Anyone working on Samsung Smart tv or Tizen apps?

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Recently I got a new tv which also is a "smart tv". Smart tv is one of those features they throw in, but it's not really a big selling point. The apps are a little clunky when compared to the average iPhone or Android app, for example even the YouTube app is a bit bare bones I think.


There's is supposedly an Angry Birds app but I couldn't find it, probably not available for my model. Some of the games I can find and install are Easy poolGalactians and Spot The Difference and these games look like they're html5/js games. This would make sense because the Samsung Smart TV SDK (based on Eclipse) also comes with a Javascript Project template, although I must say I haven't looked into it in detail.


So anyway, I was just wondering, is there anyone here working on apps for Samsung Smart tv's?  :)

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