Seeking 2D sprite artist / animator for Gothic Metroidvania

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'Rufanzia' (working title) is a non-linear 2D platformer / metroidvania, set in a world of gothic adventure.


I'm currently seeking a sprite artist with 2D animation skills to help populate the game with enemies and NPC's.


This would be a good position for a confident beginner with some experience of non-pixel art sprites. Compensation will be based on how we decide to market and sell the game, if we do decide to crowdfund, a split of this can be arranged to cover expenses and time.


Team Structure:
Myself - environment art, code.
You - 2D animated sprites.


Progress: pre-alpha, but with a stable prototype than includes all gameplay elements, simply lacking finished non-PC sprites (currently using placeholders).


The game itself:
*Retro action-platformer with light RPG elements.
*Dark and bizarre atmosphere but not a horror game, achieved through art style, architectural level design and sound.
*Real-time combat with a wide range of melee' weapons, black powder guns and element-based magic.
*Non-linear approach to progression, player choices set the pace and outcome of events, includes sub-quests and some backtracking to unlock new areas.
*Power-ups that rewards exploration rather than repetitive grinding.
*Cross platform, though the magic of html5 & node.js


The focus will be on enemy and NPC sprites.

Each enemy will require one set of move frames, one set of attack frames and one set for taking damage. NPC's need one movement strip and one basic action set which differs depending on their type.


Style is non-pixel art, so more of a painterly approach with blending and soft edges.


Please email contact@iaogames.com if you are interested, or if you prefer get in touch via twitter:  @@iao_dev

I look forward to hearing from you :)


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