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Found 183 results

  1. I'm working on a multiplayer game but player seems like teleporting when server sends new position. How can i make movement smooth? Here's my movement algorithm: Server (running every 1000/60ms): var updated = false; var speed = 300/60; if (this.player.cursors.up){ this.y -= speed; updated = true; } if (this.player.cursors.down){ this.y += speed; updated = true; } if (this.player.cursors.left){ this.x -= speed; updated = true; } if (this.player.cursors.right){ this.x += speed; updated = true; } if (updated){ ...broadcast new x,y.... } Client: var x = ..serverX..; var y = ..serverY..; sprite.x = x; sprite.y = y; sprite.nametag.x = x; sprite.nametag.y = y - 110; I want player to move 300 pixels a second. Is it possible to make it smooth? -- sprite.nametag is a Phaser.Text object.
  2. Bomberman Multiplayer Jippii Remake made with phaser. Play Bomberworld : Community: What is Bomberworld Multiplayer Online? The purpose of this game is to join in a room and eliminate your opponents by blowing up the brick walls and retrieving multiple items which gives you boost such as speed, larger bomb range, more bombs to trap your enemies, ... This game has core based mechanics. It's a massively online web browser game which holds eight players per room who fights each other to get on the top of the scoreboard. So we are building a community based game which will involve the players from the start with us and to develop the game in the future. Build the game with us! If there is a real interest and passion like ours to recreate the joys we all had on the old ''jippii'' website by playing this game again we will of course focus on building this game. As we go with your suggestions. Bomber world is based on MVP( Minimal Viable Product) because we want to see what people want in this game and make it the way the community wants it and not how we want it. Team effort, we do the heavy lifting you give us your needs and we will try our best to fulfill them. It's important that you all feel a part of this game from the beginning and we have a long road ahead of us. We will continue to update the game as we move forward. Hope you all enjoy and stay with us. Have fun and welcome!
  3. I started developing multiplayer online platformer to get back to things that got me to programming in the first place. I have no idea how it will work out (if at all), but I decided to blog about my progress in a devlog/tutorial fashion. The first entry is about my proof of concept prototype and why it wouldn't work
  4. Hello everybody! This is a game I wrote originally for mobile devices. I recently cleaned it up and put it on the web! Check it out at Thanks!
  5. Does this behavior sound familiar to anyone? Working on a multiplayer client. I have a player prototype that is created when the client is told that a new player has joined the server: Player = function (id, game, player) { this.x = 300; this.y = 300; = id; this.dir = "-1"; = game; this.player = player; this.sprite = game.add.sprite(300, 300, 'ms',1); this.sprite.anchor.set(0.5); this.sprite.animations.add('right', [6,7,8],4,true); this.sprite.animations.add('left', [3,4,5],4,true); this.sprite.animations.add('down', [0,1,2],4,true); this.sprite.animations.add('up', [9,10,11],4,true); game.physics.enable(this.sprite, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); this.sprite.body.setSize(72, 32,28,96); this.nametext = game.add.text(236, 364, this.player, { font: '14px Arial', fill: '#ffffff' }); this.nametext.anchor.set(0.5); }; That player creation is stored in an array... Then whenever I receive an update i pool through the array and update accordingly: // Update User Info socket.on('userupdate',function(data) { info = data.split(','); if(info[0]!=myid){ info = data.split(','); for(a=0; a<totalplayers; a++){ if(playerArray[a].player == info[0]){ playerArray[a].sprite.x = info[1]; playerArray[a].sprite.y = info[2]; playerArray[a].dir = info[3]; } } } }); I've checked that the data comes in is proper. Here is the REALLY weird thing. When im clicked on the screen the sprite does not show up at all. When i click OFF the browser and lose focus, the sprite appears and updates correctly... I`m sure I am making a dumb mistake??
  6. Hey guys. Just finished my latest Phaser game. It's an Air Hockey simulation for two players. Check it out at
  7. - Run over smaller players to get bigger in this 3D browser MMO! Within the game you around as a sphere, and the objective is to eat or kill players that are smaller than you so you can grow bigger. But you need to watch out for larger players who can kill you! There are skins in the game that you get by naming yourself different names, such as "usa", "russia", "trump", and many more! Web Version: App Store Link: Play Store Link: Video: Screenie:
  8. I'm happy to present to you Phaser Quest, a top-down real-time multiplayer adventure made with Phaser and Explore the map, find better equipment, fight monsters and defeat the final boss, alone or with friends! It was for me a practice project, and is a reproduction of Mozilla's Browserquest. Hopefully the source code will interest you, as the project integrates of a lot of Phaser features together (such as tiled maps, text input, tweens, animations, sound, click handling, camera management, etc.), as well as pathfinding using Easystar.js. It is also an example of how a Phaser client can be made to interact with a Node.js server using On my website, I have written a few articles about some aspects of the game. They are mostly concerned with networking for the moment. If you'd like me to write an article explaining how I accomplished this or that in the development of this game, feel free to ask, I'm always happy to help. In addition, I'm interested in any feedback you might have, it's always valuable, especially with future multiplayer projects in mind.
  9. Phaser Tanks Multiplayer is a multiplayer version of the tanks example: It does not take into account movement/aim cheats and will be changed in future sometime. The DEMO can be played here: The Github to contribute is here:
  10. Greetings! I see quite often around these parts and in further fields, that there are constantly people who are just starting out asking how to add networked multiplayer functionality to their HTML5 games. I was one of them, and I hated the near absence of practical explanations that were written in concise, plain-English, yet still detailed, of how to get started. So, I made a simple game example/template using and Phaser, and documented the hell out of it. Almost everything gets a few lines of comments to explain what is doing what, and I haven't assumed any prior knowledge, aside from core JavaScript and being able to set up NodeJS and how to view the game in a browser. The main focal point is using, as the game framework can be easily interchanged to one of your preference. Hopefully this will save a few hours and headaches for people who don't have a clue what they are doing.
  11. Hi, I'd like to present Ensemble, an experiment in crowd design, where players, developers and artists can collaborate to collectively design a browser-based multiplayer online game. This is a very experimental project to see what can emerge from pushing the collaborative aspect of a project to the max. This project is collaborative in the sense that it is the community, and the community only, who decides how the game should evolve. Copied from the page of the game, here is a short description of the three main channels for this process: Suggesting and voting for features. Anyone can make suggestions about a feature to add to the game (with a simple embedded form, without the need to login or anything, no friction). A list of the suggested features (located below the game canvas) allows to vote for or against each of them. On a regular basis, one of the top-ranked features of the moment is selected and implemented. Making Pull Requests. Developers can choose to bypass this process, and directly implement themselves the changes they would like to see in the game. These changes can be submitted through Github pull requests. Pull requests are accepted unconditionally, provided they don’t contain anything inappropriate and work properly. Submitting art. A form is provided to enable artists to send me artwork that they would like to see added to the game, such as sprites or animations. For these as well, submissions are accepted unconditionally. For a more detailed description, as well as links to both the source code and the game itself, I refer you to the main page of the project. At the moment, the "game" consists in moving colored dots around, and dropping white blocks that serve as obstacles. This is still very basic, as only a handful of features have been suggested and implemented yet. You are free to jump in and attempt to shape the evolution of the game! In any case, this could be a valuable learning experience for those: - Interested in learning more about Phaser by experimenting and contributing to an existing project - Interested in learning how to make a multiplayer online game with Node.js and (This is why I posted it here and not in the "games showcase" or "Phaser" sections : the game itself is only one part of a bigger experience ; and although the client is made using Phaser, the project involves other technologies of possible interest to a wider audience.) Feedback if welcome of course. Below, a screenshot of what the game looks like at the moment.
  12. is an open source multiplayer web game. You can check the source code here: And play it here In game screenshot:
  13. Hi Everyone, Pie.Ai (alpha) is my new HTML5 multiplayer game. Jump straight into the action and eat as much as you can of everything (even other players) but don't stand in the JAM! With simple one touch control to jump, eat, fly, open locks, break blocks or attack the game is designed to offer seamless experience across all devices (phones, tablets, PC). This alpha version was developed in one month (originally part of another project, more details below). Note that I have currently limited the number of players to 12 for the alpha so you may get the "Tables full" message if it gets busy at time (you can always spectate to get an idea). Click here to play Here is what to expect in the next few days: Lootable Armor (or temp invulnerability). Improved bot AI. More skins Multi-language support Gold shop to unlock starter packs and skins (gold farming allowed). Game Design: Propeller vs Jetpack for flying (currently both items behave the same, I am thinking of differentiating them) Smash items mechanism (jumping on some items to trigger some effects) Game modes (have a few ideas that need to be tried out). Initially that game was to be part of another upcoming project (mini game for Idle Brainz) but somehow I got stuck with the top-down graphics and changed to adopt an isometric view. Since the style ended up so different from Idle Brainz, I decided that a separate standalone release would probably be better. Feedback are welcome.
  14. Hello guys I have a need for a real-time phaser game with back end Ruby on rails and it's web socket Action cable or any other if u can suggest. Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, and new to HTML games whatsoever. I would like to ask for some suggestions for a game (both framework/language-wise and feature wise) I'm making for my bachelor thesis project. The basic idea of the game is that one player is a hacker and another player is a security engineer protecting his computer (think of it as a pokemon battle). The game shold be run server-side because player moves need to be evaluated in the end, telling him what he did wrong, where he could be better (the company I'm making it for is going to use it on security seminars) As far as I can imagine it can be as simple as PHP/Javascript/MySQL. But I would like it to be responsive (for using on mobile devices) and good looking. What framework would you recommend? Thanks!
  16. Hey there, I just finished my first multiplayer project based on node.js. Some features of game below: - earning upgrades during the game - up to 10 players + 5 constant AIs on the map - can play with friends or against them - in build chat and map to communicate with others - optional voice control Have fun
  17. holla guys! i made a simple multiplayer game, but its's obviously still in progress. physics ball-pad
  18. Hi everyone, I was working on a game called "Space Blast". You can play it by clicking the link. There isn't much players currently. Features: XP based level up system. Player's XP is reduced to half when player ship explodes. Players shoot asteroids and other players to gain XP. Asteroids divide into smaller pieces. If a moving asteroid hits a ship, ship explodes. Players gain skill points on each level up. Upgradable skills: Health, Health Restoration, Speed, Fire Rate, Bullet Speed, Weapon Damage. Development Notes: I wanted to make physics simulation deterministic, so I wrote a small library for simple impulse based physics simulation. Only circular bodies are supported and no rotation is implemented. But still it is hard to get the same simulation running on the both ends. Also I think I spent too much time here. There can be lots of moving bodies, so the communication is in binary format to reduce the traffic. Only client and server specific code is separate. All game related code is shared between client and server. This really ease the development for me. Game simulation runs on clients and server at the same time. Minified game source (client javascript) is about 70 KB. It is not very important but I am quite happy with it Sound effects are played in different playback rates (90% - 110%), this also gives some variety. When player ship explodes it adds a lowpass filter. Game also works on mobile devices but it requires good processing power. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  19. Hi, Infinitris - A massively multiplayer online falling block puzzle game, created using Phaser, React, and Koa. Here it is: Controls: Arrow keys and spacebar. Current Features: Classic .io style: Instant join - only specify your nickname and you're ready to play. Ingame chat (Press [Enter]) Grid that expands and collapses based on how many players are in the game. Horizontal wrapping when the grid is larger than the screen. Scoreboard Invalid block placement detection (needs work) Features to add: Spectator mode AFK detection Touch controls Minimap Mobile fullscreen Multiple game rooms Block collections and themes User registration to secure your nickname Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Please give it a try and let me know what you think! Pyre
  20. Hi, I need HTML5 Games Developer. I want you to develop HTML5 multiplayer games. PM me your Portfolio and your Quote.
  21. Hey gang, it is time to play some games! I have 4 submissions. Here they are: 1) @jpdev sent the following entry: JPs BabylonJS RPG, This is a rpg game where you control a character of one of the three classes: Fighter - meele fighters can take a punch and also deliver one Hhealer - pure magic healers that can't fight themselfs but are valueable in keeping everyone alive Caster - ranged magic damage dealer that control fire You choose a name for your character and the class on login. You can change your class by reloading the game in your browser. You can move by left clicking anywhere on the ground. You can use skills by clicking them in the skillbar or pressing the corresponding number. Target other player or monsters by clicking on them or their nameplate. You can click the text field in the lower left corner or press "Return" to begin typing a message to everybody else, another "Return" sends the message. You can gain up to 5 levels by gathering xp by killing monsters or by healing other players who are killing monsters. Each level gives you more hp, more damage/bigger heals and most levels give you new abilities. 2) @kpgbrink, @binki & @mwiss have sent this (Including a GitHub repository!!) : Faito GitHub: Controls: KeyBoard: Movement WASD, Jump Space, Roll/Croutch shift, Powers (u, i, o, p). Xbox Controller: Movement Left Joy Stick, Jump Right Button, Roll/Crouth Left Button, Powers (x, a, y b). Link: GitHub: We hope you enjoy this. If you want to fully experience the game you have to play with a friend and faito! Additional Information: Red Ring: Health Blue Ring: Mana Damage: Hit other player with object. Head on hits are stronger. This game is still in development. We have a lot more work to do. 3) @Athelios and @BlueManCZ have sent an amazing school project: Our game is school project and is very buggy (It's kind of game that inclines to lot's of bugs :D) So it's very possible that it will crash and stop work during testing. Server side is written in Python. Player can equip item to hand by holding Alt + right / left mouse button. Chat can be open by T key, inventory by E key, chest by F key. 4) @RaananW (whoever that is) has submitted the following: In a Row IO , In a Row IO is a multiplayer 3D tic tac toe game in its beta stage. You can create your game with the configuration you wish, or join already existing games. The rules are rather simple - you need to complete a row or spheres and prevent your opponent(s) from doing that same. The length of chain is determined by the largest length of either width, height or depth. so: in a 4x4x4 board, the row is 4, but on a 6x4x3 board, it is 6 (so you can only complete rows on the X axis). in a 5x5x1 it is 5, and 3x3x1 is the classic tic-tac-toe we all know (and hopefully love). You can also watch running games, or games that have ended already (including one where I play against myself! And win!). To actually play you need to log in. Gravity can be enabled, and in the future you will be able to use powerups to mess-up with your opponent. For now they are disabled due to lack of time. 5) Late entry by @getzel (which managed to send me a message as I was writing this post): Here is the solo alpha : (My notes - I guess this space will be edited with further information). As I said - we want all game to have their share of users, as they are multiplayer games. So, 5 games, 5 days. I hope the community will participate as much as possible! The game developers can of course invite the entire world to play as well, just to get things going! New entries in your calendars: March 6th, at 20:00 CET (11 am PST) - we play JPs BabylonJS RPG, 7th, at 20:00 CET (11 am PST) we play - Faito 8th, 20:00 CET (you get the point) - 9th, 20:00 CET - 10th, 20:00 CET - Of course you can join in the games whenever you want, we just want as many people as possible at once to get the party started. Please submit your votes in the attached poll!
  22. this will be my new thread for my multiplayer game project. I made this simple multiplayer scene with and heroku deployer
  23. Twitter - Subreddit - Dev Blog - Discord Hello my name is Sam, I'm also the lead artist for Super Combat Squadron. We're a small indie dev team trying to put out a lightweight browser RTS. It's been just myself and one other programmer been developing the game for about a year now but, due to unforeseen circumstances, the lead programmer has had to take a step away from the project for personal reasons. I'm still in contact with him for help in the transitionary period but I'm looking to replace him on the team with some new programmers. Currently we just completed our first internal playtest and got some good feedback from that, and the roadmap for the future was to push towards the first public demo, and then if the feedback looks good and things work out, were considering running a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding attempt to get the funding to take the game further. The ideal skill set we're looking for would include: Phaser and JavaScript (goes without saying). A previous title or some example of your work with Phaser. Possessing a strong focus on: Networking Pathfinding AI Loves and plays RTS or MOBA games a bonus. Your position in all this would be helping tackle some bugs and featured we identified and fixing some issues blocking a public demo release. We're trying to cut the fat and make it purely a bee-line to public demo release. As previously mentioned, I'd love for it to transition into a longstanding paying role through crowdfunding, worst case scenario we stop at public demo release if the interest just isn't there. If you are interested, you can contact me here, or at our email address: [email protected]
  24. Description: Firmament Wars is a multiplayer strategy game similar to games like Risk and Civilization. Firmament Wars uses an accelerated turn-based system to keep the action moving quickly. At this time there are no AI (computer) players, so it is multiplayer only. I plan to add AI opponents within the next month. So if you want to play a Risk-like HTML5 game then grab a few friends and enjoy! The typical game lasts less than 10 minutes. Firmament Wars offers eight maps and three modes of play: free for all, team, and head-to-head ranked play. Give it a try and let me know what you think about the gameplay! For the most part it should work on mobile devices, but I have only tested on a few recent tablets. Let me know if you have major problems on mobile. For the most part it was designed to be played on desktops at 1920x1080. Here's a quick dev summary: I developed it in one year using PHP, websockets (Ratchet, ZMQ), MySQL, javascript, JQuery, and GSAP. I'm planning to convert it using to "appify" it, but I'm not 100% sure how that works yet because I've never done it before or if it's even possible with my design.
  25. Here's a sharable link to the directory where my files are located. There's no node_modules, so it's necessary to install before express and The problem is I can't create and render the balls which need to bounce all the time. The server is responsible for creating my players and balls. I did successfully the creation and movement of my players with the arrow keys and that's synchronised to all the clients. But I can't do the part with bouncing balls. It seems simple game but as far as I am new to this stuff, I can't figure it out. I provide a link to the directory of my files. The command to start the game is: node server.js. If anyone could help me, I would be very happy. Thanks in advance guys.