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Found 48 results

  1. Hey developers, Take a look at my #LowRezJam2016 entry "Space Crasher". You'll control a space ship and shoot around to survive. The ship moves and can only move when you shoot at the opposite direction. Hope you like the weird design Note that the game is not completely finished since I was too late to join this jam (about 2 days ago). Yet I am very satisfied with the result, and have planned a more interesting weapon system to add more fun. Feedbacks are welcome. BTW. The game is made with my own game framework called LesserPanda and its source is available on Github, under MIT licence.
  2. I created a realtime multiplayer top-down shooter, with zombies. Inspiration is basically, but it's similar to CounterStrike2D, and now moving to be more like Killing Floor. So it started as PvP game, but with Zombies it can be PvE. URL: The hardest part was to implement proper client-server synchronization, and the collision detection on the server. Creating the UI in Phaser was easy and simple, i had a lot of fun! I started in November 2015 as a side project, some hours here and there in the evenings. Currently most of the expected functionality is working. But all the game balancing has not been performed yet, but its possible to play and have some fun :-). Feedback is very welcome. But it will probably crash a lot ;-) Features: - Shoot bullets - Shoot grenades (AoE) - Create an unwalkable barrier at a specific location - Buffs: Movement speed, attack speed, invisibility - Powerups: ATM just health - Zombies: ATM just follow-closest-player logic - In-game chat (toggle with "T") How to play: - WASD/keypad for movement - Left mouse button for shooting - Key 1: Barrier - Key 2: Grenade - Key 3: Movement Speed buff - Key 4: Attack speed buff - Key 5: invisibility Technology: - Phaser on client - NodeJS as server - Websockets for communication - I ported Phaser arcade to NodeJS to have sane collision and collision detection - Pathfinding with easystar.js Story: A land far away was rich with powerful mages. But their king decided to put them all into a prison. After several years of being imprisoned and tortured, suddenly a revolution happened, and the mages fled the prison. Gone mad because of the inhuman treatment in the dark cellars, the mages all went on a killing spree in the city, shooting at everything they encounter. Strangely most of confrontation are with beings which are already dead, but still moving, and search for living flesh. Is there a connection between these events? (Who cares, the only thing which matters is to be #1 on the server!) Screenshot:
  3. About a month into development now and having a blast making this. What's black and white and might have rabies? Don't let the mask fool you, this raccoon is a hero. Set in a fantasy woodland where trouble's brewing, our ring-tailed hero must explore, quest, and fight to survive. Nocturnal critters armed with high explosives and not a workplace safety poster in sight: that's right folks, things are going to get crazy. Twisted Bark is a pixely open-world style RPG. Gain experience completing quests and fighting enemies. Explore as far as your ability and level will allow you. Implemented features: Dynamic lighting Particle effects Quest platform (currently 1 quest fully implemented and working on #2) Slash Attack Dynamite item/attack Health Bar Experience points / level system Some enemy AI For more info/screenshots or to subscribe to updates by email, see the website: Open to any CC/feedback/ideas! Thanks for reading. Sam
  4. Hi, Just sharing my new game (WIP), I hope you like: Matheus.
  5. Hello! I am currently developing a game called Improbable Game. It is a platformer with improbable difficulty. It is, or so I have heard from the people who have tested it, frustratingly fun and addictive. I am looking for suggestions and feedback. Thank you! Link:
  6. Hey guys I've been working on a multiplayer online game with phaser, node.js,, and as a database service for a while now. The game is called Onyx Map, it is still very much a WIP. Check out the current version of the game here: the way it is right not you have to complete a simple registration to track your username in the game. The game is a massively multiplayer online exploration platformer, but in it's current state there is not much exploration (read: no exploration at all). You can use the dummy account: username: frank password:aaa to test the game. Be aware if someone else is using the account it will not work for you and you will have to register for a username. The main reason i'm posting on here is because I just finished documenting an open source basic version of this game that is very easy to understand and use for someone who is interested in writing their own mmo in phaser and node js. The source is available on github: Looking at the source of the current version (onyx online) using control+u makes it fairly clear how I implemented certain features like chat and names to this open source version. The client is based off the excellent Phaser beginner platformer tutorial. Hopefully this interests and/or helps some of you! Thanks for taking a look. Feedback is greatly appreciated
  7. Game: Code: No mobile support, yet. Keyboard and Gamepad control.
  8. Hey ! I'm here to present you the plugin I'm developping during my free time ^^. This is a plugin to add Inputs () in canvas, without using HTML DOM. I got this idea when I saw the epic lib' CanvasInput on GitHub. For the moment, I already drawed the input rectangle. I'm now making the key gestion. Salutations, ThanosS.
  9. Hello HTML5 Game Devs, I started a website ( where developers can publish their HTML5 games and apps. Users can then add the game/app to their WebPlay homescreen and be able to enjoy the game on every platform. WebPlay offeres extra services to make these apps feel more like native apps, such as notifications and data syncing and storage. I'm looking for some developers wanting to put their games on WebPlay or want to collaborate and help work on WebPlay with ideas or something else. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me here below or on
  10. Once Was a Hero - Released on Play it free tell me what you think. Feedback is welcome. It's a minigame only 2 levels. Now working on next project which will also be a small game. Controls Arrows keys to move. Collect energy to energize the key. Hint: Some things will have to be collected in a certain order and be very careful around pitfalls. Play first level here. Updated! 3 May 15.
  11. Hello everybody! I would like to present my first Phaser game (and also kinda my first game ever ) I made as a school project few months ago. Simple arcade game where you have to get the basketball go through the hoop. I also made leveleditor with phaser so making levels would be easy, and the levels are saved in json-files. The progress is saved in localStorage. I haven't really developed it more lately, and the main reason is that I could not figure out why (physics contact) sound is delayed on android devices. I tested it with chrome for android and also with CocoonJS. Maybe listening to contact events just eats too much performance? On iPad it seemed to work fine. On the photo I attached you can see the game and level editor in the background. Please test it and tell me what you think of it . And btw he levels are not in balance as you can't get all 3 stars on all levels. You can find the game here:
  12. Howdy, pardners! I am currently in state of finishing my new game called "Balloon Escape". Check it out by the link below and leave feedback! P.S. Click the logo about ten times to open all levels Play
  13. Project-URL: Ceilfire Hi, I'd like to present you my current project. The idea is to make a Platform where you can play, create, comment, rate HTML5 games or export them to mobile platforms directly in your browser. And you should be able to upload game assets (images, sounds) and share them with the community (if you like). The project is already quite old (9 month I think) but I'm still in the early stage of development. Some days ago I kicked my own renderer and started to port to Phaser. I hope it will boost the progress. At the moment I'm trying to get what I had before Phaser. It's completely in JavaScript (twitter bootstrap, jquery, jquery ui and a lot of other libs) with NodeJS and MongoDB on the server side. Now I have: - registration, login - asset upload - editor to create maps, layers, sprite. Events to control the game objects Here are some screenshots - As soon as I port it to Phaser I will put it online, so you can test even in the early stage. The assets on the screenshots are from the game naev (GPL) and some from opengamesart. Here are two old youtube videos (without sound) I will try to post my progress here. Any feedback is welcome.
  14. I am new to phaser.js and to enhance my skills I am trying to write a clone of my all time favorite: Metroid Fusion You can find the current milestone here:
  15. I just stumbled across the site while researching HTML5 game topics, and I thought I'd post a project I'm currently working on using canvas. I'm currently developing a dystopian roguelike game called Bad Transaction. It's a single player game with a custom 2D engine, and a custom node server backend. I've been working on it for a little over a year now, and I'm really hoping to have a very, very, early alpha ready at some point this year. Here's the latest development progress video:
  16. Hey there! So this is my first time posting on here! I'm making a game/interactive story with Phaser and I have put a couple of the elements together so I'm really excited. The story of the game deals with the fact that the worlds we build seem to fit a certain body and sometimes if you stray from that, well, then things can get difficult. Let me know what you think! Link is here: Thanks again!
  17. Hello, all! I'm a month or two in to working in Phaser; I've started a game where the player controls a demolitions crew specializing in massive capital starships. I'm working on the gameplay skeleton now, using placeholder art and music, have developed three missions showing some basic features of the game, and would love any thoughts. Thanks!
  18. Hey everyone! This is my first big project I intend on putting more effort into than just making it and forgetting about it. Without further ado, I present to you, High Seas Smuggler! You play as a spice smuggler in a world that's just reached the era of sailing and exploration. The purpose of the game is to purchase various spices at low prices, and sell them at different towns at higher prices for a profit. Along the way, you'll face pirates who want a piece of your booty, and the navy, who wants to send you and your booty to the ocean floor. Luckily, you can fight back in epic naval battles! You can even upgrade your ship to fight back harder. Current Alpha Screenshots Current Alpha Build
  19. All My Own Art and Code. (with framework, createjs). Not looking to promote, maybe too soon to post but Couldn't help it! Having such a lot of fun making this game ! Lot's of work ahead so comments and feedback extremely welcome, Let me know about the soundtrack too! Sound is vital too me I spent ages fiddling around with it - also lots of fun. BOO !
  20. Not quite a finished game showcase - but thought everyone might like to see a WIP gameplay trailer for "The Marvellous Miss Take". "The Marvellous Miss Take" is a pure HTML5 / JavaScript / WebGL game created with the Turbulenz Engine supporting touch, controllers, and mouse input. The game is made with a built-in editor, demonstrated in this video: It'll be online soon to play and checkout. Hope you like it.
  21. Hey, Guys! I am currently developing a game in Java, titled 'Rage Mage'. I've been working on it for a while now, and am making a development series of it on YouTube. Watch it here: In Rage Mage, you start in a village, and are given quests by people living in the village. After a little while of playing, you become a Mage, and you get stronger, and unlock new attacks. You then continue going on quests, and I'm probably going to add some other things to do. I don't currently have a download link for the current build of the game, so I can't provide one, sorry. It would mean a lot if you guys checked it out, and gave me some ( constructive, please ) feedback on it, I love hearing replies that help me improve. Thanks! Blizzard Muffin
  22. Moon is a my first Phaser game... well if I'm entirely honest its pretty much the first proper game I have ever made other than a few experiments here and there. It is a take on the classic Lunar Lander. Its intended for mobiles primarily, and is by no means completely finished. I need to add sound, a loading bar, iron out a few bugs, and add a lot of polish to menus and instructions etc but it is coming along nicely. I am also considering implementing gyroscope controls if possible, but we will have to see how that goes It is pretty hard, I know, and I have actually been slowly decreasing the difficulty although I want to avoid making it too easy. I have used p2 for physics so it is a little performance heavy, but I have tested it on an iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 3rd gen, and HTC One all at 60fps so I am fairly pleased. On a very old and clogged up iPhone 4 it was still getting 30+ so not too bad. Anyway you can play it here: Moon I would love to hear what you think, and if you have any suggestion or discover a bug please let me know! Likewise if you have any questions about the game fire away
  23. DISCLAIMER: Read my signature. Covered by CreativeCommons. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On to the things! I am making a text based,browser,html,JavaScript game. I am looking for constructive criticism ,help, and general feedback for my game. Without further ado: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boring screenshot: