Vishwas Gagrani

What Javascript Framework Combinations is best for HTML5 games

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I'm not sure jQuery is really useful for games. The library is pretty heavy, and you never use many of its features. I have even coded my own fading functions to avoid jQuery.


Anyway, I've always created my games with my own code, but like Ivan said, if you need anything that involves physics, or anything too complex, using a library is often the best solution.

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I am repeating it over and over. You can not make things work in all browsers! There are some browsers from early 90's, which don't even have CSS. It will be hard to make your game work in them.


I always recommend to choose the standard and write for that standard (HTML4.2, HTML5, XHTML, CSS1, CSS2, CSS3, DOM1, DOM2, DOM3, WebGL, ...) . If that standard is new, it will be sooner or later implemented in most of browsers. If you spend 50% of time making your app work in some old browser, all that effort may become useless in few months, when nobody will use that browser. Modern browsers are being automatically updated almost each month, even when user does not know what browser is.


So again, we are not writing our apps for browsers, but browsers are being written for our apps! :)

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The way I do it regarding browser support:

I only care about Chrome/Chromium (webkit). The rest of the browsers can be killed with fire.

And talking about fire, I also provide some crappy support for Firefox just for the sake of it.


Imho it's the annoying web developers that slow down progress and make things really bad by whoring themselves for money and market share and going out of their way to support ancient or crappy browsers.

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