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[WIP] My First Game Bomb Rain

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 Hello guys  I just build my first about 4 days ago and it about 70% now. I need a feed back from you guys about this game so i can improve it.





Control  Use your mouse hold left mouse button is make a charactor run to it and touch also works too


avoid the bombs you have 3 life  and get extra 1 every 100 point you get point for every bomb you evaded


Please post a comment and your score





And please also test on mobile device as well


sorry for my bad english


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Great atmosphere and a lot of charm!

For things to improve, I would say the pause button could use a new location. I wanted to tap below the character to make him run, but the pause is in the way there. Maybe up by the score would be better?

Also when he arrives at his destination, his walk animation freaks out and goes crazy for a short instant. I'm sure that's an easy fix!

Lastly, I would prevent falling bombs from overlapping. It's a small thing, but I feel like it looked a little off.

A lot of fun, will be playing!

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Very nice and simple game. Address bar hides well but there where still some blank areas on both sides. Is cool that I get to keep playing when I turn my device but some sponsor will want a message telling the player to turn it back around. I also thought that the difficulty went up rather suddenly. Sorry if I sound harsh I'm typing on the iPod trying to get to the point.

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