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So you've downloaded Phaser and had a play, but now what?


Why not sign-up for our free weekly Phaser Coding Tips email?


It's a short, focused blast in your inbox once a week. Typical contents include things such as:


  • Mini coding tutorials
  • Code snippets
  • Lunch-break game dev: Games you can make in under an hour
  • Phaser news and links
  • New Phaser release details


Past Issues

  1. Part 1 of Tanks
  2. Part 2 of Tanks
  3. Platformers - Moving Platforms
  4. Platformers - Cloud Platforms
  5. Move it like Pacman

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I've signed up, and it sounds cool, but the more you say it's free *free* free free FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE – the more it sounds like it's going to be useless marketing babble. Just my (free) 2 cents ;)

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I really am enjoying these - very useful. The edgeTime trick in #3 is really nice - had thought about it, but never implemented it before.


A couple things that would be nice to know about platforms: How do you make 1 way platforms (ie. jump through the bottom)? For this I know you can set which sides to check collision from. And how can you fall through special kinds of platforms, for example by pressing down when standing on one?

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I'll be covering those soon :) Next week will be platforms that follow set (tweened) paths, and how to lock the player onto them - this is actually far more complex than it sounds, but leads to some great results :)


I will cover n-way and collapsing platforms after this. Oh and ladders and grappling hooks. Because who doesn't like grappling hooks? :)

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Another great tutorial. The power of the framework is really showing. Did you know that in Mario, the clouds and the bushes are the same sprite? 


A request: add mobile controls to these, so that we can check them out on a tablet or phone.

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