Button in Phaser doesn't work

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I have a code, just a button created via Phaser:

module.exports = {

init: function() {
closeButton = game.add.button(w/1.47, h/1.272, 'close', this.closeProfile, this);
closeButton.fixedToCamera = true;
closeButton.inputEnabled = true;

closeProfile: function() {
close.key = 'img/profile/closePress.png';

Module.exports - this is Browserify

in the main file there is another code:

window.game = new Phaser.Game((h > w) ? h : w, (h > w) ? w : h, Phaser.CANVAS, 'game', {render:render});

var ship;
var cursors;
var sun1;
var rc;
var space;

var profile;
var closeButton, holdLeft, holdRight, avaProfile;

game.state.add('Boot', require('./states/boot.js'));
game.state.add('Play', require('./states/play.js'));

And button doesn't call a function at all

I really can't get it!

I will appreciate your help

Thanks in advacne!

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