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Found 5 results

  1. hello 2k18 squads! I just want to know does babylonjs serialize shadermaterial with a mesh or am i doing something wrong I tried loading the serialized json.babylon in the editor but it only gives me a clear plane object
  2. How can i make a .Obj or .Babylon File (without material) from Mesh? any tools or Extension available for that in BABYLONJS?
  3. Hello, fathers and childs of BABYLON.JS Here interesting fact ParticleSystem has attribut name (in this case "particlesQ") but this name not save in serializer (see console output). Later (in my script), when i load scene, name set automaticaly "particles#"+name of emmiter (particles#Plane, particles#Qube). Bug or features? I think small evil bug p. s.: in 19985 (babylon.2.2.max.js): var particleSystem = new BABYLON.ParticleSystem("particles#" +, parsedParticleSystem.capacity, scene); and... We do not banned - create scene, camera, light, create particles system, but not set emitter and have error. In SceneSerializer?. I think here is two ways: Required emitter in ParticleSystem constructor (tough), or let SceneSerializer save that ParticleSystem without missing attributies as is (prefer). If not, please, direct me in right way
  4. This is a followup from a previous post where i was trying to clone a mesh and serialize the scene. It turned out that when i clone and serialize a mesh they seem to attach themselves somehow to each other. So here i clone a mesh, and move just the clone: Works great! the clone moves seperate to the mesh. Now i serialize the scene and save it to a file. When i load that scene, i can't move just the clone by itself anymore. They appear to be attached. The two meshes on top of each other, this can be confirmed in the debug layer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? how to perhaps separate them? or even what is going on so i can try to understand it? Currently all i can see is that both cloned meshes have the same ID. But they both have the same ID when i first clone it and it works great. But after i load it not so lucky. Any ideas?
  5. I do not know if I use it wrong, but I can not reach serializeMesh and other functions serialization. only serializeScene is achievable. BABYLON.serializeMesh(newMeshes) => undefinedBABYLON.SceneSerializer.Serialize(scene) => ok