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Found 27 results

  1. Hi everyone! I have a personal project that I need help with - mostly [basic] modeling and animation. I don't have any funding apart from my own paycheck, but I'm happy to pay, and spread the project out across paycheques as required. What I need (most important to least important): 1) A 3D shape to present two lines of text (one small and one large) and a circular logo I'm planning to use the GUI system to draw the text on a transparent plane just in front of the surfaces of the object I need to be able to change logo and text on the fly, and then animate the entire thing as a single object (rotation/flip and slide) Think of it like one of the boxes that slides from the bottom left corner of a news report or documentary with the name of the person being interviewed Materials, 3d shaping, texture, bump-mapping etc to add visual appeal, but I'm no artist A vague concept has been attached to this post 2) An animated asset to convey information about a playing song I'm most partial to the idea of a spinning record that I can put text on the label of, with a needle on the side A spinning CD would work An animated VU meter or spectrum peak graph would also work It will also need some kind of surface to place artist/track name on 3) A basic representation of a person Cone body, sphere head and disconnected sphere hands is absolutely fine I need to be able to change the colour of the body/shirt/whatever on the fly I need basic animations with: (1) waving a 'hand' in the air; (2) waving both 'hands' in the air; (3) clapping 'hands' above 'head'; (4) jumping and waving an oversized #1 foam hand in the air; and (5) bouncing (running gait) while waving 2 oversized foam hands in the air, possibly wearing a beer-bong hat. Assets will be presented on a flat (ortho, 90 degree) autonomous (non-interactive) stage, but will be spun, flipped and rotated, in addition to the required built-in animations. I will sort out the code side of things for the most part. PM me if you're interested.
  2. Doug

    Hi Rich.  @rgk mentioned that you might be able to please add a "patron" badge to my forum profile?  Thanks very much!

  3. Hi! My name is Andrei and I am looking for a pixel artist to help with my hobby game project. The game I'm working on is called Feudal Tactics and it is a multiplayer turn-based wargame, similar to Advance Wars. You can find out more about Advance Wars on Wikipedia: Advance Wars - Wikipedia. Feudal Tactics will be a completely free browser game built on HTML5 & JavaScript, with asynchronous play mechanics. I am looking for a pixel artist that can draw low-res terrain tiles, military unit sprites (with animations), a logo for the game and a favicon for the website. The graphics must have an old, feudal period Japan look & feel. I can provide three sources of inspiration so that you can better understand what type of art I want: first, the pixel art of EyeCraft posted on the Pixelation forums, which is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for: GR#060 - Super Daimyo - Low Res Game Art; check his last posted images on the 4th page of the topic or open the following direct links: second, Toen's Medieval Strategy Sprite Pack: a lovely graphics pack which I'm actually using as a placeholder for now and last but not least, the original Advance Wars graphics: a quick search for the terms "advance wars gba screenshots" will get you plenty of results (you can also find the entire spritesheet ripped from the game) I am looking to pay around 30$ per hour or I can pay per asset. Please note that I am looking for just one person for this job and it will not be full-time employment. If you are interested please drop me a message: It would be great if you could provide me with a link to your portfolio and showcase some work in a style similar to what I'm looking for (low-res top-down tiles & sprites). If you can only work on the game graphics, or only on the logo, but not both, please state so in your email. Thanks for reading this and have a nice day!
  4. Hello We have signed a big distribution for mobile contents market we need to make more games as possible every month, we offer revenue sharing for every game done. For more info just contact us our company For the list of our networks just message us
  5. Hi! We need to develop a short HTML game for a website and a small museum installation with 3 different activities and difficulty levels, for touch-screens (must be played with touch) with a base resolution of 1920x1080; our main priority is to have that game ready for the exhibition. Would be great but not imperative: to make the game responsive (scalable to display proportion) based on device. All the groundwork and design has been completed, and we have a first "test" developed what you could take or not as an advance. We are based in Guadalajara México and we have a very tight schedule for this project, please get in touch with me if this project matches your skillset and you are available for the next 2.5 weeks.
  6. I'am looking for experienced Phaser coder for minimum of 2 upcoming mobile game projects, and finish one that's half done. Its crucial that applicants are able to add interesting mechanisms to the games, very good understanding of making games for phones, to keep the performance of the games, make sure resolution is scaling properly, short loading times and so on... Being able to work on flexible systems and even add your own touch to the game. You should know that these projects, even tho majority of them will be small, might take even couple months to finish. Pay is per project, unless objected and explained why it should be different. Half upfront half at the end of each game developed. It is important for you to please send your applications to this email address: , and mention where have you found me on. Within the applications, include your portfolio of previous games you've worked on, and how long you've been working with Phaser. Also whats the longest project or series of projects you've been hired for, or worked at yourself and finished. EDIT: I FOUND A CODER, THANK YOU ALL FOR INTEREST.
  7. Looking for a freelance developer to build a Phaser typing game. There maybe opportunities for future typing game work as well. We have the artwork. Attached is the concept: Parallax scrolling background Type letters and words loaded form an external file Type the correct letter or word to collect the stars and score points Needs to work with a standard browser as well as a Safari iOS browser on an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. typinggameconcept.pdf
  8. Hey guys, I was referred here by some potential freelancers, and I am thrilled to find a community of passionate HTML5 Devs! Holy moly! Anyway: I'm working as a producer, hiring out funny creative all-inclusive talent or teams to make small micro-games in HTML5. I provide the concept, script, and money: you make it into a game! A great sample is this game a freelancer made for a political client; if that seems doable to you in terms of quality and style, let me know! I have money and work for you!
  9. I'am looking for experienced Phaser coder for minimum of 4 upcoming mobile game projects, preferably even longer. Its crucial that applicants are able to add interesting mechanisms to the games, very good understanding of making games for phones, to keep the performance of the games, make sure resolution is scaling properly, short loading times and so on... Being able to work on flexible systems and even add your own touch to the game. You should know that these projects, even tho majority of them will be small, might take even couple months to finish. Pay is per project, unless objected and explained why it should be different. Half upfront half at the end of each game developed. Within the applications, include your portfolio of previous games you've worked on, and how long you've been working with Phaser. Also whats the longest project or series of projects you've been hired for, or worked at yourself and finished.
  10. We are a mobile editor in the creation of automotive tools, as part of our expansion we are looking for Phaser developers, to help with brand new casuals game and to build projects as a full time job and to boost our team. For this specifical role we need someone who is used to keeping a clean code-base. You'll understand the need to maintain tidy commented code, exposing and designing a sensible API, and use GIT methodology Availability and communication is key, this sort of work doesn't lend itself well to part-time freelancers I'm afraid (i.e. those just working evenings), or those looking to multi-task themselves with other clients at the same time, as our projects are too demanding for that. What you will do with us: - We propose two idea for a (very simple arcade) casual game each month. - The developer creates a prototype than we validate ( the canvas and HTML is all standard in our git everything is already standard) - Then we provide with graphics and art elements -Developer are integrating the elements the skins for the same prototype that has been created. If your interested and suit our requirements please send us: -Your resume at our service -Availability -Contact references with name/company -Game developped We want to build personal relationships with professional developers, therefore absolutely NO AGENCIES. Agency emails will be flagged as spam in Gmail.
  11. UPDATE: Positions are still available as we continue to grow. This post will update when we are no longer accepting applications! Our team is looking for experienced HTML5 developers who are able to join our team immediately as remote freelancers. Duties will range from creating mini games, to full HTML5 games (using Phaser) in addition to simpler conversions. With this in mind, we need a developer who is dedicated, hard working, extremely knowledgeable and who takes pride in his or her product. The position will start with a few simple minigame projects, and has plenty of room to grow for the right candidate into more work, including full html5 games, conversions and more. Payment is based on hourly work, with payment delivered each week. Strong English speaking and communication is mandatory! You may be asked to work in some, or all of the following areas. Please note that you do not have to have experience in all of the areas, and that is ok! Flash: The native files and file assets you may be converting are in .fla format. Slack: With all projects, we do require a very open communication dialogue. We use Slack for our team conversations. HTML5: You will be converting and/or creating HTML5 games for mobile, tablet, and all platforms. Git Repository: Experience with GIT is a plus, but can train for this. Phaser: Phaser knowledge is a must! You should demonstrate a mastery with all of it’s features, and have titles in your portfolio using the framework. Additional Skills: Experience in other languages, libraries and tools will be useful, so please include any additional skills you may have in your initial contact with us.Our projects all require precise skills, a quick turnaround time, and an extremely high quality product. We concentrate on polish such as tweens, particles and little details that give life to each game. Having an eye for game design and well polished end results are critical! The three biggest things we look for are excellent communication skills, the ability to not only develop exactly what is given to you, but also contribute new ideas and creative thinking, and finally timeliness. You must be available between 11am to 8pm EST Monday through Friday. Our workload is heavy, so being available during these hours are critical! Please submit your portfolio and hourly wage requirements to jobs @, thanks!
  12. Hi all, my company Travian Games from Munich/Germany is looking for an experienced WebGL Developer to work in full time from our office in Munich. Travian Games is developing browser based games since 2004 and one of our latest titles is "Travian Kingdoms" for which I'm looking for a good developer who has experience with BabylonJs or similar: You can send your application here: or just send me an email to: g.mueller [a.t] YOUR ROLE @ TRAVIAN GAMES: You will work for our browser based game Travian Kingdoms as a 3D WebGL developer (f/m) in a friendly international team in Munich, Germany. Our team language is English and our daily tools are JavaScript with AngularJS in our frontend and NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, Redis and MongoDB on our backend side. Jira, Git and Confluence are keeping our project organized. You will have the chance to define the transition of a 2D game into the 3rd dimension and share your knowledge with experienced, but "non-3D" developers. YOUR PROFILE: You have good experience in JavaScript and WebGL You have knowledge in a 3D Web Framework like three.js, babylon.js or a similar one You know how vertex and fragment shaders work on a GPU to get a great performance out of it You have worked on at least one WebGL project and can show some results Good command of English language You have some basic experience in 3ds Max, Blender or a similar tool You love strategy games and are passionate to create great worlds for gamers WHY TRAVIAN GAMES? A lot of freedom: Flexible work time (core hours 10:30am to 4pm). Bring in your own ideas Choose your favorite OS Choose own task within a sprint Free Coffee, Drinks & Fruits Located in Munich One of the most beatiful cities in Germany We have mountains and the Oktoberfest Easy to reach with public transport Open Company culture: Friendly colleagues, no secrets, less hirarchy
  13. Hi, We are looking for cocos2d-js freelancers that are looking for on going projects. We currently have a bunch of games that have already been created in cocos2d-js. We are looking for a freelancer to clone these games (all source code for the games is in git repos) and then make a new game using new graphics (we will provide), new sound effects (we will provide). The new game will have its own git repo and be its own game in its own right, it is just based largely on the code of another game. The games have bonus games in them, the game cloned will be the one that already has most of the bonus features / games in it and then normally just one more bonus game will need adding within the new game to give us a new game base. Kind regards, Rob.
  14. Hello All, We are doing some really exciting things at Mangahigh and are looking for an experienced game developer to help re-program some Flash games into HTML5. We are a UK based team that is changing maths education around the world. We have more than 3 million maths questions answered on our site everyday and have developed an engaging game-based teaching platform that has been adopted by over 5k schools. In your first project, you would work on one of our flagship game that teaches students about Angles, from basic rules to circle theorems. The game was originally created using Flash but in order for the game to be accessible for everyone it needs to be re-made in HTML5 following a mobile-first approach. We are looking for someone who is passionate about games that make a difference, fluent in Javascript and has a strong command of Phaser and HTML5. You would also be required to integrate the game with our teaching platform using a JSON API. Ideal candidate will be self motivated, will bring in fresh ideas and have a strong work ethic. Please get in touch with us at, providing a link to your portfolio of HTML5 games. Thanks Bobbie
  15. This job is available again... Hello, I've got an HTML5 project [PAID] that needs doing, basically something I can use as proof of concept for a larger project idea. *************************** HTML5 Game Test Details: Two animated 3D rigged human characters on screen. 3D rigged clothing for each character. Two buttons which will switch animations on characters (both chars at once). Four buttons (two for each character) which will switch clothing on characters. Four buttons (two for each character) which will change skin color of characters. I will provide low-poly characters and clothing. Clothing will be rigged to the same skeleton the characters use. I will also provide two animations. All files will be provided in FBX format. Must work in all browsers including (and especially) iPhone. Preferably using Babylon.js. Can not be made in Unity as it needs to be all browser (including mobile) compatible. *************************** This is a proof of concept so I can see how it all works and performs on various devices. It doesn't have to look pretty, it just has to work. Send me a PM if you're up for the job. I'll need to know your price and a time frame, and we'll take it from there. Please provide link(s) your HTML5 work with your PM, and please only contact me for the job if you know how to do this without having to learn new techniques. Thank you!
  16. We are looking for HTML5 Game Developers who have experience in many different areas of software development and adapts easily to new technology. We are very flexible. If you live in Vancouver, Canada and are interested in a full-time role - great! If not, we'd still love to hear from you on a contract basis. If you are interested and already busy with other projects, please contact us and let us know your current / future availability. Your key responsibility is to lead the HTML5 (HTML5/CSS/JS) development, both for new games specifically designed for HTML5, as well as converting an existing casino, bingo and slots games portfolio into HTML5 Write clean, structured, object-oriented code with change and reuse in mind Ensuring that best-practices are followed and that code is optimized in order to ensure that the applications are operating as efficiently as possible under high load Participating in the software development process from design to release Working remotely with an existing experienced team (Project Manager, Artists, Sound Engineer and Quality Assurance testing, etc.) Skills and Qualifications HTML5 (Canvas) JavaScript developer (ES5 native) with Phaser experience to build new and convert existing high quality casino, bingo and slots games from Flash to HTML5 for mobile / tablet Ability to write OO code, organize that code efficiently and document it. Knowledge of CSS through Canvas, animation, jQuery and other JS frameworks. Knowledge of usability, user experience (UX) design, modern web standards and SEO best practices Solid experience in cross-browser development and testing, including mobile, while maintaining a consistent experience Ability to not only take initiatives and work independently but also communicate and be collaborative Agile approach to problem solving and passion for technical challenge Strong understanding of software development life cycle Strong analytical and problem solving skills Excellent written and verbal communications skills Detail-oriented, well-organized, quick learner with very strong technical aptitude and the ability to work concurrently on multiple projects Experience with Source Management (Subversion, Git or similar) A passion for gaming Desirable Skills and Qualifications Experience with PHP, C++, Flash/ActionScript3 and other languages We want to develop long term relationships directly with talented developers. No agencies or companies please.
  17. HI, My company has planned to launch the development of six mobile games (one game every two months) based on Phaser / HTML5 / Javascript. We shall create 4 puzzle games and 2 arcade games. We are seeking an experienced developer for this mission. If you're interested, please email me with: 1) Links to games you made. 2) Your day rate (in US$). 3) If you're already busy working on other projects then let us know your estimated availability. Please send email to with the above details. NB: We're want to build personal relationships with professional developers, therefore absolutely NO AGENCIES. Best regards
  18. I'm looking for a part-time coder to work with me on free open source turn based strategy game called Ancient Beast. The official website is with repository over here More details about the job are available in the latest blog post along with application form. You can also drop by the chat page, I'm around a few hours each day Edit: You can register on bouty source and click the green button to become a bounty hunter and get notified when there is money offered to fix certain issues
  19. Dear Public, Looking For Paid Pixel Art Freelance Work. I am willing to Negotiate hourly or set wages for my pixelated artwork. Please Describe The Types and Dimensions in the Emails. Paypal Accepted. - Will Create Education Course Content Also . - Will Make Sprite Sheets w/ Animations or Individual Custom Images. The Images Below are from an Indie Game I am Creating for PC . Devil's Deal expected release 2015 .Game Features :2d Isometric Puzzle RPG Shooter .Play as 4 different Unique characters battle Hundreds of Fully Animated Enemies Boss Fights Pilot Vehicles Use Special Abilities and much much more. Looking for Sponsorship to Support a website 2016. DarkCybernetics is an Educational Website which teaches people about Computer Science Skills by motivating Students and Educators with Enjoyable Content. Full Courses on Algorithms Data Structures, Computer Vision, Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence , Game Design to name a few. Contact me: Thank you for your Support. - Under Construction 2016 All Rights Reserved 2015.
  20. Hi ! I'm a 2D / 3D Artist, Graphic Designer looking for freelance work. Experience: - Concept Art / 2D Illustration / Pixel Art- over 4 years Worked on various projects as Character / Enviroment Artist, did game-ready vector images, illustrations. - Interface / Logo / Promo Poster Designs - over 4 years Graduated with a Graphic Arts degree, continuing MFA education, focused on pixel art / in-game interface design. - 3D Modelling / Animation Have basic knowledge about modelling, experienced 3dsmax animator, mainly focused on CATRig animations. - Video editing / post processing Experienced Aftereffects, Premier user. You can; see some of my personal work on : My Behance Portfolio contact me via : Thanks!
  21. Successful candidate will demonstrate speed, quality and ability to negotiable reasonable fees. Great character and solid work experience are both a must. Work experience and skills to be demonstrated with examples of work. No playable samples, no interview! 1. About us FuseHive Interactive Media (FHIM) is a young and dynamic company specializing primarily in providing quality audio services such as music production, sound effect design and audio engineering to our clients. Our focus until now were video games (slot, casual games and mobile apps) with over 500 produced for the past few years! FHIM is currently expanding to other areas of entertainment industry, as well as development of our own products. To achieve this, we are looking for talented artists that wouldn’t be just “making a transaction” with us, but rather develop a lasting relationship and grow together with FHIM. If this sounds like you, please find the position requirements and benefits below: 2. Profile 2.1. Skills and ExperienceMust have experience working on film / TV series and (or) video games; Previous experience composing for slot games considered a big advantage; Ability to produce all major genres of popular music (pop, rock, electronica, funk, jazz, etc.); Ability to understand and compose World Music (Native American, Middle and Far East, African music, etc.); Experience composing music for children will be highly valuable; Solid knowledge of different eras in music - 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s; Ability to do orchestrations and any experience in this area will be considered a massive bonus; Basic piano skills are a must, guitar and other instruments - bonus; Solid knowledge in music theory and harmonization is a must; At least 2 years of paid experience (employment or active freelancing) as a composer / arranger. 2.2. Technical Requirements Must own at least a home studio on a decent quality level (Mac environment preferable), a reasonable number of high quality instrument plugins and samples; Ability to do high quality recording, mixing and mastering is an advantage; Workstation equipped with Apple Logic, Waves and Native Instrument bundles is a massive plus!; Skype ID, bank account / PayPal and active email address. 2.3. Other Passionate for video games, movies and cartoons; Motivated, ambitious and able to work independently, as well as part of a team; Solid understanding of product development and publishing process; Creative with visual approach to projects in discussion with the team; Able to communicate professionally and respectful of other team members; Punctual with sense of urgency + committed to meeting all deadlines. 3. Why Join FUSEHIVE 3.1. BenefitsOpportunity to work with veterans of the industry; Negotiable compensation; Flexible working hours and negotiable project deadlines; Opportunity for a permanent position. If this still sounds like you, please send your CV with links to your work and a short bio to the email form the signature below. Please do not contact us in regards to this application after submitting the CV and portfolio. We will email only short-listed candidates to arrange the interview. Application Deadline: Friday 15 May 2015. We look forward to hearing from you! FUSEHIVE Team.
  22. Hey Guys, iKEMU is a new games publishing company that operates currently in Japan and will be expanding to the US this year. We have created a new model of payment that rewards good games. If you have cool HTML5 games and you are interstead in talking about this further please let me know.
  23. Hi! My name is Sandra Pinkert and I'm an 2D Game Artist & Animator. I'm currently looking for some more paid freelance work. I have experience working for PC, mobile and browser games alike. I'm offering anything from concepting to final assets, including character design, backgrounds, tiling,animations, effects and promotional art. My full Resumé and Portfolio you can find here: Contact me for estimates or further questions. For estimates please enclose the exact number ofassets and animations needed, the style desired and until when you want everything done. Thanks! Yours sincerely, Sandra
  24. Hi everyone, my name is Alena, I represent myself and another artist(Andrew). We're looking to do some freelance work. Both of us specialize in 2D vector art and have worked on a variety of projects. Right now we're only looking for small to medium sized games, but in the future we may be interested in working on larger games. We can work for a set price if you have an asset list or at an hourly rate which we can decide on depending on how complex your project is. Also right now we don't work for free or royalties/shares, just due to how many times these types of projects haven't worked out and we haven't been paid in the end. You can pm me or contact us at aegisart(at) Below is some examples of our work. Thanks Link
  25. Hello, My name is Alex and I'm a 2D Graphic Artist and Animator and I'm looking for works. Please Email Me: discofishapp@gmail.comBehance: Some of my Games: Showreel: Some works: Some HTML5 games what i've working on: