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Found 3 results

  1. Kalablum

    Projected Trajectory

    Hi, could some one point me to right direction on how to do this kind of predicted trajectory?
  2. IWillByte

    Isometric 2.5D projectiles

    I am somewhat new to Phaser and have a goal of making a game with similar gameplay to the first Navyfield. One concept I am having trouble with is how Navyfield managed to do projectiles with 3D positions using 2D sprites. What steps do I have to take to have a cannon fire a projectile up in the air and possibly at an angle towards or away from the "camera"? If possible, could I get some psuedo code or even better an example using Phaser? Here is an example of the projectile system used in Navyfield (might be a bit loud):
  3. I am moving a projectile through space and have registered an OnIntersectionEnterTrigger action to the object and my target. The problem I am facing is that at lower fps, the intersect is sometimes missed due to the object not occupying the same space in a frame because of "skipping". Is there an easy way to interpolate if the object would have intersected via Babylon JS? Or is there a better way to do this? Thank you.