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Found 6 results

  1. The classic whack a mole game, but with typing. Another Panda2 game I've made for my typing test website to match my Balloon Popper game. Let me know any comments or suggestions, thanks!
  2. Check out my simple HTML5 game for this typing test website. Balloons with letters come up and you have to click the letter to pop it. There will be lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols with different points. You have 90 seconds, and the more you pop the faster it runs. Let me know any comments or suggestions, thanks!
  3. olehakimov

    Spine Plugin

    Hi there! Anybody knows, do the panda2 spine plugin supports cliping? In my animation i use cliping, but in project i cant see it. Also I was found that mirrored bones are working incorrectly, the slots get changes their positions (i think not flipped). Thanks!
  4. Wolfsbane

    Panda2 Editor: Editing/Adding Assets

    Hi team, I'm quite interested in the PandaEditor. However, I'm having some trouble using it. I'm using the latest version (Downloaded yesterday). Here's the assets tab: Now: How do I add more assets? I've tricked clicking, right clicking, ctrl+click, etc. So it seems that the asset view is just that.. a view? Or am I missing something? I want to either 1: Be able to select assets for editing. (opens with Editor of my choice). 2. I would be happy with at least being able to open the file explorer directly to the assets folder from PandaEditor. I had to open file explorer myself, and navigate out to the folder. Cheers!
  5. Ninjadoodle

    How to Tween Scale of a Container?

    Hi @enpu I'm trying to tween the scale of a container, and I've tried every possible combination but nothing seems to work. Setting the scale like this works fine ...; however when I try using a tween, nothing happens ... game.Timer.add(250, function() { game.Tween.add(, { scale: 2 }, 500, { delay: 100, easing: 'Back.In', }).start(); }); I've also tried -> game.Tween.add( as well as using scaleX: 2 and scaleY: 2 for the tween. Thanks heaps in advance!
  6. Ninjadoodle

    Making Sprites Interactive with Alpha 0?

    Hi @enpu I'm having trouble making a sprite respond to mouse clicks when it's alpha is 0. When I increase the alpha to something above 0, the interactivity works. Anyway of working around this? Thanks!