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Dan Milward

[kiwi.js] Super Lumberjack Syrup Chug

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Old-school, retro 8 bit styled game design - along with some mighty thirsty, rough and tumble lumberjacks from above the timber line - combine to create a fun and addictive game that will have you chugging maple syrup from daylight til dusk!
It's simple!
Choose your character, then tap furiously to chug the most syrup down before your opponent does - but beware - too much, too fast will force you to take a moment to catch your breath!
- 10 unique and burly lumberjacks to choose from, try each one to see who can power through the most syrup!
- Awesome nostalgic 8 bit styled graphics and sounds transport you back to the days when you had to blow on the cartridge to make the game work!
- Fun and challenging game play invites you to be strategic while gulping down gallons of thick maple goodness!
- Tweet your accomplishments with a button to announce your master syrup chugger status to all your twitter followers!
- Defeat all challengers to become the Super Lumberjack Syrup Chug Champion of the World!



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