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Found 2,647 results

  1. Hi there, I'm not exactly about phasers behaviour when the fps drop below 60 and I hope you guys can help me clarify! if the fps drop, does the game speed drop also? Will a movement or action take longer than normally or will everything behave normally with a choppier output? I'm trying to make a rhythm based game, a little bit like guitar hero and need to have my game in synch with an audio file and don't want to start fiddling on the timing stuff while I don't really understand it. What would be the best way to do that? Thank you! Simon
  2. Just a simple game I made to try and learn HTML5 development using the Phaser game framework. I used the arcade physics system along with the arcade slopes plugin. The graphics were made using Blender and Tiled map editor. I found AlaSQL.js - JavaScript SQL database useful for saveing game progress and settings. The Android version was made with Apache Cordova. The game is available to play here: The android version is here: For my next phaser game I plan on doing something a bit more advanced using the p2 physics system.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for feedback on my first game, Beehive Blitz ( It's a speed variation on the Beehive Solitaire card game. The goal is to remove all of the cards from play and beat your previous time. Or for people that don't like speed games, you can ignore that and play at your leisure. I think overall the game plays well. I've tested it in Chrome, Firefox, iPhone6 Safari, iPhone4 Safari, so feedback and bug reports on other devices would be great. It's responsive so it should look good in either orientation. This was built in Phaser. A mobile version of the game won second prize and will be featured in The Blur App this coming June ( Thanks, Mr. Fizzy Cool
  4. Hey! I've been getting started on developing a game for Phaser, and I've run into an issue. It's a bit hard to describe, but I linked an image of my game to kind of describe it. The balls that you see on screen are meant to go inside that box. They move across the screen. I want them to not be visible outside the box, that way it looks like they ease into it. The problem is, I'm not sure how to do this without it going over my background (the lines that you see on the outside of the box). How can I make it so the sprite is only visible inside the box?
  5. This is more of a generic JavaScript question than a Phaser question, still I ask here because Phaser users must have best practices for this situation, probably better than generic JavaScript programmers would tell. To my dismay, I found out that my LD38 game doesn't work with Internet Explorer (gosh, I hate that browser, I always have to make special adjustments for IE compatibility – even if my game works great with every other browsers in existence, it will surely break somehow with IE). So what apparently causes the problem for IE now is something as simple and straightforward like the following class declarations: class Entity extends Phaser.Sprite { constructor(x, y, sprite) { super(game, x, y, sprite); this.anchor.setTo(.5,.5); } enablePhysics() { game.physics.arcade.enable(this); this.body.bounce.y = 0.2; this.body.bounce.x = 0.2; this.body.collideWorldBounds = true; } } class Player extends Entity { constructor(x, y, sprite) { super(x, y, sprite); this.lastmovetime = 0; } } class Gem extends Entity { constructor(x, y) { super(x, y, 'gem'); this.lastInteraction = 0; this.isActivated = false; } enablePhysics() { super.enablePhysics(); this.body.bounce.y = 0.75; this.body.bounce.x = 0.75; } activate() { this.isActivated = true; this.loadTexture('gem_active'); } deactivate() { this.isActivated = false; this.loadTexture('gem'); } } Google tells me that IE doesn't support this kind of class declaration, as it somehow needs to find a way to deviate from common sense. But then how am I supposed to declare classes? Is there a neat way that works with IE and other browsers as well? (Or maybe I should just show a warning that IE is not supported?) Any help or suggestion is appreciated.
  6. Hi All, I have 5 Html5 games developed using Phaser. kindly Suggest me some of the methods to make money using it, can i publish in webs or package it for IOS and Android. kindly help me
  7. Hello everybody! This is a game I wrote originally for mobile devices. I recently cleaned it up and put it on the web! Check it out at Thanks!
  8. Hi, i'm curenttly working on a multiplayer game build with Phaser 2.6.x, and for like 2 weeks i'm strugaling to initialize on node.js only the Phaser Arcade Physics, but i can't find how. Anybody ever tried to run Arcade Physics by his own ?
  9. Hi All, I'm a JavaScript developer with goods hands on experience on game development. I need artists to develop games for IOS ,Android and web. if any one intrested do Pm me.
  10. Hi All!, I want to introduce my first game in html5 (Phaser), and, as you can see, I love to start with one of the most difficult of all the games!. First a picture of the game: And off course, a link to play it: As you can see the game is RPG like, and have the following features: · Multiplayer game (all the players in the same map for now!), · You can chat with other players (press enter, type message and then enter again), · Level up as you kill monsters, · Items drop with different attributes (more than 20 items types), · 5 types of monster that appears as you level up, · 6 spells. The game is yet in alpha, we are showing a concept of how it will looks like when it is finished J. The objective right now is to kill the cosmic monster, it is this one (it appears when you are lvl 5): To kill him, you will need really good items!, so try to equip as good as you can or engaged him with some other friends!. I would like to thanks the two persons that help me do this game: · Leonardo: That make the tiles for the game and the side bar! (and help me to test it a lot!), · Julian: That make all the draws, specially the cosmic monster and the principal character!. We are a team of people that love to play games, and love more to make them. What we use to make this game? All of this: · Phaser C.E 2.7.5 (so great framework!!). · Node.js for the server. · Server and Client write in Typescript (much better than plane javascript, it help a lot to debug the game). · Some pictures and sounds were taken from · JS Signals by Miller Medeiros for the server. · TileMap to do the map of the game. If you like the game please give us some feedback and ideas to continue the development of the game!. Hope you enjoy it!.
  11. Hi, I just completed my first Phaser.js game and I am incredibly happy with it! Here is the link: roboticdog Feed back is welcome. I have two issues with it though. One is it is verrrry slow on mobile phones... tablets and desktops are OK. The other is when my red enemies go from a friendly state to a damaging state AND the player is in the body bounding zone, he gets wiped out instantly. I tried the debug and it doesn't register a touching instance? Another small issue is I can't upgrade from Phaser.js to Phaser.min.js, I get the following error: TypeError: a.align is undefined[Learn More] phaser.min.js:3:443916 Other than that.... here's a pic
  12. Hi all, I am here to present Relic : Tale of the Undead Princess, a retro 2D action-adventure game. On the menu : Greenlight, trailers, playable demo and upcoming release ! OVERVIEW The princess is dead... But she is back ! The last hope against evil forces. Help her explore the realm and succeed where all heroes have failed. Relic : Tale of the Undead Princess is a retro 2D action-adventure game, with a fine blend of exploration, puzzles, secrets and challenges ! GREENLIGHT Support the Princess on Steam > Relic on Greenlight < I am not asking for "likes" it, but if you enjoy the concept and gameplay, a little help is always welcome. Thanks More resources on the Steam Greenlight page : trailer, screenshots, features and playable demos. DEVELOPMENT I work alone and I handle the programming, production, game design, level design, QA and misc art assets ; for everything else (main tilesheets, sprites, music) I license asset packs from artists and asset stores. Full detailed credits in the game. - Estimated play time : 8~12h, depending on player experience and game completion - Game size : ~200 playable screens - Team : myself ! - Development time : ~1 year, from scratch - Platforms : Windows 7/8/10, Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) - Release date : TBC ~ Spring 2017 TOOLS - Tech : The game is developed in TypeScript, using VSCode and SmartGit. It is using the Phaser engine, in its latest pre-CE version, 2.6.2. On top of which I add my own gameplay framework, a json data-driven Entity-Component-System architecture. - Art & design : I'm using Pyxel for misc pixel art and Tiled for the level design. - Production : handled with Trello and Toggl, plus a collection of ad-hoc prod assets. - Shipping : The application is packaged with NW.js to deploy as a desktop executable. Thanks for reading - I hope you will enjoy Relic : Tale of the Undead Princess !
  13. Last two weeks i have been busy building an adventure game for #AdvJam2017 You can see the game page here: It's a game about a Dave Flimsy, a game developer who finds a rather unpleasant message in his mailbox when he arrives at work in the morning... I don't think you can vote if you didn't participate in the jam, but you can help out by giving it a positive rating and therefore bringing it under attention of the judges. Extra screenshots:
  14. Some time ago I wanted to make one game per month - my previous one, Wizard Quest, was released around June 2016, so you can see I'm not good at that anymore. With Flood Escape the story is simple - I wanted to make a game during Global Game Jam in January, so we built a prototype, and then spent a few months trying to finish it. The game itself is very simple - I wanted to focus on polishing it up. It was built with Phaser 2.6.2 and my template. Play Flood Escape: There's also the making of blog post if you're interested to learn the details: I'd love to get some feedback from you about it, thanks!
  15. Hi there. As a little side project I've had the idea to make a phaser based stickman animation game. A first, rough, version is now online on For now it only allows the usage of default stickman graphics with relatively little customization, there is a lot on my list to add. You can share animations via links for now. Pretty high up on my list is a "render to gif" function for sharing as gifs, but it has not made it into this basic version. I've had various other projects die of feature creep before ever being released before, so I actively cut out any feature that would have prevented an early "release". I am wondering how well this works in the wild and how easy it is to get into the animation UI. I think it is easy to understand, but that might just be my developer tunnel vision, after spending hours thinking about how exactly to describe mathematically the tweens necessary to do this... So I'd specifically like input on the ease of use of the animation UI and on ideas for the main page. Right now it just lists the last few uploaded animations. It seems a bit ... bland? I dunno. Maybe it should put people direct into front of the animation UI instead.
  16. phaser

    Hi all, Please try out my very first game created with Phaser: Follow My Lead. INSTRUCTIONS: - Pay attention to the button sequence - Now repeat the button sequence to go to the next level - Try to complete the stage to unlock the next one! The last stage is unlimited and works the same way as a Simon game. You can try it here on newgrounds: I also converted it into an Android app with Cordova (any Cordova users here?) You can try it out here: Any feedback or advise is appreciated! Walking Fort
  17. hi guys, How can I disable distanceJoint from a created sprite ?? I need to create a game similar to Tower Bloxx, Help Please.
  18. Coding for Fun with The adventures of the Pirate Robot Click here to Play the game The Pirate Robot can walk, jump, fight... but what the Pirate Robot like the most is to dig and find incredible treasures! Write the actions and join this programming adventure. 20 levels of increasing complexity to learn the principles of programming or just for having fun. Development notes: The game canvas is made with HTML5 and Phaser, and other technologies from the Eclipse IDE ecosystem are used to create the pirate robot language editor. Mainly provided by DSLForge . Some implementation details about the editor can be found in this post
  19. Edit by Rich (September 2016): Back in 2013 Mike created a web site (below) that allowed Phaser devs to list the games they'd made. You'll find over 400 games created with some of the earliest versions of Phaser. Lots of the links don't work any more, but some do, and it's a really interesting archive. It's not worth submitting your games to the list any longer, however I'm keeping it, and this thread, because people still post new games to this thread even today. If you do this, it's highly likely I'll see it, and add it to the Phaser web site. Mike's original message follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I did started from personal need, but decided to share it and maybe improve it if it went bigger. Well since the engine is still new but there is quite a moving and I check every topic, and game that is made I have a phaser game list:
  20. phaser

    Hello, it's me again with a new disturbing ... I have an enemy that I declare equal to this example ... But I want to give you animation so that you do not look quiet all the time the object that follows you, any ideas ???
  21. Hello, We are developing an HTML game using the Phaser framework with Javascript. We have run into some issues regarding the mobile usability for Safari on iPhones. At certain times the player's address bar appears, when this happens the game is moved down. Since the game is moved down, we lose access to part of the game. That leads me to our two questions: 1) How can we detect a swipe motion and then use that motion to hide the address bar? 2) How can we detect that the player address bar is open in the the first place?
  22. Hello Everyone! I'm so glad to present multiplatform game, which is playable through Android smartphones/tablets and Facebook. Technology stack: Apache Cordova, Cocoon, HTML5 Audio, Local Storage, Phaser. Integrations: Sharing, inviting friends, Admob, In-app purchases - for both versions, Android and Facebook. Link to game post: Direct link to Google Play: Direct link to Facebook: Looking for feedback, positive and negative, especially for bugs Ahh, didn't want to spam here with images, screenshots are visible through the first link to game post, HTTPS secure connection. Thanks!
  23. I started working on a game similar to Curve Fever ( I’m new to Phaser and Pixijs, so I need advice on how to render a curve on the field. Right now i have two Graphics objects: head (circle using drawCircle()) with arcade physics enabled (to be able to move it around the map tail - static graphics copying head x and y on update drawing a line (lineTo(head.x, head.y) The problem is as you see in the video the grey curve has a texture background. Assuming i have a repeatable PNG with background, how could i map it within the curve that is being drawn? Other question is should I use BitmapData instead of Graphics? I would prefer a lightweight option that would run on older computers. I would also need to be able to detect collisions, I think it's possible to enable it for Graphics but not sure about bitmap.
  24. Hi y'all, I'm having trouble getting the Webcam plugin running in my game for some reason. Seems like it should be simple enough judging by the example: When I start the plugin from inside my Game state, the plugin starts, my browser asks for permission to access the camera, and then I get a completely blank screen - no output from the camera. Or the output is printing somewhere that's not being added to the game. Here's my code: BasicGame.Game = function(game) {}; BasicGame.Game.prototype = { preload: function() {'webcam', '/src/utils/Webcam.js'); }, create: function() { var webcam =; console.log(; var bmd =, 450); var sprite = bmd.addToWorld(); webcam.start(600, 450, bmd.context); }, update: function() { }, }; The plugin is definitely added and then started so I really don't know what the issue is! Any help is appreciated :-) Thanks, Sam
  25. var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create, render: render }); function preload() { game.load.image('fon1', 'images/fon1.png', ); game.load.spritesheet('friends', 'images/friends.png', 153,82); game.load.spritesheet('public', 'images/public.png', 153,82); game.load.spritesheet('osebe', 'images/o sebe.png', 153,82); } function create() { //фон game.add.sprite(0,0,'fon1'); //кнопки buttonfriends = game.add.button(20,55,'friends',actionOnClickfriends,this,0,0,0); buttonpublic = game.add.button(340,55,'public',actionOnClickpublic,this,0,0,0); buttonosebe = game.add.button(560,55,'osebe',actionOnClickOsebe,this,0,0,0); } function actionOnClickfriends(){ } function actionOnClickpublic(){ } function actionOnClickOsebe(){ //here the code } function render(){ }