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Bloks example touchmove

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I've been working on the old pandajs bloks example, someone spotted a potential bug on mobile a while back ( ) and I'm not sure if its been resolved.


The live demo works fine on mobile, but when I downloaded the source from github and checked it on mobile it no longer worked, I cant seem to spot the difference between the live version ond the github code.


I have managed to narrow the problem down somewhat.


In the objects.js file on line 50:


this.sprite.mouseover = this.touchmove.bind(this); 


which I changed to:

this.sprite.mouseover = this.sprite.touchmove = this.touchmove.bind(this);

(now the sprite.touchmove function receives an event on touchmove...)


then on line 108:

I added console.log(this.pos);


this showed the problem to be that on desktop, the mouseover event is called for the sprite that is moused-over, but on mobile the touchmove event only references the first block, that is touched, so only the touchstart block.


I cant find a way to get that touchmove event to be called for each sprite that is moved over... I am a serious beginner at pandajs and game dev in general but I would really appreciate it if anyone could help out... I'm sure its something simple.


The only file I've modified from the github repo is the objects.js file and I've attached it to this post.


Thanks in advance.


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You are right, there are some issues on mobile with Bloks.

There is no "touchover" event on Pixi, and that's why the code would need some refactoring.


I will fix it when i got time, or you can do it yourself ;)

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