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Found 304 results

  1. Its me again I can play animation of an imported model with: new BABYLON.PlayAnimationAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.NothingTrigger, MESH_NAME, 0, FINAL_FRAME, 0), But this only works if I know the number of frames to put it as "FINAL_FRAME", now, I need to know if an imported model contains an animation (1) or not (0) and if it contains animation to know how many frames it haves. Is this possible? How can I make it? Gracias.
  2. Hi, Maybe its a dumb question but how can I get only the first mesh of a imported model from Blender? Until now I had no reason to use another thing like: scene.getMeshByName("unique_mesh"); But now I need to get only the first one (nad meybe the third one) to make changes in babylon. How can I achieve it? Thank you all.
  3. Hi there, i am currently trying to export just a model from blender using the babylonJS exporter provided on git. The installation worked. In the documentation there is an export property window shown where i can check what i want to export. But i cant't find this window? If i export as babylon there is just written no properties. I tried with Blender 2.79 2.76 2.73 (64/32 bit) and Exporter Version 5.6 and 5.5 The reason for this is that i want to export without the automatic texture bake... Can anyone please help me out? Best Regards
  4. Hello everyone After a long time i am back and with something for you maybe a banal issue but for me it's a nightmare . I am trying to make little adventure game and I have issue with my charakter.babylon... when i import him to the game without skeleton everything is ok but with skeleton is wrong everything, like some parts of his clothes is missing... the console is showing me endless error lines etc. I am struggling with this 1/2 weeks . I tried everything like remake my charakter.babylon and skeleton ....I treid google, youtube ... ect. Can you guys help me ? ... sorry for my bad english . I added a photo and a blende file helpblend.rar
  5. Hi, I try for a long time to create animations in Blender. In my case I have multiple meshes in one scene which mush have different independent animations. Bad result I get - both meshes share the same location/rotation/scale of their animations. PG demo: You can see that both meshes move and rotate together, like it is one mesh. However in Blender I try to make them independent, and inside Blender they really move like independent meshes - green box only rotates and red torus only moves. But when imported in BJS - they start to share position and rotation. I attach my .blend file here. I tried applying standard animations, tried Dope Sheet -> Action Editor to create different actions, but the same result. Is it possible to create different independent animations for different meshes in one scene? If yes - could you guide me step by step? Thanks! demo.blend
  6. Hi Blender users! We have to enhance the doc about how to get things from Blender to BJS. Here the existing one: and also some tips: Github issue can be found here: You can use github or this forum to suggest some missing parts, and you can, of course, suggest direclty here content to "copy-paste" If you prepare screenshots, please use the default Blender theme "Flatty light". --- Nota Bene: (I put here a list which will be updated to easily retrieve some tips/methods/asking) about animation, something to investigate: when animating multiple objects, use have to rename each action with objectName-Action? Another one. euler or quaternion? about animation, explanations from JCPalmer, contribution to future too. about automatic baking Blender animation parenting & pivot issue - instructions
  7. Hi all! I use Blender for modelling. I've found out that mesh's instances can greatly improve performance, however I've got 2 issues after importing scene in Babylon.js: 1. There are no collisions with any instances except "parent" mesh. In Blender collision checkbox is set and affects all instances (no chance to set it separately, but that's OK in this case). How to enable collisions? 2. There are no tags for individual instance. I can set them for "parent" mesh, in Blender tags are visible for all instances, however they are not accessible from Babylon.js. How to set different tags for individual instance? Thank you!
  8. Hello, When I use Blender and apply texture to some object - I can select an image from any folder. However, when I import scene to the BJS - it looks for all images in the folder where *.babylon file is. Import example: var meshTask = loader.addMeshTask("someName", "", "assets/", "myScene.babylon"); As a result - *.babylon file contains filenames only and BJS looks for them only in "assets/" + image_name.png. If we want to store images (and other files?) in a different separate folders - how it can be achieved? Because putting all Blender source files and all related files in one folder - not comfortable at all I see that Blender has a field with a relative path - maybe it can be exported/used somehow?
  9. i have a noob question. im using babylonjs blender exporter. i figured out how to do everything i wanted except for sound. what are you exactly supposed to do for the sound? i wanted outdoor sounds in the beginning. but then music when entering certain scenes. oh and by the way i wanted characters speaking if you walk by them or run into them.
  10. Hi everyone, I need your help a new time... I updated my BabylonJs version from 2.2 to 3.1.1 and I have a problem with an import skeleton : here the code (from the doc) calls which is very simple : function importSquelette(nomSkelAtelier, chemVersFichierSkelAtelier, nomFichierSkelAtelier, laScene) { BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(nomSkelAtelier, chemVersFichierSkelAtelier, nomFichierSkelAtelier, laScene, function (newMeshesSkel, particleSystems, skeletons) { var dude = newMeshesSkel[0]; //dude.rotation.y = Math.PI; dude.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 10); } ); } parameters values : - nomSkelAtelier = 'Armature_Striker_AZ_9' - chemVersFichierSkelAtelier = '../Scripts/Bll_IFC/Mesh/MeshSkelette/' - nomFichierSkelAtelier = 'Striker_AZ_9.babylon' - lascene = the scene loaded before I specify that : - the scene.babylon file and the skeleton.babylon file aren't in the same folder. - the exporter for Blender was the version 5.5 - the version of Blender is 2.79 And here the consol log when i click to the button which call the import skeleton function: How can I fix it ? I try to finish a game fight robot and import skeleton is the main part of the game .... Thanks !
  11. Hi, I am trying to import an animated character from but without success. I am a developer, not a 3D Designer so I don't really understand what happening ^^ I go on, select a character and an animation (walking) I check "in place" animation", export with ".dae" extension, 24 frames/s, uniform key frames reduction, with skin, and finally download the the character (zip), I import the .dae in Blender, then export it with the BabylonJS exporter I go an error in log : can't export because of armature I read I just have to ctrl+A in Blender then scale => indeed, after that, the export is working, but it breaks the animation If I continue, load the .babylon in babylon I see the character loaded, with textures But... animation make absurd things, the character is not "moving in place" but totally go away It is not a direct Babylon problem : the problem is this "ctrl +A > scale" that breaks the animation. My question is simple : after imported the .dae in Blender, what I have to do to export it correctly, with animation, in .babylon format ? My goal is just to load ANY animated character in BabylonJS, ideally, a character moving, jumping, and crouching. That could be another question : how to get many animations from mixamo in a single export ? I understood we then just have to select frame index and play the good animation. So, loading few times the same character for different animation seems not very smart ^^ Thank you for your help
  12. Hello, I would like to convert the material definitions in a .babylon file to the most basic PBR possible. Currently, exported from Blender, I have two materials; bed.Floor & Bed.Wood: "materials":[ { "name":"bed.Floor", "id":"bed.Floor", "ambient":[ 1, 1, 1 ], "diffuse":[ 1, 1, 1 ], "specular":[ 0, 0, 0 ], "emissive":[ 0, 0, 0 ], "specularPower":50, "alpha":1, "backFaceCulling":true, "checkReadyOnlyOnce":false, "maxSimultaneousLights":4 }, { "name":"bed.Wood", "id":"bed.Wood", "ambient":[ 1, 1, 1 ], "diffuse":[ 1, 1, 1 ], "specular":[ 0, 0, 0 ], "emissive":[ 0, 0, 0 ], "specularPower":30, "alpha":1, "backFaceCulling":true, "checkReadyOnlyOnce":false, "maxSimultaneousLights":4 } ], I would like to manually edit this file so that BJS treats this as PBR? But can't work out what to do. Yes, I know I can create new materials in my scene script... but would be grateful if anyone could advise what changes I need to make to the .babylon file by hand? Hope this makes sense! Thank you all.
  13. Hi ! I am looking for the sources of Dude.babylon used in some demos, are they available ? I would like to add some animations for an open source project. I don't know Blender but I am not afraid Thanks
  14. Hi, can you add to the Blender exporter an option to set a flag Is Pickable, please? In Blender UI, for example, somewhere under the Check Collisions flag. Maybe it's already possible to set it somehow in Blender?
  15. I get that we can't export armature to .babylon from Blender if some of the meshes attached don't have transformations applied. I'm trying to find the best way to solve this issue. I have a separate head and body attached to the same armature. When I try to export to .babylon it will complain about the head mesh not having transformations applied. When I check the mesh properties I see location, rotation all zero and scale all 1. Applying transformations to that mesh does nothing. However, when I clear parent I notice Rotation X goes from 0 to -0. I can then apply rotation and it'll set that back to 0. Then I can parent mesh back to armature and export works fine. However, I used "automatic weighting" so now I've lost all the weighting that was important to me. This isn't a Babylon.js problem but I didn't know where to ask. Does anyone know how to stop that nonsense that results in a -0? Or does anyone know how I can clear parent then re-attach to parent using the same weighting as before? Or is it possible to edit the plugin to treat -0 as 0?
  16. Hi everyone! Long time ago, I had some issues importing large models (from Blender) then, with help of this forum I understood that the importer could only work with models until 65K vertices. Now I want to know if this limit is different for new babylon js library and if is there are other important features regarding this. Thank you all.
  17. Hey dudes So I'm continuing along with my 3d project and I've been building a prototype scene in babylon in order to test the final experience and make a few decisions. Part of my test scene involves a helicopter going around in a circle, so in blender i created a bezierCircle, parented the helicopter to it and set the parenting mode to follow path. In blender this works great when running the animation. The big problem is of course (I soon discovered) that the babylon exporter does not support beziercircles and therefore ignores the path and the helicopter model (since it is now a child object of the beziercircle). So my question is; what is the expected way to set up things like follow path animations in Blender such that the babylon exporter will support it and babylon can play the animations automatically? Cheers!
  18. Probably a good question for @JCPalmer: I am looking for some advice regarding rotations of exported Blender models. During the creation of the two models below I used the Blender alignments, i.e. I used front view when editing the front of the model, right view to edit what I considered the right side, etc. However, when I export them they have different alignments than expected. The box model is just a simple test cube. It does not have an armature. The "dude" model does have an armature. Still, it is aligned with the same axes as the box. Neither model has any rotation (all 0's). Both are using the default XYZ Euler rotation mode. The dude is slightly elevated (y axis) but is otherwise at 0, 0. I would not expect the red dot to be visible in the Babylon shot. I have not rotated either mesh in Blender, only imported them with SceneLoader.ImportMesh.
  19. I've been googling around for a week trying to find the answer without much success. I basically have a blender file which I try to export with animation to Babylon.js. First I made the mesh animate in Blender which doesn't work since I use need skeletons to animate. Then I created an armature with a bone and redid all the animations. Now I binded the object/mesh to the bone and the animation looks well and all in Blender. Even when I export the .babylon file I see the `skeletons: []` being defined in the file. But upon importing there are no skeletons included. The connection between the mesh and skeleton is through "childOf: skeleton" which might not be ideal. However the only other solution I've found that might work is putting bones everywhere with automated weight and hope that all meshes gets moved in the animation; which they don't. I've also done Bake Action prior to exporting. I simply wish to get the animation from Blender into Babylon.js. There might be something obvious I'm missing so help is appreciated. controller.babylon controller.log
  20. meshes get same material

    I'm using BabylonJS V3 with Blender 2.79 to create product visualizations. Many times, it is necessary for me to define more complex shaders in the JS code. I'm using lines like scene.meshes[1].material.emissiveColor = new BABYLON.Color3(1, 0, 0); to define the shaders after export. Usually every mesh can get it's own shader this way. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work somehow. Even in small test scenes (one red icosphere, one green cube, a hemi lamp and a camera), both objects get the same material. When trying to change the appearance like shown above, both meshes change color. When I navigate the camera, so that one object isn't visible, the right material gets loaded (green, in my sample scene). Here is a small video of the strange behavior: Both blender meshes have individual datablocks and individual materials. No duplication, instancing ... Do the mesh indices change, when a mesh gets unloaded? Where could I have made the mistake? In blender or in my .js? I am greatful for every hint!
  21. Hello all. I need some help figuring out why my animations won't play. I am a JavaScript developer delving into the world of Blender so I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Versions: Blender 2.79 BabylonJS Blender Exporter 5.5.0 BabylonJS 3.2.0-alpha4 First off I have created a simple mesh in Blender with an Armature. I attached the Armature, weight painted it, and use Pose Mode + the Action Editor to create an Action. This part worked fine, beyond the pains of learning a new skill. My mesh has 3 total Actions that I can see: Action (which I did not create, it was there by default and I don't know how to remove it) character-walk (my final walk action) character-walkblock (a blockier version of the walk animation that I left for the purposes of testing use of multiple actions in BabylonJS) The walk and walkblock animations both play and render fine in Blender. The Action has no frames so does nothing. I'm not sure if Action is significant or not but I'm at a loss of how to remove it. I used the BabylonJS Exporter to create a .babylon file of my scene. Here is the log output: Exporter version: 5.5.0, Blender version: 2.79 (sub 0) ========= Conversion from Blender to Babylon.js ========= Scene settings used: selected layers only: false flat shading entire scene: false inline textures: false texture directory: C:\source\omnispace\assets\babylon\ Python World class constructor completed processing begun of skeleton: Armature, id: 0 processing begun of bone: Body, index: 0 processing begun of bone: Torso, index: 1 processing begun of bone: Head, index: 2 processing begun of bone: Arm_L, index: 3 processing begun of bone: Forearm_L, index: 4 processing begun of bone: Hand_L, index: 5 processing begun of bone: Arm_R, index: 6 processing begun of bone: Forearm_R, index: 7 processing begun of bone: Hand_R, index: 8 processing begun of bone: Leg_L, index: 9 processing begun of bone: Foot_L, index: 10 processing begun of bone: Leg_R, index: 11 processing begun of bone: Foot_R, index: 12 processing action Action: in[0 - 1], out[0 - 1] processing begun of mesh: character animation processing begun WARNING: action Action has no frames, ignored. processing action walk: in[1 - 33], out[0 - 33] processing action walkblock: in[1 - 33], out[40 - 73] processing begun of Standard material: Material num positions : 82 num normals : 82 num uvs : 0 num uvs2 : 0 num colors : 328 num indices : 444 Skeleton stats: Total Influencers: 286 Avg # of influencers per vertex: 3.4878 Highest # of influencers observed: 8, num vertices with this: 1 exported as 8 influencers num skeletonWeights and skeletonIndices: 656 processing begun of camera (UniversalCamera): Camera processing begun of light (POINT): Lamp ========= Writing of scene file started ========= ========= Writing of scene file completed ========= ========= end of processing ========= elapsed time: 0 min, 0.1393 secs Which looks fine, beyond the warning about Action not having frames. Finally I import the mesh in my project. Here's the code for how I do that: scene.executeWhenReady(function () { let loadedMeshes, loadedSkeletons; return new Promise(resolve => { BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "dist/babylon/", "character.babylon", scene, (meshes, particleSystems, skeletons) => { loadedMeshes = meshes; loadedSkeletons = skeletons; // None of these work (note I tried each of them by itself, not all at once) // scene.beginAnimation(meshes[0], 1, 20, true, 0.5); // scene.beginAnimation(meshes[0].skeleton, 1, 20, true, 0.5); // scene.beginAnimation(skeletons[0], 1, 20, true, 0.5); // skeletons[0].beginAnimation("Action", true, 0.5); // skeletons[0].beginAnimation("walk", true); // skeletons[0].beginAnimation("character-walk", true); resolve(); }); }) .then(() => { const light = new BABYLON.HemisphericLight("ambient", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1, 0), scene); light.specular = new BABYLON.Color3(0, 0, 0); // Turn off reflections from this light const unitsAway = 30; camera = new BABYLON.FollowCamera("camera", new BABYLON.Vector3(unitsAway, unitsAway, -unitsAway), scene); camera.mode = BABYLON.Camera.ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA; // Here we make height 1/2 of width, a typical isometric style camera.orthoTop = unitsAway / 2; camera.orthoBottom = -unitsAway / 2; camera.orthoLeft = -unitsAway; camera.orthoRight = unitsAway; // target the camera to scene origin camera.setTarget(BABYLON.Vector3.Zero()); // attach the camera to the canvas camera.attachControl(this.canvas, false); engine.runRenderLoop(function () { // Register a render loop to repeatedly render the scene scene.render(); }); }) .then(() => { // They don't work here either (note I tried each of them by itself, not all at once) // scene.beginAnimation(loadedMeshes[0], 1, 20, true, 0.5); // scene.beginAnimation(loadedMeshes[0].skeleton, 1, 20, true, 0.5); // scene.beginAnimation(loadedSkeletons[0], 1, 20, true, 0.5); // loadedSkeletons[0].beginAnimation("Action", true, 0.5); // loadedSkeletons[0].beginAnimation("walk", true); // loadedSkeletons[0].beginAnimation("character-walk", true); }); }); The mesh loads and there are no errors. But none of the animation statements cause it to use any of the actions. There are some interesting things I noted in the .babylon file JSON:
  22. Hello, I'm having an issue when trying to import a blender model (i.e. .babylon). I have created a simple bottle in blender with multimaterials (3 colors) and export it to .babylon. Here is the snippet code: var bottleMeshTask = assetsManager.addMeshTask("BottleTask", "Bottle", "assets/Bottle/", "bottle.babylon"); bottleMeshTask.onSuccess = function (task) { console.log(task); bottle = BABYLON.Mesh.MergeMeshes(task.loadedMeshes, true, true, null); bottle.position.z = -150; bottle.position.y = 0; bottle.position.x = 10; bottle.rotation.z = Math.PI / 2.0; bottle.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.3, 0.3, 0.3); console.log(bottle); }; bottleMeshTask.onError = function (task, message, ex) { console.log(message, ex); } assetsManager.load(); The problem is that when I insert the asset using the addMeshTask(...) it only shows the top first material. Any ideas? bottle.babylon bottle.blend
  23. Hi, When I create a cube in Blender scene, add alpha transparency, then export it as *.babylon file - cube has extra diagonals, which badly affects how transparent cube looks. How they can be removed?
  24. I'm struggling with getting this girl to walk and make facial expressions. If I separate the head, the head moves when using the "pout" morph. If I apply to the whole body, the rest pose is applied to the walk. Both work fine in Blender though. Is there something else I need to do to get morphing working with armature animation?
  25. I'm using Blender exporter 5.5 I have a mesh that has a bunch of materials. I exported to Babylon.js format but all the textures got merged into one texture. I researched further and discovered that I had 5 materials but only 2 "UV Map" entries. I added a new "UV Map" entry for each material and assigned their textures to use that UV map, but it didn't make a difference. Is there something I'm forgetting to do?