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I want to inform you about huge update for the MightyEditor.
Most important feature is keyframes based animation editor.
There are 2 different timelines - one big - for project in general. And second one seperate for the objects.
If you want to create the game - you won't need main timeline as it meant more for a movie clip creation.
* to use created movie in the code use something like this:
var character = mt.create("character");mt.createTweens(character); // assuming you have animation named "run"
in this case is special TweenCollection instance - bascially array of tweens that starts playing at the same time
atm. TweenCollection has only start / stop / pause / resume methods
I'll look into Phaser 2.2 as tweens have been improved very much and has built-in support for timeline - if all turns out well next update will contain updated phaser :)
* atm. editor uses 2.07 version and projects can use any 2.0 - 2.1 version - by default projects have same version as the editor
another changes:
  • all new projects will start with a demo state ( js/state/demo.js )
  • added rotation and "move anchor" (actually it moves group while keeps children in a place) gizmos for a group object
  • now it's possible to add children to the sprites in the objects panel
  • added grid opactiy option
  • added keyboard shortcuts 1-5 for tools: 1 - select tool, 2 stamp tool.. etc
  • added cmd + S - as "save file" in source editor for osX users ( can somebody confirm that it works? )
* changes in mt.helper API:
mt.create will now return phaser object - sprite / group / tilemap layer - depends what you have created in the map editor
now all mighty editor data will be assigned to the created sprite as mt property. e.g. 
var character = mt.create("character"); // from now on all editor data will be heremt object structure:{self: // refernece to the Phaser objectdata: // data used to create the Phaser objectchildren: // cildren objects treemovies: // movies created}


Edited by stauzs
typo in the movie example code

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