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Found 2 results

  1. I'm invoking the camera.zoomOn function in two ways: a) at the end of the function createScene on mouse double-click see the playground My questions are: Invoking from createScene does not zoom (check the playground). What should I do differently? Zooming on mouse-double-click works fine. However, when doble-clicking in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, the mouse focus moves away from the canvas. Consequently, when I try to rotate immediately after double-clicking I'm moving the complete canvas element instead. If I just single-click immediately after the double-click, there is no problem, the mouse control is back. Thus, this is not a serious issue, however I know that it can be solved easily ... BTW, this cannot be recreated in the playground ...
  2. Hello folks! I wonder why the "zoomOn" method overwrites the maxZ attribute in the arcrotatecamera. Is there anywhay to pretend it from doing that? If I zoom on the meshes and the user zooms out afterwards, the mesh will become invisible. Therefore I always have remember the old maxZ, call the function and then reasign the old maxZ again. Any advice? Other question: What would be the best place for putting the "using babylon" informations? Somewhere behind an info button? Or in the corner of the 3D view? Like a "powered by BabylonJS"? I know that's the one thing to do when using Apache 2.0 for anything. Babylon is used to show 3D files or for 3D powered online configurators. We don't want to get into any troubles about that. Some advices are recommend. Thanks! Kevin