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New game to level up your IQ - shameless plug

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I've created a simple version of a puzzle game that has been shown to increase working intelligence, aka general intelligence. Variants of this game sell on the app store for a few bucks, but I'm providing it for free. It's my way of giving back to a community that is more than happy to give to others. 


You can find the link here


Thanks to the Phaser framework, this game is < 150 lines of code and only took me a day to create - and that's with using GIMP to create the "art". 


If there is sufficient demand, i can create a tutorial. 


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I'm glad you like the game :)


I have updated the menu / instruction screen and added a tutorial. Please see the revamped game at


There is also a tutorial regarding game states and menus, in the Tutorials section. Please check it out if you are new to Phaser. Experienced devs can take a look and correct anything I said that was unclear :)


thanks to you all for looking!

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