Using Modernizr for browser feature detection

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Hello. I plan to support five browsers with my game:


1. Chrome the latest (it installs its update automatically) 

2. Firefox 34

3. Opera 26

4. Safari 5.1.7, doesn't play mp3 audio files if there is no Quicktime installed on the client computer

 5. IE9, plays mp3


My game doesn't need 3D or video or some other advanced features.


I selected these options when generating Modernizr file


1. applicationCache,

2. Canvas

3. CanvasText

4. HTML5 Audio

5. localStorage for saving game data for later use

6. sessionStorage


My question is, are there any other features that I should detect with Modernizr that phaser includes with itself?

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It's honestly pointless using Modernizr to check for Canvas, Canvas Text or Audio support - Phaser checks all of these things for you automatically and uses the right audio system accordingly. Equally if the browser doesn't support canvas your game won't run anyway - not even a little bit - so it's something you probably ought to capture on a page level and redirect them before they even experience that?

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