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Hi there, 


I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a series of HTML5 mini games based on previous Flash content. 


The games range from a simple "Click on the correct picture" to a "Crossword".   The HTML5 content needs to match the original Flash content. 


The games would need to be developed as "engines" that can take a configuration file for the game.


I have a budget of $1000 USD with two milestone payments of $500 USD upon completion of the first 3 games and final game. 


The 6 games would need to be contained within a simple menu system. 


It would be easiest for me to explain the existing engines via a Skype session, feel free to contact me at using the handle: lucas_wallis


All the best,


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It sounds very good! I am convertor of flash to html5 and pdf. Right now I am converting a complex flash game(including more than 3000 lines codes, a few swfs ) to html5. I think your eLearning game is not harder than my project. I also attach an eLearing sample(only screenshot, because of size up to 500MB) which I just complete two weeks ago.   If you need the full sample, I can email to you asap.



Best regards,


Peter Zhou


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