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Tom Atom

[Phaser] Woodventure

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UPDATE: thanks to CocoonJS the game is now available at:

 - Google Play:

 - iTunes:

 - Amazon:




Hello everyone,


 we finished our new game: Woodventure - mahjong connect.


 Game was made in Phaser engine 2.3.0. Everyone, who is interested can try it here:


 Now, we are looking for sponsors!


 Oh, and did I say, you will not find any static animal in this game? Yes! All are animated! Even on tiles on the board.







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@metalim: looks like you run the game in very wide window with low height. Then it looks OK: full window is filled with game and no black bars.


 The scaling in the game work like this:

 - if screen aspect is between iPhone aspect (1.775) and iPad aspect (1.333), then game preserves aspect default aspect, which is 1.600 and you can see more of the background on top and bottom (iPad) or on left and right (iPhone),

 - if screen aspect is over 1.775 (your case) or below (1.333) then maximum of background can be seen and to prevent black bars it is additionaly scaled to fill screen.


 With these rules game scales without stretching on screens with aspect: 1.775 > screen aspect > 1.333. Then comes stretching, but still no black bars. And if you force it to display on really wierd screen dimensions, it works, but the stretching is noticable.

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Looks fantastic on mobile, there is just one problem:
I don't know how to play because I immediately pressed play instead of help(because you made it very attractive). This is my user experience. You should guide the player for first game as a usual practice in many games.

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