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Found 7 results

  1. Minesweeper

    Minesweeper Simple like the original. Use a long tap / shift click to mark a bomb and a normal tap/mouseclick to open a field. (Pinch to Zoom is implemented as Beta)
  2. Mineslither: Play snake and minesweeper simultaneously. You need to uncover mines to feed your snake, which you must do constantly or else it will starve. Controls: - WASD / Cursor Keys: Move Snake - Left click: Explore square - Right click: Flag mine - F11 - full screen The game uses the DawnBringer 32 color palette. I made all graphics except for the minesweeper tiles which I pilfered from the original game.
  3. I'm excited to show you guys my first HTML5 phaser game! You can play here It's a minesweeper permadeath game, full inspired in runestone kepper and dungelot, you need to find the key and the door at each level, use tap to attack and hold tap to get enemy or item information. The game is still in development, but you can play the first 9 levels, the game is for mobile and web, for test reasons you can see the FPS counter at the corner Please feel free to give me your feedback You can get more information about the game in [spanish]
  4. Hi everyone! I made this game to improve my JavaScript skills. And I'm wondering your opinion on my codes. Thank you in advance for your comments. Demo: Github:
  5. [Phaser] Minesweeper

    Hello friends! Here is my first Phaser game -- Minesweeper. Game: Source: (Because I am still learning Phaser and Google Play game service API, I was experimenting with a lot of things. As a result, the code base was a horrendous mess ) I chose to remake minesweeper because it is one of my favorite games, and it has simple logic. I used Google Play game service to enable persistent leaderboard and achievement. Some difficulties I had during development: I didn't have a good way to listen for simultaneous left and right mouse button click because onInputDown would only trigger one time when both buttons are clicked at the same time. My workaround was whenever onInputDown was triggered, game engine checked if the other button was clicked around the same time ( found out this doesn't work on all browsers. Looking for a more reliable way to solve this.I tried to add Google Play game service event tracking for the number of clicks, flags, wins, etc to show some interesting stats in the achievement page. The Google API did not allow sending event data once per game because each game window may be too short or too long to be a valid API request. So I wrote an event manager that sends new data every 60 seconds ( I welcome all feedback, and am looking forward to making more Phaser games! Francis
  6. Bugsweeper Full Screen is an JavaScript & HTML5 version of the classic Minesweeper game. The game is a total waste of time. Play in Browser
  7. Minefield

    Hello guys, Let me introduce my pet project, Minefield: Minefield is an endless minesweeper you can play with other people. I am constantly working on it at my spare time and I write about it on my twitter. Here it is I hope you will like it