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Hi, I'm new to this whole phaser thing, and I looked around for an answer to my question, but here I am. Here is the github project that I am working on.


In my main.js file, which I have in the root directory of the project, I load the images as follows:

// Load the imagesfunction preload(){  game.load.image('background', 'TagJam18/images/Background.png')  game.load.image('platform', 'TagJam18/images/Platform.png')  game.load.image('Wall', 'TagJam18/images/Wall.png')    // Sprite sizes are inconsistent so there is no way to do these with constants  // The only real way is to resize the window sprite.  // I definiitely do not feel like doing that.  game.load.spritesheet('dog', 'images/DogSprite.png', 16, 8)  game.load.spritesheet('window', 'images/WindowSprite.png', 16, 16)}

Then in my create function I try to load my image.

// Create the scenefunction create(){  // Physics is a perfectly fine way to do things for this.  // The ARCADE engine has all the physics we need for a simple platformer  game.physics.StartSystem(Phaser.Physics.ARCADE)    // Add in the background.  game.add.sprite(ORIGIN, ORIGIN, 'background')

However, when I try to run my game, what I get is a black screen.


Am I doing something wrong with my folder directories?


I have all of my images in an image folder inside of the TagJam18 folder. I'm not very confident that I am referencing them correctly.

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