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Found 31 results

  1. Hi All! I'm a single indie game developer who has released games on steam, android,, gamejolt and kongregate etc. Though I felt like I hit a problem when it came to monetizing web games. I found with mobile games, advertising was the best way to earn. So of coarse earning from ad's with your small HTML5 games should be the best way to earn from web games but sites like kongregate only give you on average 25% of ad earnings. While even though I personally love for selling games, you can only earn from donations when it comes to web games. Leaving you with the only option of hosting the games yourself, which means you are alone in driving traffic to your games. So I set out to not only design a platform that allows developers to earn from ad's ( ad's). A platform which is easy to use, quick to sign up and allows you to instantly publish your games online. A platform which is 100% mobile friendly allowing players to play your games on far more devices. Best of all, you will earn 100% from your game's players. The play arcade is completely free and allows you to get your game online and start earning within minutes. It is the simplest and quickest way to start earning from your games with ad's. No need for API's, it's all built into the site. Also I want to make the point that I do not earn anything from the site currently, I built the platform originally for my own game's and because this was something that I wanted from a web based platform. I will also never charge for this service or forcefully take a percentage of your ad earnings in the future. The site is still being developed but is fully functional with some pretty cool features too, like: Embed your games easily on any site and still earn from every player Allow your players to give you donations through paypal Allow your players to subscribe to your patreon Turn off ad's at any time and turn them on again... Even choose the frequency your ad is displayed People can review your games Publish your games to the site instantly Keep your game private when testing The site is growing everyday and I hope you decide to take a look. Thanks, -iDev
  2. Hi. Is it possible to use phone as controller to steer my HTML5 application in the web? Should I use And may I write my android's application in Android Studio - without use phaser? I want to do something like airconsole or justdance Please help.
  3. Hello. I'm from tiny indie studio and today I'll show you our new project. Quady is a puzzle-game in minimalistic style. You take control under few squares at same time and the main task is to merge them together. Use walls or arrows but beware of spikes. More than 40 levels with various obstacles. Game running on html5, made with Phaser. Game available on Play Market for free All feedback welcome ^__^ Watch trailer:
  4. Hi guys, We already posted about this game, but then it was only available as an Android version. Now it is available on the web and you can play it here:
  5. Hello guys. A few months ago I decided to start making html5 games. So I have been researching the best way of doing it and I decided to use Phaser for making html5 games. So after 2 months working with my teammate from high school we finally finished our first game. We would finish it in 3 weeks if we did not make graphic stuff. The game is fully made with Phaser, and we used Intel XDK for export on Android. Because of using a device aspect ratio for width and height the game is still not ready for the web, but soon it will be ready. , We still need to improve the game because it has a few little bugs . For slider on Player Select screen we have used Phase slider( Description: Adventure Runners isendless running game where you draw a road for your player. In this game you will also have to watch for other traps that will be on your way. As you are passing more meters the game get's harder. Can you crack the game and get to 5000m? Play Game Trailer This is our first game... More games are coming soon....
  6. Your tasks - Development of a smartphone application for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices using a cross-platform frameworks and native programming in Objective-C and Java - Project management (if desired) Your profile - Excellent understanding of code and very good technical knowledge in the areas of web and mobile applications - Higher education with excellent achievement in computer science or very good practical experience - Experience in the field of web applications including MVC and JS frameworks are prerequisites - Web design with HTML5 and CSS3 skills are desirable - Project experience with native development (Android, iOS) or Ruby-onRails What we offer - Attractive paid full-time employment - Work in the center of Berlin, on a campus with 4 other startups at Humboldt University - Startup Culture: No hierarchies, early responsibility and cooperation on an equal footing between all employees - Open space: You get enough freedom to implement projects and tasks independently. We value new ideas - Product is live: Apps for iPhone and Android online since september - Skillful and motivated development team - English is working language Application Please send us your complete application documents (cover letter, curriculum, portfolio) and possible starting date via email. Contact us if you have any questions left. We look forward to meet you personally! Daniel de la Cuesta (CTO) Email: Phone: +49 (0) 30/220 137 330
  7. Since last summer, I've been making a simple tactical game. Now I want to show it to the world. LINK: Sorry for large number of text in Polish, but I'm kinda patriotic. ;P "Bitewka" means "little battle" in my language. Unfortunately, game doesn't word on mobile devices. How to play: You are red and fight with blue. Both armies are divided into units (max 8), consisting up to 16 soldiers. You command the units by dragging their symbols. I made seven stages: one easy (Noob War), two hard (Rangers, Elephants), three very hard (Horses, Challenge and Crossbows) and one hard-to-lose (Chuck Norris). I created also "Sandbox" (be aware what are you writing to "Code", it can crash after putting invalid text). HINT: you can destroy bigger armies if you move faster and have wider weapon range. Just avoid contact with enemy. Units available: -swordsmen - short distance, can bear a shield, -axemen - short distance, cannot bear shield, better attack stats -bowmen - long distance, cannot bear shield, poison arrows at 3 attack level -crossbowmen - long distance, can bear shield, -spearmern - slightly longer distance, can bear shield, longer spears at 3 attack level -horsemen - fastest (normal) unit, uses spears -elephants - strongest (normal) unit, -Chuck Norris (XD) - I wanted to make a mage, but I was too lazy. Each unit has three attack and defence levels of their weapon or shield. I allow to make your own version of the game. There's link to code: There are no images, whole game is only in one file, even weapons are drawn in the code whith strange sinus-based coordinates. The game is built from scratch with sole javascript and HTML5, no engine has been used. If I find some time, I would make more types of terrain (mountain, river, hill, forest) and even make a strategy game based on it - add map like in Total War series or Great War of Prefectures (a japanese flash game). But don't expect it to be made so quickly. ;P
  8. OK, Built the first game to license in Phaser. Still got quite a bit to learn, so any direction would be fantastic too. Just realised I don't have a video of it to post! well play it here and tell me what you think.
  9. Hey guys! I have a export problem in Unity for my architecture visualization(for web). Everytime I export from Unity for BabylonJS I only get 1 picture where are missing some details like the backgroung or the windows. Here you can see what I want to export: Here are the results of the rendering from the BabylonJS exporter for Unity: - - - And here are my current settings in the BabylonJS exporter for Unity: - Can me anyone help with this problem? :c
  10. Hi Im Tomy owner of and I need games in HTML5, buy to Developers with good games, fos non-exclusive, pirmary or Exclusive licences, if is possible with API includes for scores and achievements for version desktop Let me know please PS: My mail is Kind Regards Tomy sirg_kiz10 (api).rar
  11. Trailer: I am pleased to present my first game written in Phaser, and my first submission to the Apple and Google Play stores - bananadoh. The game is available right now on the following platforms; Web Apple App Store Google Play The game runs on Phaser 2.4.4 and is hosted on the web on Amazon S3 and distributed via CloudFlare. The iOS version is hosted inside a GCDWebserver-backed WKWebView app that I wrote in Swift. For Android, I'm using a Crosswalk WebView app that I wrote in Java. Both mobile versions pass all audio processing to the host application to get around performance issues I found with Web Audio, and are Google AdMob and Facebook Audience Network ad-supported with remove-ad IAPs. I have about two months worth of devlogs that I was emailing out to friends and family to keep them updated, and I'll be posting those on my website in the coming week/s. I'll add an update here when they're up. I hope you enjoy the game, please let me know if you find any issues or have any suggestions. Highest score I know of is 492.
  12. Currently i am making a HTML game. I want to get revenue from advertisements but i don't know which ad network is the best for me. I used Google's AdSense (for YouTube) for 1 years and it was really good. But it seems like i can't use it on one-page games. I find AdMob but i think it's for only Android and iOS... What do you think about best ad network for web games? Which one you use?
  13. How could BabylonJs possibly be faster ? or Why is BabylonJs slower than what it could be ? What needs to be done. Any area we can help to make this engine faster ? Give us concrete directions so that we can help. I know BabelJs itself is not slow. It does nothing by itself. However, I would like also to know: what are the best practices to take full advantage of BabylonJs speed. This demo is really slow : Why is it so slow, and what can we learn from it ?
  14. Generis is the first free online game engine of its kind that allows novice to professional web game development entirely online. It is still at an infant stage but holds quite some promise. Although being a game engine, Generis interface also allows development of any other web apps, not just games. It can be found at:
  15. Hello everybody, It's been awhile since my last post in here, anyway I'm back to gamedev and I just finish my last game, It's a Solitaire clone: If you want to play and check other demos follow this Link to my website! PS: If you want to see the waterfall animation without playing the game, just click 3 times on the mazeware logo on top left. I tested the game using Chrome/Firefox on PC and Galaxy Tab 3 and the controls is the same as the old version for Windows. Mouse or Touch.
  16. I would like to use HTML Audio instead of Web Audio as default, is it possible to disable Web Audio?
  17. MosquiNo! Play it here. Smash these mosquitos before they do horrible things to you! There are 4 kind of mosquitos to fight! Mostly annoying so I hope you enjoy it. Introducing the mosquitos:Normal - The one that is slow but comes in numbers.Pinky - Fast! The one who will get through your defenses.Abberant - This green one is smarter than you think.Mosquilla - The big boss. Very slow and just takes time to die. Update/Fixes 10/6/2015 - Increased the resolution to 480 x 690 (flexible to 480 x 854), which also makes the hand smaller, hence greater difficulty. 11/9/2015 Gameplay - The maximum number of abberant (green) mosquitos is increased per session- Slightly increase the spawn rate of abberant mosquitos- Increases the spawn rate of normal (black) mosquitos Technical - Screen should now be flexible for all mobile devices (no more black borders on portrait orientation) Device Compatibility Recommended: iPod Touch 5 (iOS 8, Safari) Playable & Tested: iPod Touch 5 (iOS 8, Safari), iPod Touch 4 (iOS 6, Safari), Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Stock, Chrome), Asus ZenFone 4 (Stock, Chrome), Lenovo P70-A (Stock, Chrome), iPhone 4, Galaxy Tab 2 --- I made this quick casual game yesterday, also to familiarize myself with Cocos2d-JS and get back on track on HTML5 web game development. I was a user here but I kinda forget my account so here's a new one with a game. Along with new identity as anno8. so I hope it's okay. I haven't setup my direct website yet, so here's the Facebook page: Like it if you want to know every progress of each new game as I use it as my devlog! My plan is to create new playable mobile web games every week, so I supposedly be posting more games by next week, hopefully with a better quality. If you have any feedback, or have issues on your phone/mobile devices, please let me know cause it will help me judge the game engine, and of course, the game itself. Thank you!
  18. Hi guy's! Psychic Colors is our last game, this is an arcade game, play it and enjoy! Short Description: Psychic colors is a fun arcade game in which you have to use your psychic abilities and move the colored blocks to the right place. Features: Web and Mobile compatibility Retro music and art Spanish, English,German,Italian,Portuguese, French,localization Play Game Here Also available free on: Google Play Store Any Feedback is appreciated.
  19. Hi there, I work at Gamevy, a company that is bringing Television Gameshows to market. We're the recent winners of best startup at the ICE Conference (See here for announcement: Since winning the competition, we've seen significant interest in our products and we're looking to expand. We've got some ideas that we've worked up internally which we really want to progress, but with all the demand we're seeing elsewhere we don't have the capacity. I'd really like to speak with companies that have experience in delivering games, preferably in the real money space, who offer development services. I'm on LinkedIn here: please connect and message me there. Thanks, Dan.
  20. Hey, Sorry if this is being considered as spam but I just wanted all devs on here to know that I am offering them space on my new website to showcase their games. - Your Games Section. It is a review site also so if you would like your game reviewed also then I can of course do that no problem. Contact me on Twitter: Contact me on Facebook: Regards and best of luck with your development. Kieran - (WebHeed)
  21. Hey guys, So i'm creating a platform where developers can distribute their HTML5 games (or web apps) on. The platform gives a game extra set of API's in order to synchronise the progress across all devices (And more, such as notifications, Chromecast support, etc). We go this feature what we call auto SDK, where a developer only have to add a few lines and the data will be automatically synchronised. We are also working on a in-app purchases API through PayPal so you can ask money for your game. I hope this helps the bringing HTML5 games together more for the users and i'm open for ideas, collaboration, etc
  22. Hi guys, I am a mobile developer and I am currently working on a multiplatform game engine. In general the idea behind is: "One code, many platforms" The engine should be ready by the end of the year. It will allow users ultra fast coding for many platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows (PS4 in the future) with Python or C++. Meanwhile I have published a WebGL based web version on my engine working on Safari, Chrome & Mozilla (javascript). What do you think about this engine? What are you general expectations? What can I do better? How can I make coding faster, better experience for devs? Free engine downloadable here: Some examples here: It would be awesome to hear some feedback from you guys! Take care! PS: Use arrows to drive a Ferrari example:)
  23. Blockenstein is a very simple yet challenging platformer where players complete levels by jumping over blocks. The game currently has 100 levels that will easily provide the player with a fun and challenging experience. Blockenstein is a free web game built in Html5 with phaser, meaning that you can play it from a browser on almost any device! You can play it in your browser right now at Feel free to let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions or even any questions.
  24. Dear customer, Please allow me to invite you our team 'Gtrace'. We've been working on HTML5 games since 2012, and here are some works for you to review: The full version is already in our community. Welcome to for more cool games: props added, more levels, and fun rewards-- you may DIY your own Paper toys! We also have outsourcing experience, please find the attached some work. Please, let me know if you like our works or have any questions/concerns. If you have some project you think we can help you with please provide us with its details and then I will get back to you with an accurate fixed price estimate and timeframe. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
  25. Is a local web server like cloud9 necessary to code in phaser? I heard about it recently but up until now i have simply been opening the canvas on my web browser and everything has been working fine. I dont use anything like cloud9 to run my code and havent had any problems. But even the phaser setup talks about downloading a local web server. So ultimately im confused, do we really need one, and if so why. I dont seem to have any problems just coding and opening it in my browser.