Pimi Jumpers

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Hi guys,
How are you?
Have a lot of time since my last game. :-)
So, today I have a new game to show you.
Pimi Jumpers is a platform game with beautiful
graphics and a lot of jumps. :-)
- Fullscreen mode
- iOS icon / Web App Capable
- 4 game level styles (normal, spines, water and lava)
- 8 characters (some with unique abilities)
- 15 different enemies
- 30 levels
- 60 missions
- Shop
- Power Ups
- Optimised for mobile devices, the download is less than 1.3mb*
- Localization support**
- Game download is more faster after the first gameplay
* Without sounds
** Languages available: Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English (default). More can be added
Some screenshots:
This is the link to the game:
Pimi Jumpers is available for exclusive and non exclusive licensing.
Send me a pm if you are interested. =)
Until more,

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The part where you smash the snail and the controls get reversed is a cool twist. Fun game overall - good work!


I did notice though (and this is more apparent in the screenshots than in the game) that some of the space between the tiles is visible. Did you use a free tileset and then resize it yourself? Some free image resizers don't allow you to turn off interpolation, which can cause your tiles to actually be changed a little bit during the resizing. I ran into a similar problem with tiles in one of my game until I resized it in Gimp and turned interpolation to "none".

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