Hungry Joe - completed arcade game

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I'm publishing my second game for the HTML5 market: Hungry Joe.


Description: Help Joe to eat all fruits that fall from the sky. Be careful, chillies and others surprises may appear.



  • Full HTML5 game, touch or click control;
  • Endless gameplay with achievements;
  • Easy localization, all text are in a TXT file;
  • Step-by-step tutorial;
  • Music & SFX (Compatible with iOS 6.0 or later and Android gadgets with Google Chrome ).





Please, let me know if you have any problem or feedback  :) 

If you want to buy this game, please get in touch here.


Play Here

Alternate link


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Only criticism, I find it a bit hectic. Maybe you can bring in a little more quiet?


Otherwise: Good game, looks very nice. Funny and cute Character. The style has a straight line. Great job!


Thank you so much for your feed back, @boulder.
Yea, it is a little hectic, but there is a good reason IMHO: difficulty level. The game mechanics is quite simple, so a good way to challenge the player and keep his attention in the game is with a good amount of fast elements and troubles.
I'll try to slow down it in the next update, though.

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