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Project to make a Rook clone (online card game)

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Happy Friday!


My company was recently contacted by a gentleman wanting to make a clone of the Rook card game, including a client (probably browser-based) and backend.  Information on the game, which is published by Mattel, is here:


We normally focus on educational games and we also have projects already in the queue.  So, I am posting here to see if anyone would be interested in taking on a project like this.  (My company would not have a financial stake in the project and would not be involved after the initial introduction.)


We discussed the project with the gentleman, and here are some issues that came up:


  • He tried to contact Mattel about making the game, but Mattel did not express interest.
  • An existing clone exists ("Raven," hosted at, but the rules were too different.
  • "Raven" allows chat, which he wanted to restrict.
  • "Raven" has problems with online harassment.
  • "Raven" has problems with cheating via multiple accounts.


I explained that the hard part in a project like this is securing the server to prevent hacking and cheating.


If you are interested in this project and capable of doing a good job, either for a fee or for free (experience and publicity), please let me know and I can put you in touch directly with the gentleman that contacted us.  (Please note that I won't forward inquiries from anyone who does not seem like they have the capability to complete the project.)




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