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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there! I'm totally new to your forum and it's my first post, here's a quick introduction about me: I'm a French developer who makes games in his free time like Claytus Tower Defense and who works on 360° video web technologies at my job (Kolor). I want to take part on Phaser development and Phaser Plugins development and I want to know how to do it well! I spent the last few days to watch every demo and read the documentation that Phaser provides, it looks to me to be a very good project and a strong knowledgeable team. I haven't found any "How to" or "Good practices guide" about Phaser.Plugin development and submitting. I wanted to start by providing a path finder plugin that works with a Phaser.Tilemap and a JSON file made with the Tiled Software. I ran through some "How the hell can I achieve this the proper way?" kinda questions Maybe you can confirm that I'm right or wrong doing on some points: Need more data from the JSON parser: In the process I needed to adapt the Phaser.TilemapParser.parseTiledJSON because I wanted to have the tileproperties on the layer object from the TiledJSON file. (made in Tiled software) These properties are omitted by the original function so I added this line to my override one: tileProperties: json.tilesets[0].tilepropertiesMaybe there's a better way to achieve this, but I didn't find it. I'd love to pass an additional data {'stringIndex', ... } arguments to game.load.tilemap for example: game.load.tilemap('desert', 'assets/maps/tilemap.json', null, Phaser.Tilemap.TILED_JSON, {'tileproperties'});Adding a debug method: I wanted to output the calculated path by drawing a line on the screen, so on my plugin file, I added a function to the Debug prototype: Phaser.Utils.Debug.prototype.AStar = function(astar, color){ ... Drawing the last calculated path by astar plugin object ...}Here is a screenshot of my work in progress. (debug draw is the red line) I'll upload a live demo a soon as possible with a fun sandbox to test it Many thanks for sharing your work!
  2. Hi all, today y manage to make my little AI exercise to work, it's a classical path finding exercise using A* to solve, this is my first JS medium/heavy project and it can be improved A LOT mainly because I did the A star thing myself from scratch which was fun but hard. It needs some cool animations and player control improvements but if you run it and open the console you can see all the steps to solve it when I'm finished it will be on my website but for the time being here is the source code. If any one could check it out and tel me if something could get improved i will appreciate it a lot I have being studding JS and checking other people code and I think I did good practices but I'm not sure. (I'ts SLOW so if you run it it may look like it will crash but hang on and it will solve the puzzle , I think this is because my heuristic isn't the best but i will try different one soon) If someone is interested o could do a tutorial for this so let me know.