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MightyEditor is a 2D game development editor based on Phaser framework. The team is based in Riga, Latvia. Our webpage:

Online editor: (Europe server)

If you are in North America then editor will redirect to US server


MightyEditor is open source. Check out Github. You can set up stand alone version and work from your localhost.


Current features: Asset management, Map editor, Physics, Code editor, Texture atlas, Tilelayer support, Animation editor, Game hosting, Open source, WEB based, Grouping, Export data, Phaser based. Features in details.


There are 26 tutorials describing work with editor. We are actively adding new text and video tutorials. 

We recomment to check out how to create Digger mini-game from A to Z. Also there is a 30 minute video


Upcomming features: animation editor. Check out video teaser.


Info email:

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This might be off topic, but the JavaScript used on the website to modify scrolling behavior is horrendously annoying and makes the scroll wheel unusable. Hijacking a user's scrolling is a bad bad idea.

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