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Found 157 results

  1. Hello, I'm a web programmer with 3 years of experience (currently a senior developer). I've always been a fan of videogames and now I'm starting learning game development just for fun. Like in any type of development , you always face problems and learn of those. Sharing is the strongest tool to learn, you help other people to prevent/fix mistakes and they help you. What am I looking for?: People like me that is learning to develop games and want to meet other people to make games with them, share experiences, ask&answer questions. How will we organize? I have experience managing large Telegram groups and also creating bots for groups. It is a good starting point since most of the people always carry the phone everywhere and also has a web/desktop application, also Telegram offers us a direct communication without compromising your privacy (you don't need to give real info or phone number to the rest of the group). If we start growing, we can just move to another platform you want (Discord, Slack, whatever is of your preference). Do you have any project scheduled? Yes, I want to build a fun roguelike, here is my current roadmap of the game: I am an artist, can I join? Sure! I'm sure you can learn from us and we can learn from you, Keep in mind that sound artists, level designers, programmers.. work together and they need to understand all the other positions to work properly. Of course this is a flexible diagram, I don't do this as my job and I don't have any deadlines, creating a roadmap just helps me with organization so I don't start wrongly (which with end even worse :P). Have in mind that my only goal is just learning, I'm not in a rush to make money or finding a job Just feel free to contact me if you want to join or if you doesn't like something of my post.
  2. Hi, I need HTML5 Games Developer. I want you to develop HTML5 multiplayer games. PM me your Portfolio and your Quote.
  3. "From the ancient world deities battle for dominance... Many gods exist and they all crave the power of prayers from the mortals. Divine beings are in war and they do not care about the consequences of their actions, as long as they are worshiped they will do anything to make sure they are the rulers of this world and the worlds beyond." One year ago I started making this game in my spare time. I am a fan of Magic for almost 20 years and I am convinced that a card-game in the browser could be a lot of fun. So I made one.. It's not finished at all, but it works and has all kinds of cool stuff! Works on mobile, tablet and desktop Multiplayer Bots to battle with Deck-building Achievements A store and in-game credits to earn Collect rare and hard to find cards Play as a ancient Greek or Nordic god Link to the webpage: If there is anyone who wants to spend some time testing this with me, let me know! Any constructive feedback is more than welcome. Short gameplay video:
  4. I'm looking for work building interactive graphical HTML sites. My strength is in the 3D framework babylon.js. I also have an 82 DSLR multi-cam scanner which I use to scan in avatars. You can see my work here: I have a YouTube page here: I'm based in Melbourne, Australia but happy to work for other locations remotely.
  5. Hi, This is more of a theoretical/conceptual question and it is more related to server programming than BabylonJS itself. But I'd like to have tips on dealing with these problems: Let's say a wall is in the middle of 2 players. The players have to go around this wall to see eachother. Now, the problem is that an evil player can ''disable'' the phyics/collision of this wall and go through it to catch the other player. In fact, he can just change his position and there he is, at the other side. Now server wise, I believe I would deal with this by checking whether he didn't collide with the wall (e.g. his position intersects the wall). But if I have a more complex geometry, this would be hard to do without having BabylonJS on the server so I could use the ''intersectsMesh'' function for instance... So I thought, well, say that the other non-evil player can also perform checks to see if that player intersects with the wall.. And if so, it will trigger something on the server.. But that wouldn't be fair since he may be evil too.. I don't know how to approach this. Especially since my game will use physics where players can just modify values like impulse. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone!! I have uploaded my last game, you can try it here: is a massive multiplayer IOgame developed in Phaser 2.6.2, Websocket and node.js. In this game you must get coins and smash your enemies using different items. Other players will try to kill you and steal your coins, but you can use your Energy Shield, although this will decrease your Coin Score. Your Coin Score speeds up your kart too. You can use the radar to locate the top three players. Here are some screenshots from gameplay: There are six different items you can use. Bullet, Missile and Mine have a three ammunition version and there is also an Aleatory Item. If you touch other kart when your Item Slot is empty, you can steal his item, be careful, your enemies can rob your items too. You can drive a standard kart, although we have added some new skins that you can unlock. Currently we are still working to improve it and we are developing the app for Android. Enjoy it and hope to see you in the Top Ranking! - -
  7. Hello everybody! I can create single player games with phaser and now I want to start making multiplayer games using + node.js So unfortunately I haven't found any tutorials about how to create games on phaser with phaser. I have never had projects with serverpart(so I have no experience in it) So that's all I could understand and write myself :[ SERVER PART var express = require('express'); var app = express(); var serv = require('http').Server(app); var counter = 0; app.get('/', function(req, res) { res.sendFile(__dirname + '/client/index.html'); }); app.use('/client', express.static('/client')); serv.listen(2000); console.log('server started'); var io = require('')(serv); io.sockets.on('connection', function(socket) { counter++; console.log('connection #' + counter); }); Client <script> var socket = io(); var sendInfo = function() { socket.emit('objAppear'); } </script> <button id="btn" onclick="sendInfo();">Appear</button> Of course that's the simplest thing to create using node + So now I want to create multiplayer in games I've already created. But how?!?! I can't find any tutorials. Can you please help me. Server part is too hard for me
  8. Hi guys, I have a server running with node.js and i am trying to add players/sprites to my game. I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. As of now i have been working towards using object arrays but i know this is a better way. socket.on('addPlayer',function(data){ var thisID = data;//myArrayID; if( == myID){ }else{ console.log(thisID); pFish[thisID] = this.add.sprite(); pFish[thisID].x =; pFish[thisID].y =; pFish[thisID].anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); pMouth[thisID] = this.add.sprite(0, 0, 'spMouth'); pMouth[thisID].anchor.setTo(0.5, 1); pMouth[thisID].animations.add('eat'); pMouth[thisID]'eat', 30, true); pTail[thisID] = this.add.sprite(0, 0, 'spTail'); pTail[thisID].anchor.setTo(0.5, 0); pTail[thisID].animations.add('swim'); pTail[thisID]'swim', 30, true); pTail[thisID].y = spMouth.y - 12; pFish[thisID].addChild(spMouth[thisID]); pFish[thisID].addChild(spTail[thisID]); pFish[thisID].scale.setTo(0.2, 0.2); pFish[thisID].angle = 110; } }) So what i really want to do is add a player object. This way i can have all 3 sprites inside the object and i can just change the object. Of course i will need to update each player with the corisponding input comming in from the server. Any good examples of how to do this in a OOP method for Phaser.? Example: BasicGame.Game.prototype = { preload: function () { //this.load.script('io', 'node_modules/'); //console.log('NODE LOADED'); }, create: function () {
  9. My first HTML5 Game, (So exciting! ) Every since playing the famous revolutionary game, I was inspired to create my own "io" game, so here it is! I took the classic version of Snake, and made it multiplayer (Server may take a while to connect, and a bit laggy due to it being free from Heroku) Basically, what I want to know is (preferably 1-10 scale): Do you like the concept? How easy was it to understand how to play? What would you add/change? Any bugs? (For now, may experience lag) What do you think of the name of the game? Anything else that comes into mind, please add! Gameplay Objective of the game is to eat the gray squares causing you to extend your length, while avoiding crashing into yourself, or others. Become the longest of them all! Controls W or ^ - Up S or v - Down A or < - Left D or > - Right Enter - Chat Hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it! SCREENSHOTS Screenshot (1) Screenshot (2)
  10. Hello everyone, Since 2 months i am developing on my own a multiplayer game, and will take few more weeks to finish it (uni project). However here is early version of what it will look like, any suggestions are welcome to make the project better. Game rules : as one of the ships in the game you are fighting or uniting with other players. AI is always hostile to you (dark ships) and stronger. Also doesn't die when collided. What will be implemented: - better UI - upgrades - better chat - graphics + sounds - larger map - more AI to fight with for a moment game is handling 2 AI ships and maximum 4 live players (hosted on free heroku node js server). If there's more or your given name is "spectator" you can only watch the game. If your name is different then spectator you will be taken into game once some position is empty. Controls : W -> forward S -> stop A/D -> turn I/P -> fire sideway O -> fire both sides ENTER -> write chat message GAME: any suggestions are welcome
  11. Hi Everyone, Idle Brainz is my latest project, an incremental multiplayer game. In this idle game the players must tickle a sextuplet of brainz to grow their neurons. They start manually then can discover and upgrade "ideas" that will automatically tickle and stimulate the brainz (even when offline). Additionally the players can carry out experiments to gain temporary and permanent multipliers (the only true way to reach higher gains magnitude). Players can battle against other players (or friends depending on the platform connected to) and the AI with mini-games (memory, skill, high score games) to earn gold and gifts. Gold is the currency needed to buy the green substance needed for experiments and gifts can contain either permanent or temporary multipliers. My goal with this game was to create a bunch of mini-games linked together through a more global and multiplayer experience. Each mini-game can be "instantiated" independently from the main game on any platform and played "standalone" or be part of the main experience. Here is the video trailer: A few screens: The game will be available on iTunes, Google Play, online and several Messengers. I will post more updates in the coming days. Feedback welcome. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Infinitris - A massively multiplayer online falling block puzzle game, created using Phaser, React, and Koa. Here it is: Controls: Arrow keys and spacebar. Current Features: Classic .io style: Instant join - only specify your nickname and you're ready to play. Ingame chat (Press [Enter]) Grid that expands and collapses based on how many players are in the game. Horizontal wrapping when the grid is larger than the screen. Scoreboard Invalid block placement detection (needs work) Features to add: Spectator mode AFK detection Touch controls Minimap Mobile fullscreen Multiple game rooms Block collections and themes User registration to secure your nickname Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Please give it a try and let me know what you think! Pyre
  13. I'm trying to create a multiplayer game which players have a sprite that they can move it. I wrote this simple code to move sprites: function update() { theSprite.y += speedOnY; theSprite.x += speedOnX; } It works fine in single player games but because this is a multiplayer one, the sprites position must be synced however sprite's speed is dependent to player's current frame rate. If frame rate drops then speed drops and causes desync. The question is how can I move my sprites in a constant speed and independent of the frame rate?
  14. I'd like to announce a tool that helps you to build multiplayer games in JavaScript. Colyseus is a JavaScript server (for Node) and client (for the browser) It handles WebSocket connections, has multiple room support, handles room state synchronisation and allows clients to create, join and leave rooms. Here's an overview of how it works: Match-making cycle: - User asks to connect in a specific room, with optional "join" arguments. // (client-side)var Colyseus = new Colyseus("ws://localhost:3553");var battleRoom = colyseus.join('battle', {options: 'here'}) - Server will loop through all spawned room handlers named 'battle' and call requestJoin method against that handler. // (server-side)// only accept new users if limit isn't reachedrequestJoin (options) { return ( this.clients.length < 12 )} - If requestJoin succeeds, a method named onJoin will be called with the client reference and client options given. // (server-side)onJoin (client, options) { // setup new player here}- If requestJoin fails on every available room, a new handler will be spawned if requestJoin succeeds in a fresh handler state. In case it fails again, an 'error' event will be dispatched on client room instance. // (client-side)battleRoom.on('error', function(message) { console.log("error triggered on battle room:", message)})Room state handling: Once the player received the room state upon it's connection, he only needs to receive the state difference on later broadcasts, called patches. By default, room handlers will deliver the patched room state to all clients each 50ms. // (client-side)battleRoom.on('update', function(newState, patches) { console.log(patches) // array of patches console.log(newState) // newState with patches applied})The array of patches usually look like this: (JSON-Patch format) [ { "op": "remove", "path": "/players/2" }, { "op": "add", "path": "/players/3", "value": {"x": 10, "y": 10} }, { "op": "replace", "path": "/players/1/x", "value": 5 }]// JSON-Patch Spec - RFC6902You can take a look at patch handling on tanx project to see how it looks like. Here's some prototypes using Colyseus as a game server: - PlayCanvas tanx fork (original game is here) - Redneck River Race (made in 72h for LD34) - CubeClub Soccer Colyseus's code base is quite straightforward, which is good for it's growth as a library, I believe. It doesn't do much, but it tries to do really well what is meant to. Thanks for reading until here, and feel free to ask anything here or on gitter chat channel. Cheers and happy new year!
  15. I have been working on a multiplayer game and have been wondering what are some of things one should be aware of when creating a multiplayer game in node. As in are there things you should never do? Also does anyone think using a client-server architecture is a bad idea (it's not a pure implementation, but has some peer-to-peer design in there)?
  16. Wish you a (late) Merry Christmas. I made a Touhou fangame for Christmas. Play an innovative, fun, hectic, and mind bending snowball fight. Play this local multiplayer (up to 4 players with a keyboard and 3 joysticks) with unorthodox snowball fight that is highly unpredictable. Touhou is properties of Team Shanghai Alice (and relatively open source materials). Here is the link : Scirra Kongregate Have fun, and Merry Christmas !
  17. Ranger Steve is a web (phaser) based realtime 2d shooter that let's you have instant lan parties with your friends. Ranger Steve: Buffalo Invasion YouTube Teaser Trailer Fast paced, intense shooter, explosions This is a realtime, "shoot em up", explosive multiplayer game that makes playing with your friends as simple as sharing a link. Made with:, ReactJS, NodeJS,, and Redux.
  18. Edit: Formatting seems to be a bit screwed up..just ignore the missing brackets and '.' So currently I have a game in which two players move around shooting enemies. This is the current code I have implemented. var preloadfunction loadimage'player1', 'assets/player1.png'; loadimage'player2', 'assets/player2.png'; , createfunction stagebackgroundColor '#000000'; physicsstartSystemPhaserARCADE; rendererrenderSessionroundPixels true; //setting render system to pixel-based thisplayer1 addspritewidth2 40, height60, 'player1'; //adding player1 thisplayer1cursors inputkeyboardcreateCursorKeys; //adding movement keys to player1 thisplayer1fireButton inputkeyboardaddKeyPhaserKeyboardCONTROL; thisplayer2 addspritewidth2 40, height60, 'player2'; //adding player2 thisplayer2cursors upinputkeyboardaddKeyPhaserKeyboardW, downinputkeyboardaddKeyPhaserKeyboardS, leftinputkeyboardaddKeyPhaserKeyboardA, rightinputkeyboardaddKeyPhaserKeyboardD,; thisplayer2fireButton inputkeyboardaddKeyPhaserKeyboardSPACEBAR; thiscreateBullets; //creates weapon for p1 and p2 , updatefunction //all collision and overlap checks go first here! physicsarcadecollidethisplayer1, thisfloor; physicsarcadecollidethisplayer2, thisfloor physicsarcadeoverlapthisweapon_p1bullets, thisenemies, thishitEnemy, null, this; physicsarcadeoverlapthisweapon_p2bullets, thisenemies, thishitEnemy, null, this; physicsarcadeoverlapthisplayer1, thisenemies, thiskillPlayer, null, this; physicsarcadeoverlapthisplayer2, thisenemies, thiskillPlayer, null, this; thismovePlayer1; //movement for player 1 thismovePlayer2; //movement for player 2 , movePlayer1function if thisplayer1alive//dont run if player 1 is dead return; //movements if thisplayer1cursorsleftisDownthisplayer1bodyvelocityx 300; else if thisplayer1cursorsrightisDownthisplayer1bodyvelocityx 300; else thisplayer1bodyvelocityx 0; movePlayer2: function () { if (!this.player2.alive) //dont run if player 1 is dead return; //movements if (this.player2.cursors.left.isDown){ this.player2.body.velocity.x = -300; } else if (this.player2.cursors.right.isDown){ this.player2.body.velocity.x = 300; } else { this.player2.body.velocity.x = 0; } }, This code works great with no flaws, but I was thinking of creating just one function called movePlayer like this. movePlayer: function (player) { if (!player.alive) //dont run if player 1 is dead return; //movements if (player.cursors.left.isDown){ player.body.velocity.x = -300; } else if (player.cursors.right.isDown){ player.body.velocity.x = 300; } else { player.body.velocity.x = 0; } And call it in the update function as this.movePlayer(this.player1); this.movePlayer(this.player2); However, this seems to do nothing. I believe it has something to do with player being passed as a local variable? Why doesn't this code work and also.. would you rather have one movement function handling both players or have one for each??
  19. Greetings. I was wondering how would you keep track of player's in-game transactions like buying a special in game item. Would you keep track of what items player has / hasn't in a database?
  20. Blast Arena is a modern 3d bomberman multiplayer game made with PlayCanvas. I launched Open Beta for it about two weeks ago, and after many improvements to the servers and polishing, I feel like it's ready for more people to come in! It is a tiny multiplayer game with what you can have some fun already, I also just launched a winter update! You can play it over here, let me know what you think of it - mostly seeking honest feedback approaching a bigger launch.
  21. AerialDrop - Summary Aerialdrop is a turn based multiplayer online artillery strategy game. Matches are broken up into 2-8 players who can team up and group into a maximum of 4 players or free for all up to 8. Starting out you will be able to pick between 6 mechs who each have 3 abilities. The abilities are broken down into 1 being their basic shot, 2 being a specialized shot and 3 being their ultimate shot. To go along with the mechs there are 6 maps for players to choose from with their own unique destructible ground. Our actual about page is located here: GamePlay Once in game, you will notice our HUD which has 3 bars. The first bar is your power, the second is your special and last is your fuel. The power bar lets you gauge how far your shot will go. Once you fill your special bar you can utilize the 6 special abilities available for all mechs. These abilities are wind change, teleport, bunker, barrier, heal and double shot. Each ability is worth a different amount of special. The Ultimate also utilizes the special bar. The last bar is your fuel which indicates how far and long your mech can move each turn. To make things a little difficult the wind is constantly changing every turn so players will need to learn how to adapt. Players also have a time limit for their turn which is 30 seconds. Players will accumulate battle points for the damage they deal during the match. Battle points will be used as currency to upgrade your health, power, special and fuel. The game also has an advanced chat system that features private messages, and eventually a friends list. A leader board ( aka ranking ) also exists, so be the best, wait your turn and don't miss! The game also features a manual here: Thanks MadGizmo would like to thank Phaser ( and many other tools ). Phaser allowed us to dive into creating the game right away, implement what wasn't in Phaser and easily integrate it with the rest of Phasers tools. It honestly worked great and I always wanted to dive into HTML 5 gaming... especially now that Flash doesn't dominate the market. Our credits are located here: We will be constantly updating AerialDrop and eventually working on a seasonal events and tournaments. This game is never meant to be pay-to-win but we will eventually create skins. This game was very fun to make, very stressful, way to much time spent but it was a game we always wanted to make. Skill shots FTW! We have a cool landing page located here: And you can signup right away here: Vine Account - Twitter Account - This is our first public-ish release of the game and it just went to version 0.1.8 and is still in alpha development! News is located over here: *All feedback is welcome!
  22. down votefavorite I have previous experience with Unity, but I don't like the fact that Unity compiles your game directly into APK (or IOS equivalent). It's because I want to modify the game to provide chat interface (and some other stuff) for multiplayer mode etc. So, I thot of doing it the other way - 'create an app and embed a multiplayer game within it'. Now, again this approach meant that I had to develop for android and ios seperately. But, then I came across React-Native library (mobile extension of popular React framework). Now, I have decided to create an app using React-Native (cross-platform), but now I am confused as to which game engine should I use and I think since React-Native is javascript, game engine needs to be in javascript for seamless integration. I am planning to use to embed the game in my react-native app. Can anyone suggest me any good javascript game engines that can be used along with react-native? I have done some research on Phaser and Pixi but they use WebGL for rendering and I read somewhere that doesn't have great support for WébGL or Canvas(Am I wrong?). Any help is highly appreciated
  23. is a massive multiplayer version of minesweeper. It is similar to the classic Minesweeper. The goal is to clear all of the mines by placing a flag on it. Sweep those Mines! Android: iOS: coming soon. ----Tech---- UI game engine: Phaser.js 2.7 UI menu engine: 1990's style html/js hacking (think document.getElementByid) Server: node.js + Hosting: Azure Feedback is welcome
  24. Hi. I just wanted to show here dom-dom (my first HTML5 game) with the hope you can give me your opinion and any recommendation you may have. The main idea behind dom-dom is to be a free, intuitive, agile and easy to play, secure and also a different on-line domino game option in the web. At the moment dom-dom only works on desktop browsers, it requires requires Firefox 47+, Chrome 49+, Opera 41+ or Edge 14+. dom-dom uses web sockets for on-line playing and web-push notifications for sending messages (invitations) to onine players. dom-dom is supposed to be safe to SQL and LDAP injection, is Code injection safe, Cross Site Scripting safe and Cross Site Request Forgery safe. dom-dom uses Authentication, session management over TLS 1.2, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and Strict Content Security Policy 1.0 to improve app's security. dom-dom uses web sockets for on-line playing and web-push notifications for sending messages (invitations) to onine players. dom-dom is supposed to be safe to SQL and LDAP injection, is Code injection safe, Cross Site Scripting safe and Cross Site Request Forgery safe. dom-dom uses Authentication, session management over TLS 1.2, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and Strict Content Security Policy 1.0 to improve app security. You can try it here: There is also a demo video here:
  25. Some time ago, we launched what turned out to be a really popular browser game: TANX. It's an online tank battle game and it's designed to be all about instant mayhem and fun. But we always felt as though it wasn't pushing WebGL hard enough. So we've spent the last few months revamping it. Here's the result: It's now using the PBR (physically based rendering) support in PlayCanvas. The level, tanks and power ups have all been rebuilt from scratch. So, it's the same great gameplay but with fancy new graphics. Read more about it here. And if you want to play, head to: Please send us your feedback and suggestions. Want to help us out? We'd really appreciate a retweet: See you on the battlefield.