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Found 10 results

  1. I remember reading something in the FGL help articles ( on licenses and the like) and remember reading something about sponsors not wanting games that have been released to the public (this was in the Flash Games Era by the way). Now if I release an HTML game as a Beta for testing will sponsors still want to license the game (e.g. by buying a primary/exclusive license)?
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to HTML5 games and I have made few HTML5 games. I want to know how you people contact sponsors/publishers after making the game. I found that sponsors who I had done business before reply rest dont even reply as if all the mails are going to their spam. Now that FGL has shutdowned their marketplace, I dont even found any other marketplace than fgl. Do you make a site, put all the games and improve the SEO so that sponsors/publishers and hope they automatically contact you? Thanks
  3. I am a independent game maker. Do anybody know which company or place like to buy games? Before this post, I always customize games for one company in my country. But now the company change their business to another direction. So do any people know that? Before I posted, i found this old post, , it has some sponsors there. I write email to some of them with no reply now. Do anybody know who is the available sponsor? Thanks advanced.
  4. Hi, I have an html5 game and I'm looking for someone who already worked with sponsors to help me get my game sponsored. Please pm me so we can discuss a deal. Thanks!
  5. Hi, its been a while since my last post, but today I would like to update what we have learned while licensing over 250 HTML5 games in the past 2 years to maybe make developing games a little bit easier for you! If you have a great game please feel free to contact us for exclusive or non-exclusive sponsorships at Top 10 Tipps for HTML5 Games Game texts: Do not put game-texts on images, within your game-code or your css/html code. The one and only right place for texts is a seperate file, that stores your texts. Furthermore always provide a separate file with all texts your game uses. This file usually just contains an json-object like this: var mytexts = {'en':['this is englsh',...], 'es':['esto es español',...]}. This will make localization much easier for all sides!Loading time: Be efficient with the game assets and include a loading bar while testing your game on EDGE, 3G and not only WIFI.Size: Your game should not be larger than 3 MB including all assets, code and sound files. The less size the better! If you use sound make sure it can be switches on/off via an ingame button.QA: Be aware that different operating systems have their very own strengths and weaknesses, while tablet and HD devices are getting very popular. Try to test it on as many real devices as possible!Fullscreen is King: Make your game auto-resize by any resolution. This also includes hiding the URL bar to create a more native like experience.Tutorials: Create more player interactivity and less text. Players hate to read and want to play. This also applies to the tutorial!Gameplay: If advancing in HTML5 games programming try to create something unique and not another Construct2 physic game. The key to success is a good balance of appealing casual graphics, smooth gameplay with long play sessions and giving the player a reason to complete the game within multiple game sessions.Landscape or Portrait view: When designing your games decide already at start if you want your game to use portrait or landscape format. Show the player a simple icon to change orientation, if needed. Don´t let the game scale to e.g. landscape mode when it´s optimized for portrait!Payments: If you are based in the EU make sure that you get a VAT-id to avoid additional taxes on your payments. If based outside of EU get a certificate of incorporation or a certificate of residence.Invoices: Create fast and easy invoices through various online invoice creators as e.g. or any other! We will be posting more insights soon and hope you enjoy them! Contact us for exclusive or non-exclusive sponsorships at P.S. We created special plugins for e.g. Construct 2 plugin to make connecting to our API like a piece of cake! Thanks!
  6. Delicate topic from what I'm seeing - but as the "Bus Dev" guy for Tanuki Entertainment, I don't have much to offer in the way of coding insight so I don't think I will be able to post the minimum ammount of times to allow me accees to the sponsor list. So - is there any other way I can get access? We are a legitimate game dev studio that has secured a multigame HTML5 WFH agreement for Spil Games and published 2 title on Mac, iOS, Android and Win Phone 8 so far. Now we are branching out to develop HTML5 content for sponsorship. Check us out:\tanukiEnt Sorry if this is way innapropriate - I'm simply the "BD" guy! Cheers, M
  7. Hi! From what I could observe, html5 mobiles games are usually made in a 320x480 resolution and in portrait. This is a general rule for sponsorship? if I run a bit to this rule, I will have less chances? Otherwise, what are the limits? and games in portrait instead of landscape are preferable? Thanks for listening.
  8. Having been in the commercial HTML5 market since late 2011, I feel like I have developed a pretty solid overview of the market. Lately I've noticed some troubling differences in the current market compared to that of 2012 or even early 2013. With more and more new faces around here everyday, the number of developers taking an interest in HTML5 is clearly growing...but I'm not so sure the same can be said for sponsors. The list of sponsors on this forum is still prominently made up of just a few valuable names. These so-called "common" or "popular" sponsors are widely known and have been a pillar of income for many of us, especially those of us that have been doing this for a long time now. But these common sponsors are becoming much more difficult to contact and sell to. When I released my book Making Money With HTML5, which many of you have bought and read, I knew this scenario would eventually become a reality. Having introduced hundreds of serious developers to commercial HTML5 game development I do feel partially responsible for this, though of course others like Rich have also facilitated this by placing sponsor details so openly in the public domain (prior to this forum existing it was a private, invite-only community). Now I'm not saying that is a bad thing. I'm very glad to have been able to inform so many people about HTML5 and help boost the pool of developers. More developers ultimately means more sponsors in the long run. But, the problem is people are getting lazy. In 2011, there were no lists of sponsors. We had to seek them out and find them by any means possible. It was hard. These days, the masses can go through a list and send an email blast to two dozen sponsors, hoping for a reply. But will you get one? Probably not. After all, everyone is spamming the same pool of sponsors so you better stand out if you want a response (assuming the sponsor is not already overwhelmed or flooded with content). So here's some free advice for those of you struggling to make money with the common sponsors: start being proactive. Go and search for HTML5 sponsors yourself, and contact anyone and everyone who might have an interest in HTML5 games. Stop being so reliant on a list of used and abused sponsors. If you put in the effort, you'll find new clients everywhere...none of which will be listed here for your convenience.
  9. Hi, I was wondering ... After making a game with Construct 2 ( Or any other engine ) How to know sponsors or publishers? Is there's a way to contact Publishers? Is there a list full of indie games publishers ? Sorry for my newbie knowledge.... Regards, ~Hadzy -PandaJet Games
  10. "Selling a game license, finalizing a deal for revenue shares from IAP or subscription revenues is always connected with big portion of time spent on negotiations, and setting up an agreement conditions. Since the beginning of finding new business opportunities there is always the same process which in many cases may be hard, exhausting, annoying, and it can take away the time you could spend on developing parts of the game you started. Unfortunately, if you really care that your game will be safely licensed to a sponsor/publisher, you should really put highest focus on this process. The time spent on reviewing the agreement itself very precisely will give also you an overview that many publishers are working in a very similar way. Yes, you may get more experience, more knowledge, and with time it can be even easier, and faster process. But, does it always have to be done the same way? No, what's more you may come up with an idea to make your life easier. How? There may be couple really easy, and helpful ways."