What's the minimum mobile device requirement now?

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Hi guys,


Just wondering what's the current minimum mobile devices based on your experience in either iOS and Android OS?


I am currently holding Samsung Galaxy Mini (S5570) which is super slow, and also an iPod Touch 4th Generation.


I have my next iterations which is iPod Touch 5th Generation and an ASUS ZenFone4. These are the ones I am expecting to be my minimum devices right now.

But then I need more cross reference; are they minimum enough? What's your minimum device requirement for your games? or what are the most minimum expected from publisher this year?


Thank you!

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iPhone has x2 memory. 


A lot of Unity devs seem to ignore this and are totally surprised when their products go on the fritz when used on an ipod touch.


As to the original topic: The "bottom" device that I test on is the S3. 

Even though the main issues I'm battling with are typically not the speed of the device (my products are usually not that elaborate) but rather the fact that some publishers still insist on supporting the Android stock browser (which I don't).

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