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is PIXI.SpriteBatch working in Panda?

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I'm asking the same thing... in fact, it;s posible in pandajs make two sprites share the same atlas or spritesheet, and then share the draw call???, on phaser it's possible but here I can't get this work, I made all my tiles backgrouds render as bitmaps on an levels arrays and then never have to make the textures again, but I have a lot of objects sharing the same atlas, and can't use as backgrouds, because I need to play with his childIndex to make my player got lower or high on the index, depending on the position you have on the map (it's an isometric tile-based engine), and I really want to lower the draw calls, but still no luck,


another thing, I notice if you create a Container, that's already one drawcall, so if you put a sprite inside a container inside your stage, you will have two draw calls instead of one, this hit performance? or draw calls generate by empy containers are nothing compared to sprites?


thanks guys!

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