Evan Burchard

FightMagicRun Battle #10 starts now!

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Hi everyone,


The FightMagicRun game jam for this weekend has a theme of... drumroll...


"2 Player"


As always, there is a $100 prize for the winner, and games are judged on their TACO (theme, ambition, completeness, and originality).  It starts now and runs for 48 hours.


To register or submit a game, head over this way: http://fimaru.com/2-player


Hope to see you there!

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This theme is brutal. Time to learn how to do synchronous multiplayer over HTML5!


I heard some people wanted a challenge :D


There are a few ways you could go too.  You don't necessarily need two separate computers with sockets and real-time and so on...

- You can have one player on the wasd keys and one on the arrow keys (or have different goals/tap regions). 

- You can take turns on the same computer.

- Browsers can store state if you can trust both people to stay connected and aren't worried about cheating.

- If real-time isn't a concern, you can store state somewhere else and create a correspondence game of some sort.

- You can make a game featuring a second player character (mario is missing, Luigi's mansion)

- Probably a bunch of other things I'm not thinking of

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