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Found 6 results

  1. AlbertoBonn

    Revision 2014 - Demoscene event & workshops

    Check the biggest european Demoscene event with workshops and meet graphic geeks from around the world: Visit germany and have a good time... Alberto
  2. Just awesome
  3. rich

    Whattaheck: The HTML5 demoscene

    Anyone who knows me knows about my love of all things linked to the Atari ST and Amiga demo scenes, going back multiple decades now. The site We Are Back has been actively converting lots of famous demo screens to html5. It’s great to see it has bought about the resurrection of some long since idle demo groups too. So here’s a very quick round-up of some of my favourite recent entries on the site:
  4. This is fascinating reading, how they produced the Revision 2013 #1 winning 64kb demo (embedded above): "Our own shader cruncher saved another 2-3 kb just two days before the deadline right at the party place. This allowed us to add the space station and the space ships"
  5. rich

    5 faces by Fairlight

    Wow.. the smashing glass effects are stunning.
  6. curio - collection of modern demoscene and real-time graphics pieces