collide group sprite problem

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Sprite will be generated after 3 seconds with velocity.x randomly, but when the sprite generated with slow velocity.x and another new sprite will generate after 3 seconds. The problem is that I cannot collide with the previous sprite that generated with slow velocity. What is my problem? Can anyone please kindly correct me? I hope that someone helps me :). Thanks !

create: function() {            groupPlayer =;            groupPlayer.enableBody = true;            player = groupPlayer.create( - 115,, 'bananaBounce');                        game.physics.arcade.enable(player);                        player.body.fixedRotation = true;                        player.body.gravity.y = 1000;            player.body.collideWorldBounds  = true;            player.body.checkCollision = true;            player.body.setSize(100, 50, 8, 10);            player.animations.add('play');  'play', 25, true);            player.smoothed = true;            player.anchor.set(0.5);                groupPlayer.add(player);   * 3, this.randomSprite, this);},randomSprite: function() {            imgRandomGroup =;            imgRandomGroup.enableBody = true;            imgRandomGroup.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE;            var imgType = Math.floor(Math.random()*5);                    sprites = imgRandomGroup.create(, game.rnd.between(40, 300), 'level1');            sprites.animations.add('anim', [imgType], 10, true);  'anim');                        game.physics.arcade.enable(sprites);      , this);            sprites.body.velocity.x -= 50 + Math.random() * 300;                        imgRandomGroup.add(sprites);                                },removeSprite: function(sprite) {                        sprite.kill();        },killSprite: function(sprite) {                            sprite.kill();},update: function() {             game.physics.arcade.collide(imgRandomGroup, groupPlayer, this.killSprite, null, this);}

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The problem is in your killSprite function. This:

killSprite: function(sprite) { var indexSprite = sprites.animations.currentFrame.index;var tire = sprites.frame = 0;var hat = sprite.frame = 1;var shoe = sprite.frame = 2;if(indexSprite === tire || indexSprite === hat || indexSprite === shoe) {console.log('reduce time');} else {console.log('add score');}sprite.kill();}

Should be this:

killSprite: function(sprite) {    // sprite.animations.stop(false,false);      var indexSprite = sprites.animations.currentFrame.index;    if ((indexSprite == 0) || (indexSprite == 1) || (indexSprite == 2)) {        console.log('reduce time');    } else {        console.log('add score');    }    sprite.kill();}

It's actually a miracle the game was working with that code. The syntax is wrong for lines like "var tire = sprites.frame = 0;" You're setting the variable tire while trying to set another variable at the same time. 

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