use external script / addEventListener (gyro.js / ondeviceorientation) [kinda solved]

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Hi there,


first of all: I'm new to phaser but did some tutorials to get used to it and so far i'm very excited about the framework :)


Also I'm very excited of the MightyEditor. But I'm stuck at a problem for days now and can't find a solution...


I'd like to use the gyroscope of mobile-devices to move my character. I found some experiments with "pure" phaser and gyro.js so I tried to make something work.

On my tablet (kindle fire HD) this example is working so far:


But somehow I'm unable to get it run within MightyEditor or even within the "state"-workflow.


Here is my ME-script so far:

"use strict"; = {	preload: function(){		console.log("loading play state");	},		create: function(){		console.log("starting play state"); = mt.create('juzo_breakout-hintergrund');		this.steine = mt.create('steine');		this.julius = mt.create('julius');		this.player = mt.create('player');		this.ball = mt.create('ball');		this.punkte = mt.create('punkte');				this.ball.body.velocity.y = 800;				this.playerY = this.player.y;				this.curPoints = 0;				this.cursors =;				this.beta = 0;					},		update: function(){, this.ball, function(player, ball){			ball.body.velocity.y = -800;			if(ball.x + ball.width / 2 < player.x + player.width / 4){ball.body.velocity.x = -400}			else if(ball.x + ball.width / 2 < player.x + player.width / 2){ball.body.velocity.x = -200}			else if(ball.x + ball.width / 2 > player.x + player.width / 4){ball.body.velocity.x = 400}			else if(ball.x + ball.width / 2 > player.x + player.width / 2){ball.body.velocity.x = 200}			//if(ball.x + ball.width / 2 > player.x + player.width / 2) console.log("rechts");			player.body.velocity.y = 0;			player.y = this.playerY;		}, null, this);, this.steine.self, function(ball, stein){			stein.destroy();			this.curPoints += 100;			this.punkte.setText("Punkte: " + this.curPoints);		}, null, this);				if(this.cursors.left.isDown || this.beta < 0) {			this.julius.body.velocity.x = -750;			this.player.body.velocity.x = -750;			//console.log("left");		} else if(this.cursors.right.isDown || this.beta > 0) {			this.julius.body.velocity.x = 750;			this.player.body.velocity.x = 750;			//console.log("right");		} else {			this.julius.body.velocity.x = 0;			this.player.body.velocity.x = 0;		}			if(this.ball.y + this.ball.height >= {"menu");		}			/*window.ondeviceorientation = function(event) {			this.beta = Math.round(event.beta);			this.punkte.setText("Punkte: " + this.curPoints);		}*/	}};

How can I add the gyro.js to work with ME? If this is not possible at all, than how is it possible to add an own eventlistener? If I add it to the preload function i can't update "this.beta" in another function besides create or update. If i add the EL in the update function, the whole game crashes...


I hope you guys can help me to kick me in the right direction :)





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I solved the problem by myself :D


It's not the nicest solution but well... it works. And that's how i've done it:


Include gyro.js ( )

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/gyro.min.js"></script>

After that, add a simple script after the body which will set a custom attribute every 100ms (or whatever frequency you setup).

<body beta="0"></body><script type="text/javascript">	gyro.frequency = 100	gyro.startTracking(function(e) {		if(e.beta !== undefined)			document.body.setAttribute("BETA", e.beta);	});</script>

Now, in play.js you can get thet attribute with simple plain JS and use it as you need it.


Note: I only needed the beta value for my purpose because the player-movement is only in the x-axis


And don't forget, that iOS is a special case where the orientation is switched (e.beta < 0 is a tilt to the left on android but to the right on iOS).


Quick-Solution in Phaser (i know i can use a var for that... i'll clean that up later)

if(Phaser.Device.iOS) {	this.player.body.velocity.x = -(document.body.getAttribute("beta") * 60);} else {	this.player.body.velocity.x = document.body.getAttribute("beta") * 60;}

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ondeviceorientation  event handler should be in the create function,

and this in the function context will refer to the window object instead of state,
you should use event listener like :

create: function(){//....var self = this;window.ondeviceorientation = function(event) {    console.log(this === window); // true    self.beta = Math.round(event.beta);    self.punkte.setText("Punkte: " + self.curPoints);};//....},

1) add gyro.js script to the MightyEditor ( drag and drop file on the source editors tree view)

2) include script in the index.html file

<script type="text/javascript" src="gyro.min.js"></script>

3) start event listener in the create function and stop in the shutdown ( function


in your case:

create: function(){//....    var self = this;    gyro.startTracking(function(event) {        // event.x, event.y, event.z for accelerometer        // event.alpha, event.beta, event.gamma for gyro        self.beta = Math.round(event.beta);        self.punkte.setText("Punkte: " + self.curPoints);    });},shutdown: function(){//......    gyro.stopTracking();} 

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