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Newbie bombing with a questions

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Hey guys (and girls if any) as you can see im new here, and actually im pretty new to game development. I do have programming knowledge even if im pretty new to JavaScript (Not that i never used it, just didnt want to learn it as i didnt need it, but i do know basics)


Anyway, i decided to try making a simple space rts game (just a 10 ships that can be controlled and such, idea is to learn how things works)


For now i have two dilemmas, one is what to use? three.js or babylon.js? I have noticed that these forum does not have a board for three.js but does for babylon.js (any particular reason for these?).  If you could help me decide whether to use three or babylon it would be nice. By the way i did read some reviews and comparison articles on internet but i just still can not decide as they both ether have same approach or completely different on some things.


For now three.js has two things i love and they are multiple model formats for import and possibility to monitor and limit FPS (that i will use for sure)


But babylon has awesome grouping system and animations (moving models and such).


Anyway if you could point some pros and cons about both it would be nice. Specially for particles and performance with many animated models.



And second dilemma is how to handle lag and sync games over network. I did read about these to but i still not sure what and how. So any tips or articles would be awesome (Probably gonna be using or something that is extending it)


I was thinking something like running both games like 200ms in past, and using tick's to sync everything, seems like a way to go but i still need to explore it, and i also want to see if there are any other ways or ideas.


Any help and comment is welcome, and thx in advance.

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Hey mate, welcome :)


I'm assuming you want to build a 3D rts game based on the engines you suggested.


I guess you've posed a rather difficult question to answer, it really depends on the technical requirements for you game - and given these, what engine would be the best fit, or rather, the best tool for the job.


This would be a good watch -

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Thx for reply. Yes im aiming for 3D space rts (sorry i posted in wrong board, i was aiming for 3D childboard xD).

And as i mentioned in first post, these game project is for learning purposes. Player starts with 10 ships maybe and a home planet. Goal is to defeat another player. I think its pretty simple for start. And after all later if i decide i could expand it.


Anyway i don't like to chose framework depending on a project. If i start using one framework i will stick to it for next project for a simple reason that i will learn how things works in a chosen framework. And switching frameworks later is just a waste of time and total nightmare. So these is why im asking for help to decide (yeah it is a difficult question and i would ask it if it wasn't xD)

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