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I created a simple Animation, and want to test some soundfiles.


I can only use the "Online Version" of Mighty Editor, the "Offline Version" always tells me "Shutdown for Mainteance".



The problem is, that i cant upload a sound file into the "asset" folder. I can upload it, but i will only appear on the right side of the editor, and not in the "asset" folder.


Therefore Mighty Editor/ Phaser cant find the file, when i try to create it with "mt.create".



How do i get my soundfile to work?

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assets panel only shows images (at least at the moment I'm writing this).

mt helper don't handle sounds - but you can use standard API:


here are examples for quick start:

here is example in the Mighty Editor.

do you like horses? :)

warning - sound might be very loud - demo - project - check play.js file

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Ok, thank you :-)


Is it possible to create a Project with Mighty Editorand then export it, change it in a texteditor, and re-import the project? Because i cant use the offline Version of Mighty Editor :-( .



I already tried to re-produce some sound examples. But mighty Editor has another order structure.


At first i loaded a sound into "play.js"

function preload(){'examplesound', 'assets/audio/tech/examplemusic.mp3');}

This works so far. But i get an error, when i try to create an empty variable for example "var examplesound"..

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