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Found 74 results

  1. Hey guys, I am having an issue getting the babylon unity exporter working. I have cloned the latest repo of babylon and placed the Unity3D2Babylon folder in the Assets directory of my project. I get the error "Assets/Unity3D2Babylon/ExporterWindow.cs(146,35): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `<internal>` I have tried with a brand new project as well as an existing project and I get the same error. The line it points to specifically is: ReportProgress(1, $"Exportation done in {watch.Elapsed.TotalSeconds:0.00}s"); and it's choking on the $. I don't know enough C# to effectively troubleshoot this further lol. I have attached screenshots of the error console, unity version, script, and my Unity3D2Babylon directory. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'd like to access the babylonScene.ShadowGeneratorsList that SceneBuilder.Lights.cs uses, but I can't seem to find any variable that doesn't come up as undefined after I've called the SceneLoader.Load private void GenerateShadowsGenerator(Light light) { var generator = new BabylonShadowGenerator { lightId = GetID(light.gameObject), usePoissonSampling = light.shadows == LightShadows.Soft, mapSize = 256 + 256 * QualitySettings.GetQualityLevel(), bias = light.shadowBias / 10.0f, useBlurVarianceShadowMap = light.shadows == LightShadows.Soft }; var renderList = new List<string>(); foreach (var gameObject in gameObjects) { //why not deliver the boolean to the scene? I could use that boolean to manually create shadows inside babylon. var meshFilter = gameObject.GetComponent<MeshFilter>(); var renderer = gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>(); if (meshFilter != null && renderer.shadowCastingMode != ShadowCastingMode.Off) { renderList.Add(GetID(gameObject)); continue; } var skinnedMesh = gameObject.GetComponent<SkinnedMeshRenderer>(); if (skinnedMesh != null && renderer.shadowCastingMode != ShadowCastingMode.Off) { renderList.Add(GetID(gameObject)); } } generator.renderList = renderList.ToArray(); babylonScene.ShadowGeneratorsList.Add(generator); //***How do i access this list in babylon?*** } The end goal here would be to emulate the Unity mesh renderer option to cast shadows or not. The exporter does this, but if I can't access the shadow generator list, I can't determine which meshes to push into the wanted shadow generators. That's my understanding of the problem at least. As an aside, I've created shadow generators for two point lights (manually), and I'm importing one spot light which I've positively determined has a shadow generator created for it somewhere. "shadowGenerators":[{"mapSize":1536,"bias":0.005,"lightId":"c21fd6a4-701a-4377-86b9-868b221c1c96","useVarianceShadowMap":false,"usePoissonSampling":true,"useBlurVarianceShadowMap":true,"blurScale":0,"blurBoxOffset":0,"renderList":["f808b945-1605-4e8f-8233-f75b89e55c71","0cc9fd1e-1a23-4c9e-9cef-5b0c87faf717","36d7e455-a32f-490a-b837-3043d6f30691","5091d4f8-2767-4e7e-acb6-a7c179b33583","c5313fc0-4edd-43d7-8dcf-85f76e83905f","d3d119e6-37f5-4725-af03-f470a755ac93","d5d11567-f959-4291-b784-ffb07089e6bd","9141800a-91a8-4d51-bceb-85df54d49e39","acce9ece-cd8f-42fb-98e7-53ff7de56315","cd22cc1d-07f7-4845-9de2-967f42eabf5b","0ad378ab-6f73-4861-91a9-bc649ffd4759","a8e8b351-71a2-4bb9-a995-736b637615a6","385b2d6a-a789-4a2a-ba99-73c45f096c8a","d056b786-d3d8-45dc-ae61-509a34b17f1a","0bf62911-a3cf-4bd8-a0b4-96fd20a89fd2","fdfc93be-5a6c-4049-80de-c6912168f1c8","25efb981-7f78-4c5c-8e28-cfde40b304f5","1bf1b3b6-b0fe-4fe5-a5af-1509ed156dbc","673a7d44-10c1-47e4-9d12-2c55322f3b28","aa4d1889-0951-4d43-81d8-5d774a7012d2","157582a5-5887-4661-bbf8-29aaa6da108c","7b3f2c8d-447b-41fa-9366-d007137e6a3c","c4860f5e-d38e-4285-a098-3a158564dd8e","f5e3a43a-4475-4c67-941d-bab8a377290e","49374c28-a289-471b-83df-2af6773d18b2","d8511075-b08c-47ea-a779-7720c91351ae","e2807f9b-3807-4ae0-bdff-86ab12195672","d730e55a-948c-4ac5-beef-a9eb8ae12479"]}],"skeletons":[],"actions":null} The only thing left I have to do is determine which meshes can cast shadows, and then push those meshes into the shadow generator render lists. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hey Everyone, My name is Gina, founder of Serial Lab Studios. We provide award winning audio for games, web, film and TV. My team and I have been working in the industry for over 10 years and have created audio for projects from AAA games like Just Cause 3 and Bioshock 2 to indie games like Kirin Wars, Kingdom Come Puzzle Quest as well as many other casual/social and casino games. We are life long gamers, very easy to get along with and conduct business in a very professional manor. Where can I listen to your audio? Samples of our work and a full credit list can be found at Also Check us out on SoundCloud: What Services do you offer? * Custom Music in any style/genre * Virtual Instruments & Live Musicians * Foley and Original Sound Design * Voice Production Services * FMOD, Wwise, Unity, Unreal integration * Play Testing Our 10 plus years working in the game industry has given the opportunity to understand the full pipeline of game development. This experience allows us to make the best decisions in creating and delivering your assets. We work with your team to ensure seamless integration which provides an immersive experience for the player and a stress free experience for you. What are your rates? We offer a variety of licensing options to fit each unique projects needs. Reach out to us for a quote. How do I contact you? We respond quickly to requests from the contact page on our website but you can also email us directly at sounddesign(a) Check us out on facebook and twitter: Looking forward to hearing from you! Gina
  4. Hello Everyone, I am new in phaser, I am really excited to make new game with this framework I would like to know if it is possible to load asset from unity. I have some asset in unity (xyz.unitypackage) and i would like to use them in phaser, can I convert them to json and png format ? Thanks in advance
  5. We're an italian consulting company and we're looking for an HTML5 game developer. We work for the b2b market in 2 different ways: - Learning games for enterprises - Consumer games to grow our clients' projects or our own ones We appreciate the knowledge of JS, Construct 2, Unity3D, php. Our office is in Milan. We're looking both for hiring and/or for freelance collaborations, but we're looking for someone who can work with us minimum 2 days/week. You can apply sending an email to
  6. Hi - are You dev ? great ! Here is blog with my assets avaliable on Unity Store: soon there will be much more stuff, even 3D hallowenish models are under developemnt - stay tuned to that. Always good to have something in nice quality for such a low price. Full 2D
  7. thanks for Your time
  8. Ok, so maybe I'm just a little frustrated. I've built countless Unity apps, all programmed in fairly complex C#. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to implement a damn scene exported from Unity to Babylon. So I went on Github and downloaded the Babylon engine. I read a few tutorials to build babylon scenes, but a lot of the documentation appears to be a few years old. Exactly where do I put the filename.babylon file and how do I load it up? I created a folder, made a file called babylon.js, using vs 2.2 from the github page, and then made a quick index.html file. All in the same folder. When I try to run the index page, it just sits on loading forever. I'm sure it's something simple, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Cnotey
  9. Hello game devs I have a quick question, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am switching over from designing and building the front end of websites to building games. What are the currently the best books/sites or resources to learn mobile game development. I have already designed a game, and I want to learn how to code it and hopefully publish it on the IOS and Android stores sometime this year. Thanks for checking out this post and please let me know.
  10. Hello everyone, RPtriS is a fun new game that brings two great game concepts together. It’s like the Russian themed game with falling blocks and Rock, Paper, Scissors to be Exact. In this game, the falling blocks receive one of six symbols : rock, paper, scissors, greater, less, equal. To play you beat the adjoining blocks using the rules of Rock Paper Scissors. Gameplay: Web Link
  11. I've been using the Unity exporter and its awesome! Makes my life a lot easier Something I'm struggling with at the moment is referring to my game objects in Babylon.js. I have some cubes in Unity which I have assigned different names to, however the exporter doesn't use those names, but uses the name of the base mesh, which is "Cube". Unfortunately that means every single cube (as well as all primitive shapes) have the same name. Assigning a tag to them in Unity doesn't help since tags don't get exported with the object. The only way I can refer to these different cubes is by searching the resulting .babylon file to look for all the cubes and get their IDs. I have to do this every time I export since those IDs change. Does anyone know of an easier way I can refer to my different cubes, or a way I can get the exporter to use game object name instead of mesh name?
  12. Hi, i'm new in this community and i want to make android and iOS games, but i do not know if i should use HTML5 or Unity, i'm practically new to programming in general (i just know a bit of javascript)? I have searched for an answer but nothing, what do you recommend me.. keep with javascript and html5 or start learning c# for unity? what is more fun html5 or unity? p.s. sorry for my english
  13. I'm a Games Programmer with several years experience of game and web programming. I feel confident in my ability to develop any kind of gameplay behavior, no matter how simple or complex. I'm available now to work on programming projects at a good rate. Some of the skills I have available: HTML5, CSS3OO JavascriptHTML5 game developmentPhaserC#Unity game developmentAndroid/IOS GamesStrong physics and maths skillsYou can see some examples of some of the projects I have worked on here: & There are also HTML5 versions of the above games that I was involved with all of the programming and testing for also. You can see the HTML5 version of Rotobreak here: If you wish to work with me, please email me at: Please give me some idea of what is required then we can discuss a budget. Thanks.
  14. Hi guys! I think I need an advice from more experienced colleagues. I am experienced enterprise developer. Last 6 years I worked as senior/lead web developer and mostly wrote on C#/Java/JavaScript. Game development is my hobby and true love so I decided to try out make the game not for me but for others. Concept was done and now I should select a game engine. Something like Banished with different and complex AI model and some features with non-direct control. I want the game to be AI-centric. I planned to make a browser game so the first option was WebGL (ThreeJS, BabylonJS) which I extremely love. But I'm here a bit confused. The market is indie game engine has a few products and one big monster called Unity. Even some AAA-games have Unity under the hood (Cities: Skylines). Wherever I read all these kids writing that Unity is soooooo great and almost any developer must use it for any game. The main reason is something like "If you want to finish the game don't write your own engine". I know this is true because I tried to make my own engine some times and it was horrible and took a lot of time, but is it still true for using a small enginees like BabylonJS? And which cons unity has compared to BabylonJS except well-known poor VCS integration and collaboration problems? Unity is great ready-to-use solution with many out-of-the-box features and out-of-the-box limitations. I don't like limitations. And all those tools of unity (visual designers and so on) is not so applicable to my concept [iMHO]. So, I need your advices, guys. I don't want nor to make a simple game for 5 years not to fight with limitations of game engine to make anything non standard. Thanks and sorry for a long post
  15. Hey all, I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming webinar that Modus Create will be hosting discussing HTML5 Game Development. We will discuss a bit of the history, the current state and some of the future of web gaming. Some of your favorite game engines such as Phaser, Unity and Unreal Engine will be discussed. The webinar will be on March 11th, 2015 @ 1PM EST. Hope you can make it! Info Here:
  16. I am interested in connecting with companies and freelancers that are masters at cutting edge game designs that will be played in device agnostic, live consumer facing settings and that can deal with fast turn arounds, challenging timelines, unexpected client change requests and high levels of global exposure at large consumer events. Creativity and uniqueness are highly valued in this arena just as much as the ability to code what the client wants even when you don't agree with it. Rock solid, bullet proof code solutions are a must for all deliverables. This is "big-boy" stuff so please only serious, enterprise level experience. If you have a degree and no real experience, stick with it. This is a great business to be in but this post isn't for you. If you're a great coder but you still call mom's basement a command center... well... ok... you still could be my guy but the point is, we're looking for professionals here! Looking forward to it. Give me samples and lets talk. MK
  17. Hello Mates! We're Pyro Pirates, a new Indie Gaming company. We're planning to release our first episode, "Big White Wolf" of our first game "Biopower" on android soon. We started developing this game last September & we've released the Beta version on Play Store. This game involves unique gameplay & mechanisms in android platform. Any new developers interested to know, how we developed any part of our game, do ask us in the comment section. You can join our G+ Community: so we'd be able to send you the link to the beta version of our game. Once we accept your request, you can click this link to check the beta version: This is a platform puzzle game that teases your brain incredibly to finish each level. Please, do test our game & let us know your criticisms/appreciation in feedback.
  18. Hi everyone! My name is Karen Bennetzen, and I'm a Danish Cg artist and video game enthusiast looking for work as a freelance/full time game artist. I use mainly Photoshop to create assets, backgrounds and concept art, and I also have a lot of experience working with Unity3D and Maya. I can also make UI elements and visual effects. My full portfolio can be found at, along with my resume. Feel free to message me anytime, here on the forum and/or via my mail You can follow me and my work on tumblr at
  19. I am a games publisher mainly for Facebook games, as that is where our current network is, obvious any game that does well for us on Facebook is worth putting on the ios and android too. Do you have any games that are either already on Facebook or that can be re skinned or just bought outright,or do you have any games that could be ported to Facebook. maybe you started to make a game and never finished it, or maybe you have a game on facebook with no users and have come to a dead end. I am looking for games i can add to my network but the games must have in apps(in game purchases) within Facebook and be entered into my template that i use for Facebook( can use your current template if good enough),the template consists of the header and footer and leader boards etc, all aspects to make the game social and to work within the Facebook platform. There would still be some work to do to get your games up to a Facebook standard in terms of pop ups like level completed, send a life, get a bonus etc, unless you have already done this on Facebook, and in this case this would be great as you will know the Facebook API. I am interested to hear from anyone with any ideas that you have, and whatever stage your games or game is at, if you have a game on Facebook already then this will be even better and take less time We have just started using unity developers and html 5 developers, and we are always looking for games we can easily add to our network that are fun to play and have a good meaning too the game so users are more tempted to spend and reengage. Let me know how we could collaborate together, or if you have a great game that you think i could be interested in. I am very interested in candy crush, bubble games,angry birds, farm grid games,solitaire, casino, slots, running games, driving games etc etc Just let me know how we could work together, or if you have a game/code that i could be interested in. Thanks Speak soon hopefully
  20. Hi, Does anyone have any unity or html 5 games that are Facebook ready, or that can be monetized for Facebook. Ideally i am looking for a game like candy crush, bubble witch saga, pet saga, hay day, farm ville, any re engaging games that you have that can be monetized please come let me know. Happy Gaming Kayoobi Games
  21. Hi HTML5 Game Dev community! Having developed games both for HTML5 and for 'native mobile' using Unity, I've always been yearning for a great toolset and framework like Unity with a full-featured language like C#. For the last few months, our tiny team worked hard to make Unity HTML5-capable - a complete workflow that lets you build games for mobile & desktop web. This week, we just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to accelerate development. Take a look, we could use your support!
  22. Looks really interesting: For me everything hinges on the mobile output, which I'm not expecting great things from - but who knows?
  23. Looking for 2d artist eager to work on a number of mobile games using Unity with the intent of shared revenue model for labor of time. Willing to negotiate between 30%-50% Thanks,