Animation.generateFrameNames is missing. I think that's the problem since the function seems to be in the Phaser JS but I can't use that function in TS.
  12. DWboutin

    On key up event or on release

    Hi, I want to make my character jump, but stop the acceleration in Y when i release the up key. How can i do this? (sorry for the noob question) Thank you
  13. woratana

    Timer Countdown in Phaser ?

    Hello, I would like to know how hard is it to make an accurate timer count down. For example, count down for 1 minute. I would also need to tell player the time left every second. I have heard that setTimeout may not be accurate. What is the best way to do this?
  14. lrodriguez

    Mode Landscape

    I would like my device always display mode landscape the game that I do with phaser, ie that no matter what position move the device, my game always see in landscape position, the question is phaser has some functionality for it? . otherwise as always manages to force the game in landscape mode
  15. Hi, How can i play right with the acceleration of the velocity? In this tutorial (really well done), but it only change the velocity. How can i accelerate it the way a race game works? I want to accelerate it from 0 to a maximum number, or it's current value to a maximum number. How can i do this? What's the best way to handle it and create a maximum speed? Thank you very much guys
  16. DWboutin

    Enhanced physics

    Hi, Is there a way to enhance the framework's physics? like if i have a platform who fall on another one, but they touch just a little, I want the falling one to rotate like real gravity collision. For now, it just stop falling and stay horizontal. How can i do this or how can i enhance it (tutorial on how to create a pahser plugin or extension maybe)? Thank you
  17. Hello, I have found that some website e.g. is able to download multiple SVG, PNG, JS files simultaneously (You can use Google DevTool in 'Network' tab to see this) Currently the preload function in Phaser seems to download one file at a time which make loading game slow for graphic/audio heavy game. Is there a way or future plan to make the preload download multiple files simultaneously?
  18. I have downloaded Phaser from github and I saw all the examples and tutorials there are using phaser.min.js or phaser-example.js. However I saw in the src folder there are a ton of js files. My question are to what extend I can keep using phaser.min.js? And when it is necessary to import those js files from src folder? I am sorry if this obvious question. I am new to js and just moved from flixel. I would be grateful if someone would like to explain me.
  19. Hello I tried installing Phaser on localhost and tested example games. Breakout and Tanks game background seems to be shaking all the times (tested in Mac OS Chrome and Firefox). In Chrome, I also experience blinking background in both games. What is the cause of this issue and is it possible to fix this in the current version of Phaser? *UPDATE* After I tried other demos, it seems to be 'Tiling Sprite' that cause the problem. Not sure if it is problem with hardware? *UPDATE 2* Just download latest version of Phaser and this problem should disappear.
  20. Hello, I finish making a simple game today with Phaser: I found that in some desktop or mobile device, the game lag a little bit after I press 'PLAY AGAIN' button. I think this is because I have to clear out some variables but I'm not sure how to do this in Phaser. So my question is: Does anyone has good tips for memory management / clear out variables data in Phaser? Most elements I used in my game is group, sprite, text, and sound.
  21. Hello, I was studying from code in 'Tanks' example game that came with Phaser package in github. I was looking for line of code that set speed of enemy's bullet and how it shoot to player. I found this very line: bullet.rotation =, this.player, 500);It comes out that this line makes the bullet shoot to player. In my sense, bullet.rotation should only change the angle of the bullet, but didn't apply any velocity for it to move. Could you explain how does this work? p.s. Sorry for dumb question here. I am just trying to understand the code.
  22. Hi, What's the difference between a tileset and a tilemap? I've seen in the Loader.js in Phaser both terms for the loading functions. What are the diffrences between them? In the industry and in Phaser. Thanks
  23. Zeterain

    Bitmap Text Layering

    This is probably most easily explained with an example. If I create sprite one, then bitmap text, then sprite two, I'd like the bitmap text to be above sprite one but bellow text two. Here's some code demonstrating what I mean: var sprite1 = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'image');var bitmapText = game.add.bitmapText(0, 0, 'the text', styleObject);var sprite2 = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'image');However, in this case bitmapText is always rendered on top, and sprite2 is above sprite1. In fact, no matter what I do, any bitmap text will always render on top of everything else. Is there any way to change this?
  24. Hi, Is there a way to create some planet gravity like Angry Birds Space. And i want to turn the camera like REUS? How can i do this, or does it exist some articles who explain that? Thank you See If a moderator see this, you can delete this post. Thank you
  25. the "mapcollide" example does not seem to work properly in 1.1.x. jumping doesn't seem to work, and it looks a lot different from the way it did in 1.0. here is what it looked like in 1.0.x: here's how it looks to me since 1.1.3: and jumping doesn't seem to work. i rely on the examples to make sure i'm doing things right, so when the examples are broken, it makes me uneasy. any thoughts? thanks!