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Found 82 results

  1. The project is about a 2D Retro Monster Training Game (not similar to Pokemon though!). The name of the Game is Creaturals. Creaturals are monsters which live in an alternate universe and can be summoned through portals by using their summoning shards. You take the role of a young boy named [player selects name] living in the small village of Grefin. After an event that changed his life the young boy leaves his home to get trained by Joel, and learn how to use the Creatural shards, how to obtain Creaturals and how to fight with them, preparing him for the war against the Jay Clan which tries to rule the world by using Creaturals to fight for them. Our target platform is PC but we are also considering running a mobile game side project to earn financial support for the team's needs. I am a self-taught amateur programmer. I started coding 4 years ago and thats when I gathered some Web Development experience. 3 years ago I started Game Development with Unity. I code in PHP, JavaScript, C#, HTML/CSS, jQuery and more. We are looking for both experienced and new Game Developers of all fields (Coders, Musicians (Mostly 8bit needed), Designers (mostly for pixel art)) to join our team. In case you are interested join our Discord: Here is some Concept Art of 3 Creaturals: Here are some screenshots of an early prototype:
  2. Welcome to firefighter "Krause"! It's a simple Jump’n’Run with currently 3 easy levels. You can play it with your keyboard or on your mobile with touch/gyro. The game is decided for my 5 years old daughter, because she is really a big fan of the firefighters. "Krause" is the name of a firefighter of her first children's book of the fire-department. On the other side I'm a big fan of "Nikki & the robots" and this brought up the idea for this game. If you want, you can see this like a small tribute to Nikki. Play Firefighter "Krause" Here some infos: Frameworks: threejs for graphics/webgl Sound with Web Audio API (runs well on IOS) Change the volume by touching in the top-right corner Collision: first it will check the rect of an object. If it hits, it will calculate a pixel-collision in a hidden canvas. Missing: fullscreen on mobile, a good solution for visibility (stop playing music) I had much fun to create this game and I know that 3 levels are really not enough. There are still some ideas of moving platforms or deadly smoke in buildings ... any ideas?? I'm looking forward to get some feedback from you. How you or maybe your children like this game? I you have any questions I will answer! Have much fun! Stephan
  3. Hello! I'm here to share my new weekend project. Remake Asteroids with HTML canvas. I documented the process, if you'd like to see, check it out on github
  4. Jochen

    Tiny Thor

    I'd like to showcase my latest HTML5 game to you - Tiny Thor - a 2D Platformer with 8Bit Pixel graphics. Tiny Thor Play it here: Available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing! Features Great retro look Throw the hammer to destroy enemies and surroundings Defeat throngs of enemies and end bosses Collect jewels and coins Solve tricky switch puzzles Purchase awesome special capabilities and upgrades in the store Ingenious chiptune soundtrack I hope you like it. If you find any issues, please let me know.
  5. So, just released, my new game Exit Isol8. It's an iso puzzler with a retro theme. Player here Game design & code by me, art by 0Hayes
  6. Hello, I am trying to make a game with phaser 2.2.8. The should look like an old school gameboy game. So the canvas has the dimensions of 160x144 pixels. The problem is a strange behaviour at the left and the top side of the screen. I attached an example to clarify what i mean. On the left pic the pilot wares glasses. You can see the connection between the 2 lenses. On the right pic the sprite looks compressed by one pixel, the connection disappears. Does someone knows why this happens? Or better how to solve this issue? Thanks, Tom
  7. I've recently released a non-commercial fan game called SWAT Kats - Running Kat which I've developed for using the Phaser game development framework. It's basically an endless runner using a subset of graphics and audio from the original game SWAT Kats - The Radical Squadron which has been released in 1995 for the Super-NES game console. It's not a remake but rather a reinterpretation having its own gameplay. The controls are kept as simple as possible such that I didn't need to implement too much platform-specific code. It has been tested on various desktops (PC and Mac), tablets and smart phones and is also compatible with the Madcatz Mojo game console. I hope that this game attracts some attention to and to the SWAT Kats cartoon show in general whose preproduction of the continuation has been funded on Kickstarter last year. Hope you folks enjoy playing it and feedback is very welcome. Link to the game: Link to Link to the SWAT Kats Revolution Kickstarter campaign (funded August 22nd 2015): There's also a fan trailer video available for the game at YouTube: And lastly some screenshots of the game:
  8. Hi, I submitted a game for Ludum Dare #36 (compo, aka 48h solo category). The theme gave me an idea I really liked but it was way too big for a game jam, so I decided to go for a proof on concept of sorts instead of a "complete" game. I'm thinking on continuing the development, so I'm really interested in feedback! You can view the LD entry and play the game at: The game was implemented with JavaScript and Phaser.
  9. Hello, This is my first post on the HTML5 Game Devs Forum and I'm here thanks to the precious advices of Richard to show you a game we are developing with my team for 2 years. It is called Jiun, a free-to-play MOBA (or ARTS as you wish) game in pixel art scheduled to be released by the end of March 2014. It addresses to a wide range of public. 1) Sum-up of the Gameplay Here two the main concepts: - No magic skills casted by the character, only items you use. For example: You can have two actives weapons equiped, one in the left hand and the other one in the right hand. You are able to use these weapons with two keys (K and L by default) when cooldown is ok. For example you can equipe two swords or a sword and a shield. - No auto-attack such most of MOBA/MMORPG, it is more like an hack'n slash, in a retro atmosphere. For our first beta release, scheduled by the end of March 2014, we planned to implement 5vs5 mode where your goal will be to reduce opponent team reinforcements to 0. Games will last at least 15 minutes. Using a bow is similar to using melee weapons. Bows are dual-handed weapons, and are used with the left hand key (L by default). To shoot an arrow the character has to aim at the target and therefore remains stationary during the attack animation. Position yourself carefully, as you're open to both melee and ranged weapon fire. There is no automatic attack in Jiun like in traditional MOBAs, so you have to be skilled and time your shots or face defeat. Quick reactions are also crucial to moving away from the path of incoming arrows. To save yourself from enemy volleys, consider carrying a shield: it provides both a 30% passive chance to block incoming arrow damage, and can be used to block them if timed well. Stay tuned for the next video: the quickslots. Latest Version (here french version) 2) Sum-up of the of the development's chronology of Jiun Initially aimed to be a MMORPG, we worked on Jiun very hard, which was coded in java, but we realize few months ago that this wasn't the best way to follow for an independant game studio after we tried a crowdfunding campaign. The resources were lacking. The time also. As Jiun wasn't my first online game experience (I made an online MMO called Kingdom of War PSP) we decided to move quickly to another platform before being overwhelmed by labor and obscolescence of the Java applet platform. Moreover we experiment a lot of Java applet warnings. Phaser JS was the best way to achieve our goal. This choice was made few months ago and here we are. 3) Music sample Extract of Jiun Main Theme 4) Sign up to the beta, follow us and spread the word! You may be interested in signing up to the beta of Jiun and play now for free ! Register on the Web site of Jiun. You can follow us on @JiunGame and Facebook and you can also spread the word The forums of Jiun just have opened : We just launched our online shop, so if you want to support us, please don't hesitate : Join us now !
  10. Hello, everyone ! Here's a game I have been working on forever. I am so grateful for phaserJS and the progress it has been through so far ! Thankful for everyone who has helped me on the forums through this journey. Please I appreciate your feedback. I hope you guys will enjoy it. -> GAME HERE Facebook page -> HERE
  11. Pong Quest is an HTML5 game written using TypeScript and leveraging the Phaser game framework. The IDE used was Intel XDK and the game is now live in all major app stores! Google Play (Android): Apple App Store (IOS): Microsoft App Store (Windows): Facebook Page: Description: A classic pong quest where you journey through a series of unique levels, each with its own little twist. The levels are organized into areas, and each area has a special theme. Includes levels where the walls are closing in, or you use giant paddles, or beach ball sized ping pong balls! Plus boost levels that change paddle and ball sizes and speeds, or explode the ball into 4 balls! And many other unique twists on the classic game of Pong! This version of Pong will keep you guessing as to what unique twist will come next! You can also play 2 player mode against a friend, if you want to take a break from your pong quest! Or you can try out "Randomized" pong mode, where a game will be generated with a completely random set of twists worked into it! Available for both 1 player and 2 player. Enjoy, and please rate the app to show support; more support means more levels, more levels means more fun!
  12. Hi all, I am here to talk about RELIC (working title, release title TBD), a project I've been working on for a few months. The game is currently in development ; a portion is fully playable but the product requires additional testing, content and beautification. OVERVIEW RELIC is an action-adventure game in line with 2D Zelda (TLoZ, ALLTP, DX, OoA, OoS). Details of the scenario are still to be defined, there is a semi-opened outdoor exploration area, interior dungeons with a mix of puzzles and challenging fights, and the need to collect items in order to progress. SCREENSHOTS Visuals are temporary, captured from the latest game build KEY FEATURES - Retro style but smooth gameplay with modern accessibility - Dynamic action including real-time combats - 4 outdoor environments with distinctive themes - 5 dungeons with their share of puzzles, monsters and exclusive boss - 16 items to collect, each granting special abilities or aptitudes (8 active, 8 passive) - Explorable "onion skin" outdoor world that unlocks progressively - Diversified bestiary with 20+ types of enemies and behaviours - Rich interactions, including traditional switches, teleporters, obstacles, secrets, etc. INFOS - Estimated play-time : ~10h, +~5h completionist - Size of the playable area : ~150 game screens - Team : me, all by myself ! - Development time : ~6 months starting from scratch (~4 done, ~2 left) - Platforms : desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS), web (HTML5) - Release : ~summer 2016 TBC on Steam and DEVELOPPMENT I work alone and I do all the programming, game design, level design, production, QA, and I also create additional resources and art assets when I cannot find/buy what I need. The game is fully playable in terms of "flow" (player progress, items, gameplay mechanics, types of interactions, etc.) but only ~20% of the content is really completed at the moment (level design, puzzle variety, monsters balancing, beautification). The "finished" portion works as a "vertical slice" I intend to use to start focus tests as soon as possible, in order to collect player feedback and drive the upcoming iterations before moving on with the rest of the game. The work left is mostly filling and dressing, but also integrating all the secondary content : scenario, tutorial, audio, etc. ; as well as some late features : options, customisable controls, graphical filters, etc. BIO A few words about myself, in case anyone cares - I worked for almost 12 years in the game industry as lead programmer and producer for AAA PC and console titles. I've now been creating my own games and learning about game design for about ~1 year, with a first small project released on Steam a few months ago. My activity is not profitable yet, but it's a good way to gain experience with the "business" and "publication"-sides. My goal is to capitalise on my developments and reach a larger market/public with time as I progress, while finding other like-minded creators to join me in bigger productions. PARASITE on Steam TECHNOLOGY For those interested in the technical side - The game is developed in TypeScript, offering a good balance of productivity and maintainability. The underlying engine is Phaser 2.4.4 and I used Tiled for all the level design. This is a simple yet robust and efficient and tool-chain. In parallel of Phaser, I have developed my own custom ECS framework (Entity-Component-System) to maximise the reusability of all logic elements and blocks of gameplay. I intend to build on this framework and expand it with future projects, such as a dungeon-crawler and a coop-shooter, which I expect to be shorter to complete starting from this base. My ECS allows a fully data-driven approach, where all the gameplay is specified in the entity definitions (.json) and the instance data from the level file. It is therefore possible to integrate content, create new feature combinations and balance existing elements without the need to "re-program" any gameplay. It takes longer to get results than coding the gameplay directly, but in the long run it is a lot more flexible and reusable. Still in the interest of factorisation, my entity definition files (prototypes or blueprints, depending on the terminology various frameworks use) support multiple inheritance. CONTRIBUTORS Graphical resources used so far are created by 3 artists. All assets are licensed for commercial use and/or are distributed under CC0/CC-BY(-SA) Henrique "7Soul" Lazarini Environments, enemies Michele "Buch" Bucelli Environnements, various entities Carl "Surt" Olsson Additional characters
  13. uzudil

    Merc 0.4

    Please check out v0.4 of Merc - a slow moving, retro, 3d adventure game. (Think of it like a "lost" sequel to the 80s game "mercenary".) New in this release: - more/better game models - shader lighting - memory and frame-rate optimizations - bugfixes Thanks! --u
  14. Hi, I'm looking for translators for my slow moving, retro, adventure game Merc. (Think of it like a "lost sequel" to the 80s game "mercenary".) Here is the game: And if you speak another language and want to try translating some of it, please try this link: Let me know if you run into trouble! Thanks, --u
  15. Here's a game that I have been working on for a while now that I feel is at the stage where it should be shown to the world. This game started off as a simple college project for a programming class last year using Flash, that turned into something quite interesting and fun to make. Knowing that Flash was on the way out, I've just spent the last few weeks causally porting the game over to Phaser, adding more functionality, levels, sounds and fixing some issues. The original Flash game can be found at The game concept and mechanics are very simple, yet I can't think of any other game like it. It seems unique. Wiggle and sprint your way through monster ridden scenarios, moving as fast as you can press the movement keys. Gather as much loot as you can on your way to the exit ladder, but be quick about it, as there is a time limit. Any spare time you have left at the end of each level gets added to your score, so don't mess about! Try Super Dungeon Flash and tell me what you think!
  16. Hi All, I'm a web/graphic designer and an a hobbyist developer from India. It's been a couple of weeks since I started with BabylonJs. I was looking for different 3D frameworks for my pet project and stumbled upon babylonjs. Initially I was amazed by the demos/projects made using threejs, but I read somewhere that there is an exporter for Blender for Babylonjs and it caught my attention. Blender is my favourite 3d package, I have used Max and Maya a fair amount but Blender still stands out (I'm biased towards open source ). You can take a look at a video I made using Blender some three years ago not so much but something. Coming back to the project, it is in it's final stages. The idea is to have a collection of vintage items. Initially there will be 6 items(Coffee Maker, Television, Radio, BubbleGum Machine, Telephone, Typewriter) and models will be added on regular intervals. People can view the models and there will be a link to read more about them online and they can download a wallpaper of the item in different resolutions. I have all the functionalities working including a function where they will be able to apply instagram like filters to the scene/model and download that as a wallpaper. This is the demo link, please do not share the link outside of the forum as it will be taken down once it is hosted in the main site. The main site will be I'm kinda stuck now, you can find the close to final design of the site in the attached image. I need help from somebody who can populate a couple of ui elements in the sample source that I have attached. I tried to add it myself with no luck, right now the camera goes far outside the scene and shows weird stuff as soon as I add the GUI. Apparently threejs also has a Blender exporter. I think the Universe led me here. Lol. Cheers.
  17. Hi All, I'm happy to launch my site, the site will be a showcase of retro/vintage items. Right now there are only 6 items, things will be added constantly to the site. The site uses babylonjs framework and it's been only 3-4 weeks since I started using it and I must say it is one of the easiest of the languages to learn and has some pretty kick-a** features (PBR rendering, Realtime shadows and so on). It's well documented and has a great community out there. Coming back to the site, it should work just fine on desktops/laptops and latest mobile/tablet devices. It might show some weird rendering issues in older devices, working to get it fixed. Thanks to the community and everyone who supported in the forums to get it to this point. Cheers Site Link:
  18. To my great surprise I've actually stayed focused on a game project long enough to produce a playable level. Robotic Conflict is inspired by the NES-version of Gunsmoke (I actually used Gunsmoke sprites as space holders during most of the development). I started working on it with mobiles in mind, thus the portrait orientation. It also ran quite well on my Nexus 5 until sometime half-way through the development when I shifted focus to just make something "finished" regardless of performance. There is a lot of inconsistencies in the source code, known bugs, hard coded hacky solutions, wierd globals and stuff that should really be pooled etcetera. Instead of trying to fix an annoying bug when restarting the game play-state I decided to force the player to reload the page on death or finishing the game. At this moment I'm not sure if this is a WIP-version or if I will just abandon it as it is. Features: Four different enemies. Four types of weapons. Three kinds of power ups. One boss fight. A few minutes game play. Try it here:
  19. We have just released a new game to the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store for all Android Devices 4.1+. We used Cordova 5.1.1 and Phaser to build the game in HTML5 and it was delightful to program. It is a simple casual-style, family-friendly puzzle/strategy game where you sort various types of trash into appropriate bins while distracting and eliminating raccoons that try to block your path. The standard version can be found here: The free, ad-supported version can be found here: Happy sorting!
  20. Here is my next game to show you, I've been working on this one on an off for a year as I was never happy with it until recently. It's in the style of rainbow islands / parasol stars etc. lots of secrets and you get to fight a freaking octopus! (if you can get that far of course!) It was originally inspired by Dizzy on the Amiga, but i strayed from the play style a bit! Arrow keys or touch to play, uses mod player (see source to get/use it), supports cookies and local storage. Should run on anything but is actually more CPU intensive than you might think due to the water effect but also the level generation routine and I've seen on slower systems it can pause for 1 second between levels while it does some calculations, I can solve this by spreading them out over frames if it's an issue. Enjoy!
  21. hxe

    Mixed Gravity

    Was Flappy Bird too easy? Then try this addictive game and try to survive as long as you can: On this addictive game you need to survive as long as you can by jumping over the blocks. Every time player jumps, the gravity changes making this more challenging than regular endless running games! Game requires fast reaction time and also good luck. Games specs:-Retro graphics.-Adrenaline music.-Easy to control, just touch the screen to jump. Available at Google Play Store: Mixed Gravity is now available for Windows Phone: Available for iOS: This game was done by using Construct 2 and exported to Crosswalk project. Android APK was build by using Intel XDK.
  22. Hi everyone, I just wrote a tutorial on how to remake the classic Pong game in HTML5 and Phaser. It's composed of 7-parts and I try to go as in-depth as possible to explain every single line of code I use. Tutorial Outline Project Setup Loading Assets & Adding Sprites Moving the Ball Adding the Game Mode Moving the Paddles & Adding Collisions Scoring and Resetting Adding Sounds and Wrapping Up Link to tutorial Source files I'm also planning to write similar game tutorials on other classic games like: Breakout Space invaders Asteroids If you enjoy the tutorial and would like more I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to reply, send me a message, leave a comment on my blog =)
  23. I am not really sure if this game is appropriate for this section as it is such a simple and rough game. I created over a few days in order to learn a bit about Phaser and try it out. This is a single screen jumping/platform type game, heavily influenced by the Atari 2600 game Frogs and Flies. Pretty simple, you jump, you catch flies, and you try not to fall out of the trees. Frog Needs Flies
  24. Hey folks, This was supposed to be a simple project to learn HTML5, but spiraled way out of control and took months to finish. It seems to run for everybody (might require a browser refresh for some), so I'm calling it finished! Place blocks, blow up dirt, and DIG! QuadraDigger is (obviously) inspired by Tetris for the Game Boy. You can rotate and place blocks, but beyond that, it's a whole new game. Fill holes with blocks and use explosions to pull blocks down before they scroll of the screen. Set up huge combos for maximum points! The game runs fine on my iPad, and has been reported to work well in some models of iPhone and Android. HTML5 being what it is, I can't test every playform with every browser, so I'm finding it difficult to debug. Sometimes it's the same browser, same version, and same platform as me. (If you're reading this and the game totally bombs for you, I'd appreciate a bug report ) I spent a while learning how the Twitter and Facebook API works so you can send out screenshots from in-game. The driving force behind that was a shameless desire to help players with advertising to spread the game a little bit I'm not sure if it will work or not, but it's a fun experiment nonetheless. Getting the touch-screen working was a challenge. The controls feel good enough for me, but without the sensory feedback of actual buttons, I'm often going diagonally by accident. Nevertheless, still easier to control the game with two thumbs, imo, rather than tapping all over the screen. That could just be because I'm an old dinosaur game developer who refuses to adapt to our brave, new world of tablets. The game has an online scoreboard stored in an SQL database. There are PHP scripts to manage the list, submit scores, and report back to the Javascript client. Because it's stored in SQL, it's super easy to get rankings in a variety of ways, so there are daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time score boards. Think that's it! So far, my top score has been just over 500k, back when the well was at 2/3 its current depth. I have yet to reach the bottom after the change! Hope you enjoy it! Cheers, -- Simon
  25. Hi guys, I need draw some lines, they need be drawed instead of images because it's for an education game, so I need draw triangles dynamically (different angles,sizes,etc)..I'd like some retro effect for fun but I'm not sure if it's possible achieve this... is it possible?..any clue about how achieve it?, thank you guys!