Mighty editor local development

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can you follow these steps and post output of first failed command:

you can skip 1st if you already cloned mightyeditor
1) git clone git@github.com:TheMightyFingers/mightyeditor.git
2) cd mightyeditor
3) cd server
4) npm install
5) cd ..
6) ./startprod
7) open in the browser:


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Already tried this twice yet still not working for me??

1. dowload mightyeditor (.zip) for Github.

2.extract the file and move the folder to C:/Users/User

*complete path of my mightyeditor (C:/Users/User/mightyeditor)

3.Install Node.js

4.Intall git bash

5.configure server/config-dev.js.

*host from ( to (

6.Entered the following line to gitbash


7.Open a browser tab or 

Did I miss something ??

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