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Lord of Cheeseburger

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Hey guys, new kid here. The name of my feature is "Lord of Cheeseburger", a vintage homage to the great late 1980s, very arcade-y & goofy. You play as an alien chef who crafts burgers by collecting 1)Burger 2)Cheese 3)Patty (in no particular order) while avoiding eerie alien monsters with the munchies. You can Double Jump, in this Single-Frame Platformer reminiscent to the 1st Mario Bros Arcade game. Complete the Burger Quota to move onto the next level so you can become the Lord of Cheeseburgers!




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Not bad but needs polishing. 


At first I cannot start playing in Firefox, I am pressing multiple times Enter/Space as if the focus cannot get onto the canvas. 

Not sure how it worked but somehow I got to menu screen.

Ok first level passed. Got to level 2. Monsters go to bottom of screen and pile up. Ingredients for the burger that appear on the bottom platform disappear very quickly and you are afraid to go there since monsters move in undefined manner.  Some monsters just turn left/right very fast while stuck in one place. 

When I take the chilly the label flies so fast from right to left I cannot understand what is written.

If I take chilly the effects last even after I die. 


Somehow the character got stuck at the burger count number. I was doing double jump. Then I had to refresh and play again the same thing. 



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