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in the next few minutes MightyEditor will be updated.


* Now, MightyEditor can compile Android APK packages in both debug and release modes using Crosswalk Project (

Regarding the release build - MightyEditor will generate a keystore for every user and will use it to sign all the user's games.

When compiling is finished MightyEditor will send an email containing a link to an APK and your keystore (attached).

For already created projects ME will provide generic manifest.json and default icon. You can create your own manifest.json and upload launcher.png (128 x 128px).

For more information regarding manifest.js check this site and also feel free to ask here.

For now, this feature has been limited to subscribers only.


* The misbehaviour of delete key has been fixed :)


* The issue with physics body scaling has been fixed


* The pasted object while camera has been zoomed in/out - now gets correct coordinates


* changes in the new project's template:

  added manifest.json

  added launcher.png

index.html will use as icon launcher.png image and APKs will use launcher.png as the default launcher icon

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Wow, I just saw it on the dropdown menu.


This seems to give way for new possibilities. (Because I actually never intended to produce apps before)



By the way, have you ever thought of something like a little news bubble next to "MyMighty" in the editor? So one sees quickly when there's something new and via direct link could read immediately about it...

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