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Dan Milward

Entity Component System (ECS)

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What is an ECS?


An ECS allows game objects to perform custom operations without any additional manager code.


In an ECS, all objects in a game world are represented as entities; their properties are represented as components; and the game has systems to update entities and components.


Yes. So why am I posting this?

Because we've just overhauled entities in kiwi.js and written up quite a big post on it. Take a squiz... let me know what you think :)



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While you have implemented a good composition over inheritance paradigm here this line bothers me a little


and the game has systems to update entities


Because in your architecture the logic has been moved from systems to components.





Component: the raw data for one aspect of the object (...)

System: "Each System runs continuously (as though each System had its own private thread) and performs global actions on every Entity that possesses a Component of the same aspect as that System."



And by the aspect we can understand a mask made out of components  - for example - system Movable has a mask reflecting Velocity and Position (components).

Then it loops through all the entities and if they have Velocity and Position components - the logic from that system (Movable) is applied.


Anyway - take my point with a pinch of salt as I don't have enough experience with this approach to tell if it will scale well (especially in terms of decoupling).



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