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Found 267 results

  1. Hello guys! This is a minesweeper-like rpg. It is more difficult and also more interesting than the original minesweeper. Your hero starts from level 1 when you enter every floor. You gain experience and level up from sweeping the weakest monsters. The mark on the cell show total levels of monsters around that cell. You have to find out which monster is the weakest - this is a bit more difficult than the minesweeper - and kill it for experience. You attack is the same with your level. As for the monster, both its attack and its hit points are the same with its level. When you open a cell, the fight begins and you will attack first. As you can see, you can kill the same or lower level monsters in one strike safely. Although you can also kill higher level monsters, you will lose some hit points. This game is currently almost the same with MamonoSweeper on Android and TowerSweeper on iOS. Actually I want to make it closer to a rogue-like rpg game where you can sometimes find items from defeated monsters ( such as potions and scrolls ) and get quests from NPCs in deeper floors ( like Dungelot ). But this is a WIP game so I havent finished these features yet and you wont see these in the current link. You can play here: This game is coded with Actually I want to make it a mobile game with phonegap after it is completed. So dont be unpleased with the small screen size... Sorry for my poor English. Thanks!
  2. Gameplay video (Youtube): Game description Give me Cherry is a puzzle game, where player has to build tower from blocks to reach cherry. As soon as the block is reaching cherry and not moving, the player unlocks access to the next level. There are obstacles, monsters and different types of blocks to make the game more challenging! The game is created by me for fun and has no monetisation in mind. Has no ads. It was built via HTML5 and box2d physics engine. Screenshots Thank you Google Play:
  3. Hack the system. For money, ideas, of just for lulz - it's up to you. BYTE is a top-down cyberpunk stealth-puzzle game about hackers, networks, and cyber-worms for PC, macOS and Linux, being made on Construct 2 by Dividebyzer0 - tiny team of lunatics who seeks for self expression. Player (as a too curious script kid) controls a sneaky cyber-worm and performs malicious deeds in the web. The nonlinear narrative takes place in the not distant, internet-dependent future, so the career opportunities are brighter than ever. Core gameplay may kinda remind of “Snake” from your old Nokia phone: every time you steal data, your cyber-worm is getting longer, which makes it harder to control and evade anti-viruses. Current state (v0.5.7) Right now the game is in the alpha state. We’ve prepared a little demo for you to try out what we are making and to hear your opinions! Demo showing off the game core mechanics, art/sound style, as well as the bit of a story, which takes part in full version of the game’s plot. You can grab the demo from the following resources: Our web-site Gamejolt IndieDB Desperately waiting for your feedback, guys Have a happy hacking! --- Stay tuned with us via:RSS feed and mail subscription on the studio’s website: Dividebyzer0.comFacebook page: page: Presskit: press.dividebyzer0.comPrivate questions? Shoot’em at
  4. As I am new to this forum I would like to say Hi to all at first! I just found out about this forum (after 2 years of developing HTML5 games!). Ultimate Solid is a physics platform game with some puzzle elements which requires a lot of arcade skills. Unlike the traditional platform games movement is limited to jumping only. The game has been built in Construct 2 engine with box2d physics, by two people (me - game developer and my friend who is a dedicated level designer). Before I go with some more details, let me drop a trailer to give you a better picture of the game. There's a demo available to download for PC - Windows platform on indieDB: Demo is wrapped to dektop app with NWjs, which is a default desktop wrapper for Construct 2. We are releasing this game as a desktop game, but because of many requests we recieved from people we decided to release it for mobiles later on as well. PC version is almost done and should be available within a month from now. Regarding mobile version, it's TBD. We will surely need to rebuild it a bit for mobiles. Talking about full version. We have submitted Ultimate Solid to Steam and it's currently on Greenlight. It's going really well, so we hope for getting greenlight, but the stress is real as it is our first PC game and first Greenlight campaign! Currently there are barely several new votes a day as we are no longer on the first page of Greenlight, so if you feel an irresistible temptation to vote "yes" on some greenlight project, please leave your vote on Ultimate Solid Here's the Greenlight link: If there's anything you think could be done the other way or simply have any suggestions, please leave your feedback. The game is almost done but we are still polishing some parts. If you like the project and would like to stay updated, here are some links related to the project: Website: Twitter: Facebook: And again, greenlight votes are very much appreciated as we have no funds for promotion at all so we rely at 100% on the community. Thanks! Don't forget to try out the demo! I promise that the gameplay is much more fun than it looks on the trailer! (we hear that all the time really haha)
  5. Hey! We released our new game that was in development for some time now. Find the way is a puzzle board game with moving obstacles. Android version is released today. You can check it out here (Free download ) : I uploaded a few screenshots here to get the general idea. You can find intro video and full descrption in the link above. iOS version is in development and is coming soon Enjoy, Matija
  6. the universe's first interactive balkan-dada-dub experience
 (created with phaser of course ) watch the trailer: 
save the world from it's fishlessness by simplifying the horse and maybe you are brave enough to become the most experienced cat exploder 
 featuring the song simplify this horse by extrafish valentin baumgartner - vocals, guitar, efx, oud andi bissig - sax jonas künzli - doublebass, synthbass adrian böckli - drums, perc
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first entry on this forum. Im getting a lot of help from threads around here so i thought i will share effects of my adventure with html5. I have created "Ancient Maze of Epla" as part od ludumdare 36 comp it took me 36h. I have used phaser connected with nodejs and grunt browserify. You can check source code here if you find that im doing something horrible wrong i would appreciate feedback. Im working on cleaning up that code so i can use it as base for games prototypes. Ancient Maze of Epla is short puzzle game with sokoban like mechanic with difference that everything moves when you give one of commands (up/down/left/right). You can check it either on Kongregate or Gamejolt. And if also took part in ludumdare and wish to comment here is link to ludumdare 36 entry. Also i have upgraded Kongregate version with their api implementation and added lead boards for number of steps required to finish each level to give it some replay ability. I would appreciate any feedback as this is only my second webgl game in phaser (earlier was only ludumdare warmup) and i want to make more projects with that game engine.
  8. This is a simple memory game, where you have to remember the pattern and click the tiles to reveal it again. easy mode is easy, while hard is really hard, because you have to remember the pattern with the order. You can also create random generated levels. This is my first game - i have only once made a truly small math python game (only text version). Any feedback is appreciated I was going to make a responsive version of this game so i can export it to ios and google play, but i'm wondering if is it worth it or not, because as the game creator you can not judge your game objectively ? Direct game link:
  9. Didn't think much of this at first, but it made it to the front page of Hackernews. Let me know what you guys think!
  10. I finally finished my new puzzle game, Blox Slider. It's a sliding blocks game where you have to slide the blue guy to the exit. The trick is that everything will slide with each swipe, so all the blocks including your character. PLAYABLE DEMO HERE: Animating the intro cut scene took a lot more work than I initially thought. The last few weeks I've been working on fine tuning the levels and adding the last touches to the playable demo. Let me know what you think
  11. I'm excited to show you guys my first HTML5 phaser game! You can play here It's a minesweeper permadeath game, full inspired in runestone kepper and dungelot, you need to find the key and the door at each level, use tap to attack and hold tap to get enemy or item information. The game is still in development, but you can play the first 9 levels, the game is for mobile and web, for test reasons you can see the FPS counter at the corner Please feel free to give me your feedback You can get more information about the game in [spanish]
  12. Hello everyone! Laser Dreams is my first real game and it's getting really close to being done (EDIT: it's done!). It's a mobile puzzle game where you need to guide all of the laser beams to the target using various items you can drag and drop and rotate by tapping on them. Although the idea is not exactly novel, I think some of it's features really set it apart. Most notable is the level editor, that allows the players to create new levels themselves. These levels can then be reviewed by me and published in the Player submitted levels stage. DOWNLOAD HERE: iOS: Android: Any advice and feedback is very welcome. Let me know what you think! Cheers!
  13. I have been working on a puzzle/platformer of sorts and I'm simply not sure whether to continue or not. Maybe with some feedback I can finally make up my mind. There is only 8 levels at the moment but that should be enough to get the point of the concept and overall direction of the game. There are virtual keys when you play on mobile. This is a desktop screenshot. PLAY
  14. Hello everyone, Tank is a puzzle game that my friend Ahmad and I have created in Phaser. The basic concept of the game is that you are a concrete tank in an arena which is surrounded by moving targets which you must shoot to lower the gates that block the portal. When you shoot a target it will stop moving and shoot back at you. This will make the arena much more difficult to navigate and force you to dodge the projectiles that are coming from the targets in order to get to the portal and progress to the next level. The game has 15 levels and a back end Rails API for keeping track of global statistics which I am then displaying on the website in a table using React. Have a play and let me know your thoughts! Richard
  15. Hi guys We've made a bunch of new games at BlackMoon - here are the links if you would like to check them out: (final touches needed for this one) Also - if you would like to share your feedback about the games with us - that would be awesome:)
  16. The game is built in Javascript and HTML. It can be downloaded Here It requires concentration and memory. It's easy to understand and gets very challenging as you play. Spot the new different piece in every turn all the way until you make the full picture. The game starts easy and gets harder as you play. The game features lots of picture puzzles to play and solve, with varying difficutly levels, making it playable by everyone. Also, You will earn special powers for completing and finishing puzzles - use them to help you when it gets tough!
  17. Introducing YAPP, yet another photo puzzle using Phaser. You can drag, rotate, invert pieces. Although game play still needs a bit more jazz, the main feature, a technical one, is the ability to maintain orientation.
  18. We just released our first game to "Google Play" , which was made with C2 and HTML5 and wrapped with Link: Google Play Gameplay: Video Kongregate: Newgrounds: "Wipo" is an addictive platform game which depends on reaction time , anticipation and of course "luck" ! Where once you move forward , you can't go back ... Move the square to the end of each level with the least number of deaths. Unlock all the "Achivements" and discover your "Ranking" among other players . Game Features : - Addictive gameplay & Simple Controls - Neat Graphics and Visual Effects - Achievements & Leaderboards - +20 Challenging Levels (More Coming Soon) - Smooth Real-Time Physics - Customizable Game Elements - Minimalistic UI - Player States Screenshots:
  19. Have you ever played 2048? This is the same game with a twist that doubles the fun URL:
  20. Tetro is a puzzle game with tetris pieces - there's a square grid which you have to fill with given pieces. The game is written using pixijs and is available for WEB and Android. Here's a video from the game:
  21. Hello, guys! Just finished making my first html5 game. It's endless bubble shooter game, designed special for smartphones. Enjoy! Link to play
  22. All you need to do is sort the tiles vertically, When you move a tile horizontally or vertically, all the neighboring tiles will move as well. Here's the link:
  23. Hi All, My name is Kousha Nejad and I'm a Software engineer designing software algorithms; Recently I have designed some logic puzzles but I don't have the experience and knowledge to make a nice UI and make it appealing to the users; Anyone interested to help me out? at this point I'm pretty flexible; I can pay you to develop it for me or we can do profit sharing; Here's a sample game I created: Looking forward to hearing back from you, -Kousha Nejad
  24. The link Description Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter is an HTML5 one-button matchstick (aka toothpick) puzzle/logic game in which your goal is to rearrange all given math equations and make them true by moving just one match. The game can be played on 4 different levels of difficulty: Normal - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 9. Medium - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 19. Hard - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 49. Insane - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 99. On each level there are 5 faulty math equations which must be corrected as fast as possible! All equations are procedurally generated so the levels are always different. To make the given equation true, tap on a match and move it to the right place. For each bad move you get a penatly of 10 seconds! The game can help you to improve your math skills. You can run it on your desktop or mobile browser. Screenshots