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Audio Poblem [Windows Phone 8.0 IE 10]

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I'm working on my game and I created my folder with all audio files. The folder size is 60mb why I created mp3, ogg and wav.
(I created three songs and their weight is very large wav)'menuAudio',['audio/menu.mp3','audio/menu.wav','audio/menu.ogg']);'morteAudio',['audio/gameOver.mp3','audio/gameOver.wav','audio/gameOver.ogg']);'againAudio',['audio/again.mp3','audio/again.wav','audio/again.ogg']);'pauseAudio',['audio/pause.mp3','audio/pause.wav','audio/pause.ogg']);'selectAudio',['audio/select.mp3','audio/select.wav','audio/select.ogg']);'scoreAudio',['audio/score.mp3','audio/score.wav','audio/score.ogg']);'startAudio',['audio/start.mp3','audio/start.wav','audio/start.ogg']);'resumeAudio',['audio/resume.mp3','audio/resume.wav','audio/resume.ogg']);'levelAudio',['audio/levelUP.mp3','audio/levelUP.wav','audio/levelUP.ogg']);'broom-1',['audio/Broom-1.mp3','audio/Broom-1.wav','audio/Broom-1.ogg']);'broom-2',['audio/Broom-2.mp3','audio/Broom-2.wav','audio/Broom-2.ogg']);'broom-3',['audio/Broom-3.mp3','audio/Broom-3.wav','audio/Broom-3.ogg']);


Created audio

        this.startAudio ='startAudio');
        this.startAudio.volume = 0.5;

And when I need it I start the sound;

So with all audio files.


The problem is that only on Windows Phone 8.0 loading crashes. On android, windows phone 8.1 and iOs works, loading is a bit slow but it works, and sound works.

I can do so as to exclude audio only on windows phone 8.0?


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Hi, I have game with audio that plays well on WP. I use .m4u and .ogg formats. I think, that WP will use .m4u from these two.


For converting into .m4u I use AIMP3 and select "AAC m4u (FAAC)" (I think I had to install some codecs too, but I do not remember well). It plays OK on iOS too and there is not so strict licence policy as for .mp3 (+ little bit better compression)

I would remove .wav - it eats really lot space (60mb of audio is overkill). Also convert to mono, 22025Hz, low quality, ... it is usually still good to listen in game.


Only problem I have with desktop IE (11) and IE on Lumia 532 is that it skips short sounds (like clicks)

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My experience shows that it's best to disable audio on Windows Phone, or just leave it to be long background music loop or such if you want to keep something. Audio tags work poorly, eat the precious CPU and memory on those mobile devices.


Similar issues with desktop IE, however as CPU and memory issue is better on desktop you can get away with working but little bit choppy audio.

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