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How i can detected collisions with Oimjs

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Hello. I have seen in other post that oimjs doesn't detect collisions and this is a big problem for tha game that I'm doing that is similar to Arkanoid but in 3D. I need impulse the ball when collide with the bar and need detect when the ball collide with some box for it disappears. How can I resove this problem? Is there any alternative with oimjs to detect collisions?

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This is not true: OIMO.js is perfectly suited to detect collisions between spheres and boxes:


You can have a look at this post for more info:

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Maybe take a look at this...

In this demo, the target has been setPhysicsState... meaning the ball bounces off of it.  BUT... if you had many targets stacked atop each other (like Arkanoid), and ALL their physics were set... then they might rub together and cause over-colliding.  You may want to keep a small space between all targets.

The demo below uses no physics state for target.  Its easier to place many targets stacked atop each other..... without massive target colliding... but there is nothing to push the ball back towards the paddle when a target collide-and-dispose-it happens.  In other words, if the ball power is rather high, then the ball can travel upward past the target.

Maybe... if intersect...

1. Dispose of the intersected target

2. Apply impulse on the ball - downward toward paddle.  Ideally, the force is the perfect inverse direction and velocity (a proper rebound).

You might find that putting a smaller box or plane INSIDE-OF each target box... and setPhysicsState on the hidden inside object, but NOT on the target box itself... might be useful.  The ball will sink into the target a certain amount... before the intersect triggers.  (Might look cooler and prevent unwanted target-to-target collisions.)

I assume you know that this game could be built WITHOUT using a physics engine, yes?  A bit of math from the early pong games, mixed with a bit of homemade rubber for velocities (more math), and you could do the paddle->ball reactions yourself.  And, the game would be MUCH faster, I aimlessly predict.  ;)

I hope some of this stuff helps.  Be well.

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